Finding her way

Chapter one.

Dani's POV

"How did I end up here, getting chased by this freak?" I thought to myself as I flew through the Ghost Zone, being chased by one of my so-called father's henchmen.

"I thought I shook them off a while ago, and here I thought I was finally about to start having some fun, I even made some friends." Granted Danny probably wouldn't be so happy about me being friends with people like Ember, Kittie, and Youngblood, I didn't care I was happy. And now here I am being chased by a giant thing in a black cloak, with bright red eyes, jagged teeth, and fingers that looked like freakin swords! I'm not even sure how it found me again, I was training in the Far Frozen when this monster found me and started chasing me down."

"Take this!" I yelled as I turned around while I flying backwards I fire an ecto-blast at the monster that is chasing me. He bats it away with his sword like hands and I turn around to see that I am flying through natural ghost portal, and a tree right before I smash into it. I slide to the bottom of the tree, the ghost comes speeding through the same portal and slash at me I dodge slightly and I get major gashes in my right side. As I lie here staring up at this evil monstrosity he stalks closer to me licking my blood from his scythe like fingertip. "The boss said that I have to bring you back alive, but he didn't say I couldn't have some fun first" He said menacingly with a very frightening grin, with a suggestive hint in his voice. I felt like I had before when I had escaped my fruit loop of a father Vlad.

"So this is it, this is where my journey ends? I can't believe I wont see Danny again, And I can't keep my promise to Youngblood's to go to his next birthday, and Ember said that she'd teach me to play guitar when I got back for my next visit, and frostbite said he'd show me around the Far Frozen. This is how it's going to ends? I thought to myself as I felt tears running down my face. I shrieked in terror as he approached me with its outstretched, scythe like claws. I peek my eyes open when I don't feel him grab me, and to my surprise I see a flaming sword through his chest, The monster turned around with an agonized look on his face to see who had stabbed him, and than I saw the sword rip through him, and he fell to the ground in almost two separate pieces and sizzled and turned to the ectoplasm I recall all the clones doing the same. I look to see my savior and all I see is three silhouettes against the rising sun. The one in the middle holding the sword has large outstretched wings, and the other two seem to be wolves.