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Christmas Party

Carlac (Isamu's pov)

I arrived just in time before this bald headed guy with a black lightsaber could kill Ahsoka. He looked surprised when he looked at my sword. I figured he must be wondering why his lightsaber didn't cut through my sword. I didn't care as I pushed him off and got defensive.

"You okay kid?" Ahsoka nodded as I looked around to see the other bad guys. One was a teenage boy around 18 or 17, the other I remembered was the woman who kissed me long ago, and the other was a guy who looked to be around Ahsoka's age was tied up so he's not a bad guy.

"Isamu, where are the kids?" Ahsoka asked hoping that the kids were okay.

"They're fine," I didn't turn around as I kept my eye on the enemy, "They're safe, so mind telling me who the guys are? I remember Aurra, but who are the other three?"

"That's Boba Fett, Pre Vizsla, and Lux Bonteri. Lux was kidnapped by these guys to be used for their own gain," Ahsoka explained as I remembered her telling me about Bonteri and how she met him years ago.

"Who the heck are you?" Pre Vizsla asked.

"The name is Isamu Ishida and you guys picked the wrong Jedi to mess with," Boba and Pre didn't look worried, while Aurra knew otherwise, "Aurra, nice to see you again. Though I wasn't expecting you to be here hurting my friend or her friend,"

Aurra smiled a little, "Just doing my job. I didn't know she brought you here,"

I nodded, "Yeah well she needed help with the kids so I came along to help,"

Boba turned to Aurra, but kept his blasters aimed at Isamu, "Aurra you know this guy?"

"Yes, he's the one I told you about I met years ago," Aurra knew this was not going to be good for her since she knew how strong Isamu is.

"Ah I see he's the one from the other universe huh?" Pre stared at Isamu a little surprised that what Aurra said was actually true, "Well this is very interesting. So tell me Mr. Ishida what brings you here?"

"Isn't it obvious?" I cut free Ahsoka's binds and destroyed the machine that she was in setting her free, "I'm taking Ahsoka and her friend home. You let her friend go and no harm will come to you both,"

Boba scoffed, "Nice try, but you aren't going anywhere,"

"Boba perhaps it would be best if we let them go," Aurra knew Isamu was serious and fighting him would be suicide.

"Not going to happen. We have the advantage it's three against one," I smiled and handed Ahsoka her lightsabers, "What the…where did you?" Pre looked over at Aurra and saw the lightsabers were gone.

"Just a little trick I learned when I was little," Ahsoka activated her lightsabers.

"You're all under arrest," Aurra grabbed Lux and aimed a blaster at his head.

"Move and he dies," Aurra took off with Lux, while Boba opened fire.

I grabbed Ahsoka and I used flashstep to appear on the ceiling. Boba and Pre couldn't see us as they looked around, "I'll handle those two, you get your friend,"

Ahsoka nodded as she used flash step to appear near the door and took off. Boba opened fire, but I appeared and blocked the blaster shots with my sword. Pre used a flamethrower from his wrist as I moved out of the way. Pre came at me with his black lightsaber using several strikes.

I blocked the attack and dodged Boba's blaster shots as well. Pre went for a strike, but I moved away. I brought my sword down on the ground and began punching Pre in the face and gut. I kicked him away as Boba continued shooting at me. I grabbed my sword and blocked the attacks.

Boba shot some kind of cable that wrapped around my arms. He pressed a button shocking me as Pre approached me then aimed his blade at my neck, "Looks like you lost,"

I smiled and appeared behind Boba as I kicked him in the face sending him flying. Pre turned around to see where I was as I broke free from the cable, "Not today," Pre charged at me as our fight continues.

(Ahsoka's pov)

I followed Aurra down the dark hallway looking for Lux. I entered a dark room and couldn't see anyone here. I used my lightsabers to illuminate the way. As I walked I sensed something and knew what it was. I ducked as Bossk appeared trying to cut me with a large ax. I used the Force to push him back as he hissed at me.

