Here is the slightly rewritten prologue of logia luffy rumble rumble edition. hope you all like it.

Prologue: A Fruit with a bit of a Shock!

Now we've all heard the story of Monkey D. Luffy before. The boy who at 7 years old ate a devil fruit and became a rubber man. But what if instead of eating the Gum-Gum Fruit, Luffy ate a different fruit? What if that different fruit was a Logia Type? And What if said Logia Type was of a Shocking Nature? Well lets find out how different Luffy would be.

In Fushia Village on Dawn Island located in the east Blue, is a Bar called Partys Pub, and this place is currently filled to the brim with Pirates, but not just any pirates, these are the Red-Hair Pirates, the Red-Hairs have made Fushia Village their base of operations for the time being. Now normally the people would not stand for this and call the marines but the Red-Hair Pirates are nice and fun loving and don't cause any trouble, they bring gold to the village and fill its coffers so they are aloud to stay.

Sitting in Partys Pub at the bar are two people, one is a tall man with Red Hair with three scars running across his Left eye, wearing an outfit that consists of a pair of lose brown pants, white shirt, A black cloak on over his shoulders and a Straw hat on his head. This man is Red-Haired Shanks, the Captain of the Red-Hair Pirates. The other person sitting at the bar with him is a young boy of about 7 with Dark hair, wearing a pair of Shorts and a Marine shirt, this boy is Named Monkey D. Luffy and currently he's telling Shanks how he's going to be a great Marine someday

"I'll be a great Marine! I have a Punch like a Pistol!" Shanks and his entire crew laugh at this and Shanks says

"I'm Sure you Do Luffy, but you can't be a great Marine with just a Strong punch. For one your to young and for another thing you cant Swim, that's why we call you Anchor." Luffy Pouts at this and says

"I can Learn how to swim. And I'm not to young I'm 7!" Shanks lets out another large gaff, only angering Luffy further and turns to Makino the Bar maid and says

"Hey Makino another glass of Rum please! And can you make me something to eat I'm Starving!" Makino looks at the man and smiles, she replies

"Coming right up Captain." She pours him another glass of Rum and hands it to him, then she turns to walk back into the kitchen to make some food. As she walks away Shanks stares at her ass for awhile. Because of this he doesn't notice Luffy take an Interest in the Chest sitting next to him on the bar. As Luffy looks at it he thinks "I bet that chest is filled with all kinds of Treasure! I wanna see what's inside…I know I'll just take a quick peek while Shanks isn't lookin I'm sure he wont mind" and so with his mind set, he grabs the chest with his little hands and he opens it up, peering inside it he's excited at the prospect of the treasure within but what he see's disappoints him slightly, all he finds inside is a single weird looking fruit, but as he looks at the fruit it seems to almost be glowing, crackling with electricity.

Slowly as if a moth drawn to flame Luffy reaches inside the chest and removes the Fruit, as he stares at it his Stomach growls and so he decides he'll eat this strange fruit to see how it tastes, and so he quickly devours it. After swallowing the last bite he notes that it was very sour and bitter. He lets out a mighty belch and Shanks turns to him smiling and laughing and says

"Oi Luffy what happened? Eat to much food again? I told you that you should…."at that moment Shanks notices the chest open and more importantly the item inside missing, he looks up at Luffy with a look of pure fear and says "Luffy did you open this chest?" Luffy nods that he did and Shanks gets a knot in his stomach as he asks his next question "Luffy did you see the fruit inside of it?" Again Luffy nods and Shanks continues his questioning "Luffy what happened to the Fruit that was in this Chest?" Luffy looks up guiltily and says

"Um I was hungry still so…I ate it. It tasted sour and bitter though." Shanks quickly grabs the boy by the shoulders and says panicked

"Do you know what you've done kid?! That fruit wasn't just any normal fruit!" Luffy looks at him confused and says

"What kind of fruit was it? Was it Poisoned?" Shanks shakes his head no and says

"That fruit was one of the Legendary Devil Fruits from the Grand Line! Luffy that fruit will grant you a great power but now you'll forever be cursed, the sea will never accept you! Luffy by eating that fruit you've insured you'll never be able to learn to swim, because those that eat a devil fruit are unable to swim and if they fall into the sea they're weakened and Die!" Luffy looks slightly panicked himself, when he remembers Shanks' words from earlier about a great power and asks

"So what power will I get now that I ate that weird fruit Shanks?" Shanks looks at him and says

"That was the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, it's a Logia type fruit. Meaning you'll be able to create, control, and even become Lightning." Luffy's eyes light up at this and like a typical 7 year old he says

"Cool! I'm a Lightning man now! Awesome! I'll definitely be a great Marine now!" Shanks pounds his fist into the boys head and says

"Luffy this is serious! When your powers manifest themselves you'll have to learn to control them. It could take you YEARS." Luffy looks down and says

"Sorry Shanks…I'm sorry I opened your chest with out permission and ate your fruit. A good Marine always asks for permission before going into others belongings." seeing the sad look in the boys eyes Shanks sighs and says

"Don't worry about it Kid. What's done is done and theres nothing we can do about it now. So lets just forget about it and get back to having fun!" He claps his hands and his entire Crew chorus their approval of this idea, Luffy looks at Shanks and smiles, and the bar returns to good spirits.

