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Jack Frost Pov

I was starting to make it snow here in Chicago when I had to be sumoned. Of course a yeti had to throw me in the portal. As I landed on the floor I regained my vision. "Alright what did I do now?" I asked. "No, you did nothing" North replied. "Then tell us! Why exactly are we here?" Bunnymund asked. "I had a feeling tn my belly that the man on the moon will tell us something" North said. "Do you know what?" Tooth asked. "Ahh no I guess we'll have to wait" North said. "This is ridiculous I'm leaving" Bunnymund said. "C'mon Kangaroo don't be such a sour puss" I said. "I don't need advice from the walking freezer" he said. "Wow harsh" I said. Then I saw Sandman making signs. "Guys look!" Tooth said. The moon was lined up again. There was signs on there. "It looks like we're going to have another guardian" Tooth said. "Another?!" Bunnymund asked. "It looks like this one is only temporary" North said. "So who is it?" I asked. I saw a picture of a large lizard with huge wings. "Is that a Dragon?" Tooth asked. Sandman had a question mark on his head. "Well then, Yeti's! Go bring this Dragon" North said. "I think the bag is a liitle too small" I said. "You're right, Yeti's make sure to bring a big sac!"

Toothless Pov

Here I am flying around in the forest with the new tail Hiccup made me. Everything was peacefull until I saw two very hairy creatures apear out of no where. I had no time to react as I got stuffed in a sac. Everything happened quickly as I got thrown on a hard substance. I used a fireball to rip the sac apart and I glared at everything I saw. I put my claws out. I saw a human that looked like Stoick but with white hair, a human like Hiccup but with white hair and different features, a human bird (?), a huge bunny, and a little human that was covered in sand. I threw a fire ball towards them but they ducked. I flew on top of a huge round thing. My eyes were in slits and I glared daggers. "Calm down! We only want to talk" the bearded man said with an accent but different from Stoick's. "How do we even know if it can talk" the boy with white hair said. "What do you want from me?" I hissed. "Well look at that the creature can talk" the bunny said sarcastically. "Come down and we'll tell you" the human bird said. I came down swooping my big wings, then folding them. "Why am I here?" I asked. "You are now a temporary guardian!" the bearded man said. "What?" I asked. "First allow me to introduce ourselves. I'm the Tooth fairy but you can call me Tooth" she said. "I'm Jack Frost" he said.

"Call me North" the man said. "Bunnymund" the bunny said. I saw the sand guy make signals which all I understood was Sandman. "Okay, now what the hell is a guardian" I said. I was finishing my sentance when 'Tooth' was checking my mouth. "Where are your teeth?" she asked. I retracted them and Tooth instantly took her hands away. "Woah, sharp teeth" she saismd backing up. "Yeah, my name is Toothless" I said. The bunny chuckled. "Nice name" he said. "I don't need anybody critisizing my name, especially a huge rabbit with a name like that" I replied. Bunnymund got up going near me while I was preparing to eat him. "Ey! Calm down! The reason you are here is because the man on the moon choose you to hekp guard childern" North said. "Me? I used to kill children and now I'm supposed to protect them? How do I get outta here?" I asked. "Actually, you have to stay weather you lije it or not" 'Jack' said. "Any why is that?" I asked. "You might be new around here so I'll have to explain the details to you" he said. "Get to the point" I hissed. "Even if you don't want it to, this thing that we're up against will affect your world too"

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