As he was getting ready to attack me I sensed something behind me. I waited as Bossk charged at me. I then moved out of the way as a blaster was shot from behind. It missed me and hit Bossk in the head killing him. I threw my lightsaber towards where the shot was killing the one who tried to shoot me. I approached where the shot was fired and saw it was a human.

Then something wrapped around me pinning my arms. I looked over and saw it was a Theelin woman. Around her was a grapping boa. I recognized it and I recognized her as Latts Razzi. A droid appeared as I recognized it to be an assassin droid.

"Kill her Highsinger," Razzi said as the droid aimed his blaster at me.

I closed my eyes and blocked out the pain as the droid opened fire. I used flash step to appear behind Razzi punching her in the gut and using my elbow to hit Razzi under the chin sending her towards the ground. I charged at Highsinger who opened fire at me. I blocked the blasters and cut his head off and cut him in half.

I continued running towards where I sense Lux was and I found a door. I ran through it and saw a light at the end of the hall, "Hang on Lux,"

Unknown Island (Katalia's pov)

I made it to the roof where I saw a big red sled and some reindeers. I looked over and saw Hikari getting ready, "Hey Katalia, Merry Christmas…Eve,"

"Nice to see you again Hikari" I smiled, "Glad you could make it."

"Thanks for making the sled bigger than the one Ronin used. I hope things go well when I go drop the gifts off to the kids," Hikari took out a Santa outfit and had the hat on.

Hikari decided that after Ronin died her and her brother would take over to help become Santa. However, each time Hikari was busy to do her part so Isamu took over. This was Hikari's first time being Santa and she hopes she doesn't screw up. She didn't want to let all the kids in the world down and didn't want to let her former mentor Ronin down.

"I'm sure it'll be fine." Katalia smiled, "Just make sure you don't eat all the cookies."

"I thought Santa is suppose to eat all the cookies and drink the milk," Hikari seemed confused.

Rachel appeared from inside the sled, "No, you're not Hikari, and if you eat too much cookies it will be bad for you. Last time Isamu came home with a stomach ache for eating too much cookies,"

"And remember to watch for traffic." Katalia sniggered, "Watch for any birds or planes."

Hikari rolled her eyes as she got on the sled, while Rachel explained the controls, "Now the reindeer will move the sled, but the flying will be done by the device Katalia put in the sled. It will make it seem like the sled is flying with the help of the reindeer, even though it won't be,"

Hikari grabbed the sack, "All the gifts are in here?"

Rachel nodded, "I used my magic so the sack can carry all the gifts. By the way thanks for donating many of the gifts Katalia,"

"No problem." Katalia shrugged, "What's the point in owning a large toy factory if you can't lend a hand to Santa."

Hikari checked the list she got on the good kids and bad kids, "Nice, so which one is the bag for the bad kids?"

Rachel handed Hikari the white bag with the bad coal, "The coal is in the gifts wrapped up,"

Hikari checked the bag and noticed that the ones for the good kids was in black and the one for the bad kids was in white, "Um why the different colors? What happened to the red bag?"

Rachel shrugged her shoulders, "I like black and I thought red didn't look good,"

"Hang on." Katalia tapped her ear piece, "Yeah, uh huh, okay." she looked over at the other two, "It seems we are cleared for take-off, but you'll hit a rainstorm."

Rachel figured this would happen, "That's why I also placed some spells on the sled to help protect it from rain. Just remember Hikari don't cause any trouble,"

Hikari scoffed, "When have I caused problems?"

Rachel sighed, "The time you got mad at a boxer during a match you went in the ring and knocked him out, along with knocking out the challenger, the ref, and the bell keeper,"

"The commentators, the hot dog guy, and I think half the locker room competitors," Katalia counted off.

"Hey I had a good reason for the hot dog guy...he put mustard in my hotdog when I said I just want my ketchup, not mustard," Hikari explained.

