I didn't mean to do it. Well, okay. That is a lie. I did mean to do it, but I didn't know the consequences would be that bad.

I didn't know I would be expelled from Seven Seas High.

It was a one off thing. Holden and some other boys in class had found a dealer whilst in Paris and they bought a stack load of marijuana. I had no idea how they got it on the boat, and to be honest, I really didn't care how they did. All I thought about was trying it.

I met Holden at a lower deck. He charged me $30 for one bag. I thought it was a bit steep at first, $30 for a bag of grass, but I was desperate to try it. I handed over my $30 and Holden handed over my little bag of weed with some paper roll things that people roll cigarettes with. He walked off and left me alone with my new dark secret. If Cody found me with this, well, I honestly didn't want to think about it.

I quickly shoved the little bag in my jean pocket and headed up to my room. I didn't look at anyone, I didn't speak with anyone. I just wanted to go back to my room and try this thing and get it over with.

Then of course, with my luck, I ran into Mr Moseby.

"Good evening Zack, I hope you're heading up to your cabin to study for your finals. I promised your mother that you would pass." He said, clinging a clip board between his hands.

"Well, that was a stupid promise" I said dryly. I began to walk off but Moseby grabbed my shoulder.

"What are you up to?" He asked me suspiciously.

I rolled my eyes. "Nothing. I'm just tired."

"I know you're up to something." He said. "And I will find out what it is."

"Whatever." I was annoyed that he thought I still acted like I did when I was 12. Couldn't he see that I had more important things to do then play his stupid little games? Just let me try my weed in peace.

I eventually reached my cabin without further interruptions. I locked my door and turned on my light and investigated the ceiling. There was one smoke detector. Damn. I walked into my tiny bathroom and looked up. No smoke detector and a fan. Perfect.

I grabbed the cigarette paper that Holden gave me and set it on my bathroom counter. I then grabbed the little bag of weed from my pocket. I looked at it closely. It was a weird colour and texture, it looked nothing like grass. I opened it up and carefully tipped the bag on to the paper and put a reasonable amount on. Well, I wanted it to last a while. I closed the bag up and shoved it back in my pocket. I then rolled up my joint. In my medicine cabinet I always kept a box of matches, just in case a girl came over and I wanted to set the mood with candles. I grabbed a match stick and lit it up and then lit up my joint. It started to glow. I put out the match. I placed the joint in between my lips. I inhaled. It tasted disgusting.

I took it out and looked at it distastefully. What the hell was I doing? Maybe if I tried it again, I might like it. I inhaled it the second time. Still tasted gross, but not as bad. I inhaled it again. And again, and again, and again and before I knew it I had smoked the whole thing, and I was high.

It's weird being high. Everything around you seems funnier and everything moves slower. I opened my door and stumbled to my bed. I sat down and embraced my sheets. For some reason the sheets felt amazing and silky, even thought it was made of cotton and I hadn't changed them since I moved in. I was then fascinated by the pineapple cup I had on my desk. Then the big question came into my head. Why are they called pineapples, when they taste and look nothing like apples? It frustrated me. I wanted to start a petition to call them pine fruit. But I didn't feel like it. Let the world call them pineapples, I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to know why I had a guitar in my room when I couldn't even play the guitar. God, the things I do.

All good things must eventually come to an end. Little did I know that the good thing was my education at Seven Seas High.

Moseby had a master key that could open any student's cabin. He usually took enjoyment of busting me with girls. Yeah, it was a proud moment when I was right in the middle of a very intimate moment with a girl and Moseby busts in shouting 'Wait until your mother finds out about this!'

So of course, without knocking, Moseby decided to pay a visit. Straight away, he knew what was going on.

"Zack, have you been smoking marijuana?"

I nodded happily. "Do you want some?"

Moseby's eyes widened. "No!" He looked at me as if I was a great disappointment. "I thought you were better than this Zachary!"

"Moseby, calm down, it's a bit of grass!" I chuckled. But Moseby was far from laughing.

