So it's really the finally chapter of book one this time. And with this chapter my story broke 30,000 words, which makes me very happy.

So thanks to Ultranx and ExodusClaw for once again reviewing. And Exodus, as long as the criticism is constructive I will not be offended, the reason I took so long (Did I already mention this?) is because I was taking time to consider all you had mention and how to implement it.

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I'll save my rant for after the chapter, and pay close attention to who the messages are from and to, now, enjoy the Epilogue to book one of TAMERS LEGACY!




Message sent 1:24 PM 12/26/09

From: Takato, To: Henry

Hey Henry, figured I'd try out the new phones Yamaki gave us. I still can't believe that Hypnos gave all the Tamers cell phones. It's awesome.

Reply message sent 1:27 PM 12/26/09

From: Henry. To: Takato

It's like he said, it lets them keep in easy contact with the Tamers now that the government plans to a least somewhat accept us.

Message sent 1:29 PM 12/26/09

From: Ryo, To: All Tamers

Hey guys I was just giving these new phones a try, so I figured I'd try the group text function.

Reply message sent 1:30 PM 12/26/09

From: Takato, To: All Tamers

Cool, I didn't know there was a group text function. So hey everyone.

Reply message sent 1:31 PM 12/26/09

From: Kazu, To: All Tamers

Ah you guys beat me to it, I wanted to be the first to send out messages. But the phones are awesome.

Reply message sent 1:32 PM 12/26/09

From: Kenta, To: All Tamers

They are very convenient, is Jeri not checking hers?

Message sent 1:32 PM 12/26/09

From: Henry, To: Takato

So what are you going to do about Rika?

Reply message sent 1:33 PM 12/26/09

From: Ryo, To: All Tamers

I guess she isn't, well I have things to do, so I got to go. Talk to you later everyone.

Reply message sent 1:34 PM 12/26/09

From: Takato, To: Henry

I'm going to see her tomorrow, Renamon told me to take today to spend with my parents, I tried to insist, but you know how she can be.

Reply message sent 1:34 PM 12/26/09

From: Kenta, To: All Tamers

I have to go to, bye guys

Reply message sent 1:35 PM 12/26/09

From: Kazu, To: All Tamers

Me to, see you chummly, we have to hang out to catch up soon.

Reply message sent 1:36 PM 12/26/09

From: Henry, To: Takato

Well looks like everyone is gone. Good luck with talking to Rika, I have no idea how she will react. I should get going to, have lessons to get to. And Takato, it's good to know you haven't changed much.

Reply message sent 1:37 PM 12/26/09

From: Takato, To: Henry

Thanks Henry,you haven't either, and I think I'll need all the luck I can get. I'll talk to you later.


So what did you think of my epilogue idea? if you liked it i may use it again in later books, although there will be different conversation over a larger time period, even months. by the way, I wanted each message to not have the space in between the date, from/to, and the message, but the site didn't like that idea, so sorry if its sort of hard to read.

so good and bad news time. Good news is that the next book will start with Takato going to Rika's house, and I've got some ideas of how that is going to go. Bad news is that you may have to wait a little for that to happen. The truth is I somewhat rushed into this book to get a feel for writing and make sure I would actually enjoy it before i spent tons of time planning. While i have an idea of how i want the story to go, i'm going to take some time to plan things out better before I start book two. I hope at most it will be no more then two weeks, but I really have no idea. I want to take my time so that I do it right.

I hope you will understand and come back for book two once i get it started. Feel free to PM me about anything if you want.

Until then.