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In a glade deep within the forests of feudal Japan, a young human girl slumbered tucked into the hollow beneath the heads of a two headed dragon. Close by, an imp dozed fitfully, muttering unintelligible words. Any who knew the odd group would wonder where the unlikely guardian was, until, with the same ethereal elegance as always, Sesshoumaru, Lord of the West, appeared atop a small knoll uphill from the sleeping group.

He had been patrolling a portion of his land, as he did most every night, and had fortunately returned with enough time to enjoy his favorite time of the day. He would never let anyone know, but there was something infinitely precious to him about the hour just before daybreak. The nocturnal animals and insects retired to their beds, leaving the night blissfully quiet. Even the stars slowly winked out of existence. That hour gave the busy Taiyoukai the one thing he could not procure on his own- stillness. The calm that rose out of the darkness born of the withering moon and blossoming sun allowed him to become nothing. He no longer had to think or feel. In that moment, he knew peace.

The worries about his lands? Gone.

The anger he felt toward the privileged half-breed? Non-existent.

Lately though, there was one feeling that always seemed to stay with him. Something he could not even name. It was an echoing within his very soul that begged to be filled, but Sesshoumaru had learned at a very young age to suppress any wants or urges beneficial to only him.

It was because of this wretched feeling that the hour before dawn was also slowly becoming his most hated time of the day, which was rather unfortunate for the inu-youkai who chose that moment to approach him.

Sesshoumaru had the lesser male caught and pinned to a tree within a millionth of a second, claws piercing the soft skin on his throat. The male did not try to escape, only hung limp with compliance in Sesshoumaru's vice-like grasp. With his nostrils delicately flaring, Sesshoumaru assessed him. He searched through the various scents floating to his nose. Fear, blood, pine, and... Mother? He released his hold and the male landed neatly on his feet, only to quickly kneel.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, I have been sent to request your presence by the Lady of the West at her castle by first light." He bowed his head respectfully and did not dare to look Sesshoumaru in the face. The messenger was wise enough not to ask forgiveness for inconveniencing Sesshoumaru because he knew he would not receive it.

"Hnn. First light."

"I was informed that the matter was most urgent, though I was not informed of the reason. What answer shall I report My Lord?" he glanced up from the ground to see Sesshoumaru with a distant face.

"There is no need for that."

The male's face turned rapidly upward. "My Lord?" Puzzlement shone through his carefully neutral features.

"I shall report to her myself, after I attend to a few things. You may leave." Sesshoumaru turned swiftly and headed towards the camp. Once there, he picked up the Nintoujo lying beside Ah-Un and beat Jaken upon the head. The little imp jerked and jolted awake.

"Mgfhnn! Sess...Sesshoumaru-sama!"

"Wake Rin. Both of you mount Ah-Un once camp has been gathered. You're going back to the miko's village." He walked over to the now awake but drowsy dragon and told him, "You must take them to the village." Ah-Un blinked sleepily but nodded both heads.

"Rin! Wake you lazy girl! We must leave!" Jaken yelled. He made to walk closer to where she rested but a growling dragon head blocked his way. Un gently prodded her while Ah enjoyed Jaken's spluttering face.

Sitting up and rubbing her eyes, Rin mumbled, "M'kay. Where're we headed to Sesshoumaru-sama?" She stared blearily up at the Taiyoukai.

"You are going back to the village. I have business." He turned and began to gather his youkai cloud.

"Alright! Bye Sesshoumaru-sama!"

As he flew higher, he heard Jaken's desperate cries for help and Rin's shrilling giggles as she waved and bounced around with Ah-Un yelling goodbyes and good wishes upon Sesshoumaru.