I remember the first time I used Chaos energy. It feels incredible. It
feels like your on top of the world. It makes you feel invincible.

Sonic held his side, gasping in shock at the heavy amount of blood
that poured from his open wound. The hard pelts of rain flying down
onto Mystic Ruins wasn't helping.

When wielding Chaos energy, it is impossible to be harmed.

"Give up, Sonic." a voice growled overhead.

Sonic shut his eyes tight, not caring to look at the speaker.

Of course, if you were to go against a being of raw Chaos power, it
would mean death.

"Just die, Sonic. What do you have to lose? You saw Tails. He's with
the Destructix now. You've seen the power my side has. You've
discovered that you yourself are SUPPOSED to be dead!" the voice

Sonic felt a low growl approach from deep within his throat.

"So tell me, Sonic. Are you going to give up?"

And in fact, sometimes one must fight such a being.

Sonic looked up at his golden opponent and grinned. "Of course not,
Super Sonic. Let's go for round two."