However their merriment doesn't last long as a large man with a black goatee, black hair, and an "x" shaped scar above his right eye. wearing a long purple coat with a white shirt and black trousers comes into the bar with an air of superiority and noticing all the pirates sneers as he walks up to the bar and starts talking to Makino and says

"Hey beautiful my Name is Higuma and me and my men came down from the mountains thirsty. So let me get all the Rum you got." Makino blinks at him and says

"I'm sorry but we're all out, the last bottle of Rum was just purchased by the man at the end of the bar." She points to Shanks and Higuma growls and glares at Shanks, said other man just looks at him and smiles and says

"Hey its not a big deal, I've only taken one sip out of the bottle so if you want you can have it." Higuma stalks forward and slaps the outstretched bottle from Shanks' hand and says

"As if I would accept anything that's been touched by some Filthy Pirate coward! Why don't you and your crew hop back on your ship and sail away like the cowards you are? And if you knew what was good for you then you would never come back here!" After that he turns and storms off, Shanks just looks at the broken bottle and spilled alcohol on the floor and says

"Such a shame, that's a hell of a waste of good Rum. Hahahahaha oh well nothing I can do about it now" as he's laughing Luffy shoots up angry and says

"Hey Shanks how could you just let that guy insult you and your crew like that? Why didn't you kick his butt? I know you could of!" Shanks looks at the boy and says

"Oh? And what would that have proved? I'll tell you what it would have proved, nothing that's what. Look all he did was slap some Rum out of my hand and insult pirates everywhere, a guy like that isn't worth the trouble of bloodying your fists. No the best fights are the ones were you don't even have to lift a finger. Remember this Luffy, you cant solve every problem with your fists. Its a lesson you'll need to learn especially if you really want to be a Marine." Luffy just huffs at this and turns away angry, and intending to teach the jerk a lesson for putting down his pals.

A few days later the bandits come back into town and Luffy still angry at what Higuma said to Shanks decides to confront him in the center of town, however when he attempts to fight him using his new powers he fails because of his lack of control and ends up getting beat up and sat on by Higuma himself

"Well boys we got ourselves quite a catch here, we can sell this Devil Fruit freak to the highest bidder and be set for life! Hahahahaha" the other mountain bandits cheer at this. Meanwhile at the bar Shanks and his crew are once again drinking and having a good time when Mayor Woop Slap comes running into the bar and says

"Red-Hairs you have to come quickly! Its Luffy, he's in trouble!" Shanks looks at the old Mayor of Fushia Village and asks

"What's happened?" The old man looks at him and says

"He went to confront those bandits for insulting you the other day, he tried to fight their leader Higuma and got beat up, now the man is sitting on him and talking about selling him to the slave market because of his Devil Fruit Power. You have to help him!" Shanks stands up, pulling his straw hat down to cover his eyes more and says

"Crew, lets go save our little buddy." he turns and walks out followed by the members of his crew. When they get to the center of town the bandits notice them and turn to glare at the pirates, Shanks seeing Luffy being sat on by Higuma, steps forward and says "I suggest you let the kid go Bandit. You see that kid there is our friend and we don't take to kindly to those who harm our friends. You have 30 seconds." Higuma and the others laugh and Higuma stands and stomps on Luffy and says

"Oh yeah? And what are you coward pirates going to do if I don't let the brat go? He challenged me and he lost, so I can do whatever I want to him. So why don't you turn tail and get on your ship and sail away before you die?!" Shanks looks at him through the shadows of his hat and says

"That was the wrong thing to say…you know we don't usually like to resort to violence, we prefer to have fun and party, but your forcing our hand, don't say I didn't warn you." Higuma scoffs and says

"Alright boys I've had enough of this Pirate trash, kill them all!" and as one the bandits cheer and rush the Red-Hair Pirates but soon find themselves outclassed as Yasopp the marksmen shoots 10 bandits in a matter of 2 seconds, and then Benn Beckman the first mate beats 15 with the butt of his rifle, and Lucky Roo takes out a bunch of bandits with his Club, seeing his men being beaten so easily Higuma takes Luffy and flees, he gets into a little boat and starts rowing out to sea. Soon all the bandits are either dead or knocked out and Shanks looks around and says

