I was awake most of the night. I closed my eyes, begging for sleep but it did not come. I gave up trying to sleep around about 4am and I put my headphones into my iPhone and listened to Fleetwood Mac. For some reason, the sound of the song 'Rhiannon' always calmed me down. I was still nervous. I was going into my senior year at a new school. How much more of a loser could I get?

6:30am ticked around and it was finally time to get out my bed. I looked at myself in the mirror and I had heavy bags under my eyes, which made it obvious that I didn't get much sleep the previous night. I stumbled into the bathroom and locked the door behind me and turned on the hot water in the shower. Steam engulfed the room which provided little comfort. I pulled off my pyjamas and turned on a little bit of cold water and stepped into the shower. I stood under the water remembering how I felt this time last year. My voice had broken; I had grown six inches and everything going for me. This year, I was a nervous wreck who just wanted to be left alone and not start at a new school. Then I suddenly wondered how Holden was and if he was feeling the same way.

He probably was. And he had me to blame for it.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head up against the glass. I didn't want to do this. I couldn't do this. I could pretend I was on a boat going back to Seven Seas High, but the lack of girls and water and boat would ruin that fantasy.

"Zack!" Dad banged on the door. "You've been in there for over 20 minutes! We are in a drought you know!"

"Oh right." I yelled out. "Sorry."

After getting dressed into my uniform and avoiding mirrors at all cost, I joined my dad in the kitchen and he handed me a bowl of oatmeal.

"Oats are really good for your brain, so eat up. This is a big day and the beginning of a big year."

I looked at my oatmeal dismally. My dad noticed and chuckled.

"Don't worry, I'm a better cook then your Mom."

"Speaking of Mom, has she called?" I asked hopefully. Dad lowered his head which meant an instant 'no'.

"She might call later Zack, there is a bit of a time difference between Boston and Los Angeles." Dad said.

I shook my head. "She had no problem calling early morning when I was on the SS Tipton."

Dad sighed. "Don't let it get you down."

It was already too late for that.

The drive to St Josephs wasn't far but naturally the car ride felt like forever. My palms were sweaty, I was trying very hard to control my breathing and even though it was quite a cool day for summer, I felt like I had been placed in to an oven. Dad drove into the school car park and parked at the front of the office. We had arrived early so I could be introduced to the Principal and to have a 'talk' about the rules the school had in place about 'certain' things. I knew exactly what that conversation would be regarding to and I dreaded it.

We stepped out of the car and I had my first look at my new educational prison and it was defiantly not what I expected. When I thought of what a private school would look like, I generally thought that there would be green vines twisting itself around a sandstone building. This school however was concrete with silver letters spelling the school's name and the logo on the front of the main building. On the side of the school, a massive open field stretched out. Clumps of trees were scattered around the field and a little lake was in the middle with wooden benches placed on the bank. The grass however looked dehydrated from lack of rain over the summer. It was an average looking school and somehow that made me feel a little better.

Dad put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. "At least it doesn't scream 'private school."

I forced a smile. "But it's also not in the middle of the ocean."

Dad studied me for a bit before tightening his grip on my shoulder. "I don't want to sound like the bad guy here."

"Well then don't." I snapped. "Can we just go in please?"

He sighed heavily. "Sure."

We walked into the main building and located the admissions office. A middle aged woman sat behind the main desk at her computer, pretending to look busy. She saw us walking towards her and smiled warmly.

"New student?" She asked happily.

Dad nodded.

"Right this way." She got up from the front desk and put her hand on my lower back. It was awkward as this lady was barely five foot and I towered over her, so her hand was very close to my ass. "May I ask what your name and year level is?"

"Zachary Martin, Senior." I said.

She appeared to know who and what I was and her smile grew sad. "Okay dear. I'll see if Principal Fallon is ready to see you."

Thankfully she took her hand off my lower back and gestured us to sit at the chairs outside the Principal's office. She knocked on the door and put her head in slightly. "Zachary Martin is here, Jimmy."

"Great, send him in." Principal Fallon said.

I stood up and looked at Dad. "I think I have a pretty good idea on what we will be talking about." I whispered.

Dad shrugged. "I guess we'll find out."

Principal Fallon wasn't very old. He was barely middle aged. He looked like one of those fun substitute teachers that let you watch funny YouTube videos during class, not a private school principal. Principal Fallon seemed to notice that dad and I was staring at him and smiled. "I was just appointed principal, if that was what you were wondering."

"But you're so young." I said.

Principal Fallon chuckled. "I'm good at my job. That's why I am the principal." He grabbed a file on the left of his desk and opened it. "So Zachary, I see you got into some trouble at Seven Seas High?"

"Yes." I answered quietly.

"Was it a one off thing or is it an ingoing addiction?"

"One off. I only tried it once, I swear. I just got caught." I suddenly felt embarrassed as I had a tone of urgency in my voice. For some reason I really wanted to make a good impression on Principal Fallon.

Principal Fallon nodded but didn't look up from the file. "I also see that your grades weren't the best but we can help with that. We have a great student help centre here at St Josephs."

"Excellent. Sign Zack up." Dad said. I glared at him.

"Thanks." I mouthed in a way he knew that I was pissed.

Principal Fallon put the file down. Even though he probably just saw the worst student file ever, and wondering how the hell I got into this school, he still had a kind smile on his face. "Even though you are in your senior year and you're starting at a new school, I think you will do well at St Josephs."

"Really?" Dad asked.

"Well, it will take us some work to get Zack up to speed. But he did quite well in the Summer School programme, and that shows me that Zachary is a quick learner." Principal Fallon said. "However, Zack, you do seem to have a rebellious flaw. I've never seen that many detentions on a student record."

I sank a little lower in my seat.

"But that doesn't mean you're a bad kid. Neither does your incident at Seven Seas High indicate that you're a waste of time." Principal Fallon said. "We will defiantly be taking special interest in you Zack, academically."

That part I didn't overly like. If I didn't already stand out as being the new kid in senior year, I'm now also the new kid who needs special help in senior year. I acted like I was happy about the whole thing and thanked Principal Fallon. But now I just wanted to ditch the school. But if I did that, I would be going to my Aunt Julie's and the tornadoes.

Principal Fallon handed me my school diary and timetable and wished me luck on my first day and told me to come see him at dismissal to let him know how my day went. I wasn't overly thrilled to see him after school, but I smiled thinly at him and told him I would.

I said goodbye to Dad and he wished me luck. As he left, I took a deep breath and turned to the main entrance to the school. All I wanted to do was run in the opposite direction and not even look back. But somehow my legs disobeyed my thoughts and I found myself walking towards the front doors of the school and what felt like what would be, the worst school year of my life.

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