"Zachary, taking drugs or having possession of drugs on the S.S Tipton is serious! It means your termination of education here!" Moseby cried.

By this point, Cody heard and walked out of his cabin to see what all the noise was. His eyes were puffy and his cheeks had red blotches. He had been crying all night because he and Bailey broke up five hours previously. In my state of mind, I laughed at him.

"What is going on? Zack, are you stoned?" Cody asked shocked.

I happily nodded again. "Cody! You should have some! Get your mind of Bailey!"

"Zachary, where is the marijuana?" Moseby asked. He was so mad I swear there was smoke coming out of his ears. But I was high. There were also unicorns and rainbows hopping all around my head.

I pulled out the bag and handed it over to him. "So you are going to have some!" I said happily.

Mr Moseby ignored me. "Who did you get this off?"

"My good friend Holden!" I smiled. Holden never told me to keep it secret that he was the school's dealer.

Moseby shook his head. "That means lots of students probably have possession of it."

"What is going to happen to Zack?" Cody asked Moseby.

"He is probably going to be expelled." Cody looked at him with a look of horror. He was probably thinking about the beating I was going to get off Mom. "I'm sorry Cody, but rules are rules and I can't show favouritism just because I have known you two since you were both 12." Moseby looked generally sad. I mean he could show favourites if he wanted to, but he has wanted to get me off the ship since day one.

He guided me to his office and sat me down and said he would deal with me once I sobered up. In the mean time he was going to find Holden and get to the bottom off all this. I told him to take his time and that the unicorns would keep me company. Even if I was Moseby, I would laugh at that.

I wasn't too sure how much time had passed, but eventually I came off my high and came to terms with what was going on. I was being expelled from Seven Seas High, and my Mom was going to kill me. Shit.

Moseby found Holden and sat us both down. He told us how we had both broken the rules that meant automatic expulsion from Seven Seas High. We were both confided to our cabins until tomorrow. Our plane tickets will be booked for the first flight back to our home cities. For me, Boston, and for Holden it was Chicago. We had the rest of the night to pack and our parents would be informed as soon as we left Moseby's office. Kirby was called down to escort us back to our cabin. He told us how he was very disappointed in us both and how he expected better out of me.

"I've always liked you Zack, but dang, why do you need to be so stupid?" He said.

That night I packed as fast as I could. I wasn't too sure how long I had until my plain left but it was 2am when I got back to my cabin, so I guessed I had about five, not even that.

It never really processed that I was expelled until I reached the airport. Cody said he had spoken to Mom before I left the ship, and he said she has never been this angry. Woody also said goodbye, but I could tell he was disappointed in me. London didn't really care, but then again, she is too self involved to really know what is going on around her, but Bailey surprised me. She was the last person to say goodbye. And I didn't really think she would want to say goodbye to me. Bailey reassured me that everyone made mistakes and that I wasn't alone and she was sad to see me go this way. I hugged her goodbye as I knew it was probably the last time I would ever see her.

Kirby sat by me and Holden until our planes departed. My flight was a connecting flight from New York to Boston, so my flight was first. I said goodbye to Kirby and I gave an awkward bye to Holden and a quick apology and then I boarded my flight back to the United States. My days of travailing the world were over.

Three months later, I'm living with my Dad in California. My Mom didn't know what to do with me anymore so within one week of having me back home she arranged me to be flown to Los Angeles. She thought living with my Dad might knock some sense into me. Dad was mad, but not too mad. He pretty much told me the same thing Bailey did. I was enrolled into summer school so I could finish my junior year and head into my senior year. I asked Dad if my expulsion from Seven Seas High affected my chances of college entry and he said yes, but he knew the Dean of Admissions to UCLA, so I still had a chance.

Tomorrow I start at a new school with a new life. I'm not sure what will happen but I do know this. Los Angeles is hot, the earthquakes are random, and I wish that I was still attending Seven Seas High.

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