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By Arenz


The Goggleheaded Choice

Monday April 2nd, 2007, Shinjuku Park, Real world

10:12 PM JST

A cloudless black sky, the cherry blossoms blooming, the spring warmth starting to move in. In other words an all around present night, as anyone walking through Shinjuku Park would notice. Or at least most people would.

One particular boy did not notice this though. For he was far to deep in thought to notice how nice it was outside. This boy was almost as noticeable as how nice a night it was. Not because he wore a blue short sleeve hoody, or three quarter length grey pants. What made him noticeable was the strange white device with a gold-rimmed screen he wore on his belt and the pair of large yellow rimmed, blue-lensed goggle he wore on his head.

This wasn't the only thing odd about this boy though. He had lived anything but a normal almost thirteen-year-old life. He created a Digital monster, better know as Digimon, something before that he didn't think was more then a card game and TV show. He then became that digimon's tamer. Was attacked by a girl, multiple times, who would later become one of his closest friends and be helped by a boy that became another of his best friends. After fighting many digimon that appeared in the real world, also know as bio-emerging. Including a powerful group know as Devas that worked for a being know as the digimon Sovereign, and getting into arguments with a government agency. He then went to the Digital World with his friends to save one of them that was kidnaped. There they got into many fights and ended up in a massive fight with one of the digimon Sovereigns that resulted in the tamers learning to merge with their digimon to become their Mega forms, they were starting to lose before another of the Sovereigns intervened to save the tamers. They then returned to the real world, only to be followed by a program known as the D-reaper that wanted to delete everything, digital and physical. This program kidnaped one of the tamers and it was through everyone's combined efforts that they finally managed to defeat the D-reaper and rescue their friend, but at the cost of their digimon who were returned to the digital world.

Which brings us to our current time. As this rather unique brunette, better known as Takato Matsuki, walked through Shinjuku Park six months after the end of his adventure. He was on his way home from his friend Rika Nonaka's failed surprise birthday party. He decided to take a small detour on his way home to go through the park.

He was finally broken from his thoughts as a rather bright light caught his attention, but by the time he looked it was gone. He then realized where he had stopped, right in front of the stairs to a small utility building. This particular building had been the home of Takato's digimon, Guilmon, and the unofficial hideout for the tamers. He just stood there at the bottoms of the stairs for a short while.

"Why not…" he muttered to himself as he started up the stairs. As he reached the top and stood in the doorway to the hideout he looked at the giant hole that Guilmon had left in the back. "Guess I may not be able to keep that promise buddy." He whispered, thinking of the promise to play together again with Guilmon. He then closed his eyes and stood there. It was then that he heard a faint crackling sound. His eyes snapped open as he looked around, thinking he had just imagined it. But then he heard the sound again and was able to tell it was coming from the hole in the back. He quickly jumped down into the hole and looked to the back. What he saw made his mouth drop open and his eyes widen. "On second thought maybe I can" he said looking at the glowing ball at the back of the hole. He knew exactly what this ball was, it was a digital portal, and that meant a way to get his friends back.

He resisted the urge to jump through the portal right there and then. Instead he started thinking of all the things he would need to take with him as he jumped out of the hole and started running for home as fast as he could.

As he got near his families bakery he slowed down, and as he entered from the side door he started to have doubts about how his parents would react. They had hated the last time he went, and getting their permission this time would be impossible. As he walked in trying to think of what to say he realized that no one was around. "They must have gone to bed already," he thought. It was then that he made the second worst goggleheaded decision of his life, "I can't tell them, I just have to go."

He then proceeded to collect bread and anything else he needed. He ran upstairs, being as quite as he could. He grabbed some extra cloths and started to put everything in his backpack. Once he was done with that he went back downstairs and went to the phone. "I need to call Henry and Rika." He thought, but at the last second stopped with his hand over the phone. He then made THE worst goggleheaded decision of his life. "I can't tell them either, we got really lucky to even find each other again last time, and I wouldn't be able to live with it if anything happened to them because of me… I'll have to go alone," He decided.

Takato ran back upstairs and looked around his room he walked over to his desk, and grabbed his D-power and modify cards, clipped both to his belt. He then took a pen and paper and wrote out a quick note, which he placed on his desk before grabbing his backpack and walking downstairs, looking at the clock which showed that it was 11:34 PM. Walking out the side door he had entered from and headed back to the park.

When he reached the park he headed up to the hideout immediately. He jumped down into the hole and stared at the portal. He then took a few steps towards it before hesitating.

"Sorry Henry, sorry… Rika," he said, he stood for a second trying to figure out why that second part made him hesitate more then the first. Before he decided that he couldn't afford to hesitate now, so he took the final step into the portal.

Five minutes later the portal vanished without a trace.

Tuesday April 3rd, 2007, Matsuki Bakery

7:02 AM JST

Takehiro Matsuki was just finishing up with an early customer and looked around. He saw his wife, Mie Matsuki was still making bread.

"Honey, don't you think it's time to wake Takato?" he asked.

"Probably, I'll take care of it" she said as she washed her hands and headed upstairs. "Takato, time to wake up," she called through the door. After waiting a few moments and getting no reply she opened the door. "Takato get up already," she called again, only to realize the room was empty. She started looking around and noticed a piece of paper on the desk, she walked over and picked it up.

"Takehiro!" Takehiro heard Mie yell. Thankfully the shop was empty so he ran upstairs. He got to Takato's room to find Mie standing there holding a note.

"Look at this!" she said. He walked over and took the note and started reading

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm sorry to say bye like this but I know if I asked you would never let me. I found a portal to the digital world in the park, and I'm going to get the digimon back. I know it's dangerous and that's why I didn't tell Rika or Henry. I will be back as quick as I can, and again I'm sorry but I can't miss this chance, I hope you understand.

-Love, Takato

"He's run off again," Mie cried. Takehiro just stood there stunned, half understanding Takato's determination to get his friends back and half worried out of his mind.

"I don't think there's anything we can do now except tell the others and get their help," Takehiro said as he put his arm around his wife to comfort her. They then both walked back downstairs.

It would be three years before anyone saw Takato again.


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