"Where is that guy and Luffy?" Yasopp is the one to answer and says

"Captain! That guy took Luffy and went out to sea!" Shanks looks and sees that Yasopp is correct, they look to see Higuma arguing with Luffy, and then throwing him in the ocean just as a Sea King surfaces behind him. Suddenly Shanks runs and dives off the cliff into the water and begins to swim as fast as he can towards Luffy. Higuma completely oblivious is smiling and looking at the sputtering child and says

"Serves you right you Brat! Drown for all I care! Hahahaha" Suddenly he hears a growl behind him and looks to see the Sea King and does the only thing he can, he soils himself and screams like a girl "AHHHHHHHHHH!" a moment later he's silenced as the Sea King swallows him whole, snapping the little boat in half and diving under the water. As this is going on Luffy is still struggling to stay afloat but failing miserably, as the Sea King comes back up and spots him, it rushes Luffy, intent on swallowing him as well, but just as he reaches the boy so does Shanks who grabs Luffy and dodges the beast, but in the process loses his left arm.

As the monster turns to make another pass Shanks lifts his head up and looks straight at the beast, releasing a Wave of Haki at it stopping it in its tracks and says "Scram!" the beast thoroughly scared, runs as fast as it can from the scary human. Luffy clings to Shanks crying and the man rubs his head and says "Hey, everything's alright now Luffy, you can stop crying. Marines never cry." Luffy looks up at him tears still in his eyes and says

"But Shanks….if it weren't for me you wouldn't have had to fight those bandits, and if I wasn't so weak you wouldn't have had to save me from the lord of the coast and you wouldn't have lost your arm…I'm so weak and helpless. I'll never be a good Marine!" Shanks just looks down at the kid clutching his shirt and says

"Stop being an idiot! I'm glad that you felt strongly enough to stand up to that bandit for me and the crew it proves your a good person. And I don't care about my arm, its just an arm, what's most important is your life Luffy. Look if you feel weak then do something about it…train hard, become strong, but never stop being the man you are, because you're a damn good one and the Marines will be lucky to have you." Luffy looks at him, sniffles an then nods and breaks into a Huge smile and says

"Thank you Shanks." The red-haired man looks at him and says

"No problem, now lets get back to shore." After that they swam back to shore, where the Red-Hairs doctor tended to Shanks' injured arm, stemming the bleeding, and things went back to normal until finally the day came when the Red-Hair pirates had to leave. Luffy once again is his normal self and has pensive look on his face as he says

"I guess this is it Shanks. Next time I see you I'll be a Marine and forced to capture you." Shanks laughs and says

"Yeah I guess so. Since your so sure about being a Marine like your Gramps then I guess theres nothing to be done about it. So my final advice to you is train hard, grow strong and then set sail on your own one day as a Marine." Luffy looks at him defiantly and says

"You know what I will! I'll become Super strong and one day I'll sail the world and gather a crew that's stronger then yours! And then I'll become an Admiral of the Marines! You'll See!" Shanks sees the conviction in the boys eyes and so he takes his straw hat from his head and places it down over Luffy's head and says

"Alright then I'll hold you to that Luffy, and in order to see that you follow through I'm giving you my hat, its my most treasured possession, and was given to me by my former captain. Take good care of it because when you become a powerful Marine I'm going to come and get it back." Luffy looks at him shocked but then quickly says

"I'll take great care of it! I'll keep it with me always. And when I become an Admiral of the Marines I'll give it back to you after I capture you. It's a promise!" Shanks laughs and Benn from the ship says

"Captain we're ready to go." Shanks nods at his first mate and walks up the ramp waving at the entire village

"Bye Everyone! Thanks for the great food and great Times! Be safe!" and after saying that the plank raises up and the Red-Haired pirates sail out, never to be seen by Fushia Village again. Woop Slap turns to Makino and says

"they weren't so bad for pirates…they were actually nice guys." Makino nods and says

"Yeah they were, I think the entire town is going to miss them, but none more so then Luffy." and as everyone starts to leave and go back to their lives Luffy continues to stare out into the horizon thinking "I will become and Admiral that's a promise Shanks!"

Annnd Cut. well theres the slightly revised Prologue. Now i know its pretty much the same as before, but i changed a few sentences and the dialog a bit. also i'm trying a new editing set up as you can see. Now next chapter Luffy will Be sailing from Fushia village but as a Marine Sargent, he'll of been stationed at fushia after his training the year before by order of his Grandfather Garp, and now that its no longer filled with criminals he's decided to begin his journey to gather his own crew on his journey to being a Admiral. Anyway read and review as always. Until next time.