"He was 20 year old kid," Rachel sighed knowing this was pointless, "Look never mind just go,"

"Fine, okay on Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner, on...," Hikari forgot the last name of the reindeer.

"Blitzen!" Rachel and Katalia shouted.

"Oh yeah Blitzen," the reindeer began to pull on the sled as the sled began to power up. As soon as the sled was off the roof it flew with the reindeer pulling on it.

Rachel sighed in frustration, "We taught her all the names 7 times yet she keeps forgetting the last name,"

"Ah well, as long as she doesn't get lost on her flight plan and end up going the wrong way." Katalia shrugged, "Now come back inside before you catch the evening cold. The days may be warm but the night is really bad."

Rachel nodded, "Yeah, just hope the others make it back in time,"

Carlac (Normal pov)

Isamu continued his fight with Pre Vizsla and Boba Fett as he dodged the lightsaber attacks from Pre, but also dodged the blaster shots Boba was firing Isamu at. Isamu used his speed to block and dodge his opponent's attacks. Wasn't easy, but then again Isamu knew none of this would be easy. Isamu leg sweep Pre knocking him on the ground and jumped out of the way as Boba shot off a rocket.

Isamu managed to move away from both his enemies as Pre got up panting a little, "You guys are good. Ahsoka told me about your kind on Mandalore. I am honored to be fighting two men who's people have an impressive history,"

Boba growled a bit, "We don't care what you say to us, just hold still so we can kill you,"

Pre looked at Isamu's sword and wondered how his blade couldn't cut through the metal sword, "Impressive weapon you have there. What's it made of?"

Isamu held his sword up near his face, "It's a special kind of sword and what's she's made of well I could explain to you, but it would take too much,"

"I see, well in that case," Pre shot off a cable wrapping around the sword and pulled it away as he caught the sword, "Now without this weapon you're finish,"

Isamu smiled and shook his head, "Is that right?"

"Boba kill him," Boba aimed his blasters at Isamu till Isamu appeared in front of Boba and punched him as he was send flying towards the wall knocking out the young bounty hunter.

Pre was shocked by this and attacked Isamu with both swords. Isamu blocked both attacks grabbing Pre's wrists. Pre tried to push down to cut Isamu, but Isamu held a tight grip. Isamu moved the arms away as Pre got on one knee as Isamu tightened the grip he had on his wrists hurting Pre.

"Let go…you freak," Isamu tightened the grip again causing Pre to lose grip of the weapons.

"Okay," Isamu kneed Pre in the face sending him flying as he went through the ceiling. Isamu grabbed his sword putting it back in the sheath and taking Pre's lightsaber, "Hmmmm a souvenir for Dick,"

Outside (Ahsoka's pov)

I made it outside where I saw no one was around. I looked again and saw it was some kind of landing port. I looked around and spotted Lux against the wall handcuffed and unconscious. I carefully made my way towards him. I sensed something and jumped out of the way as something opened fire on me. I looked up and saw it was the same ship Aurra used, the Slave I ship.

"I see you fixed her up Aurra! Though it doesn't matter since I'll destroy it again," Aurra moved the ship so she could see me. She looked confident and had something in her hand.

"You could, unless you want to end up cleaning up the mess of your friend," I looked closely and saw it was some kind of detonator. I looked back at Lux and saw he was wearing some kind of bomb vest, "Now surrender Jedi and I promise your friend won't die,"

I tightened my grip around my lightsabers. If I give up then Lux will die, "Why don't you give up Aurra. Isamu is here and when he's done with Boba and Pre your next too,"

"You're right, so I guess there is no point in keeping him alive then," Aurra went to blow Lux up when it blew up in her hand, "What the hell!"

It looked like someone shot the detonator. Aurra looked where the shot came from and then another shot was fired this one hitting Aurra right on the head killing her. Aurra caused the ship to moved towards the ground.

I used flashstep to appear where Lux was. I removed the vest from him and quickly used flashstep one more time getting out of the landing port as I was halfway from where the ship exploded. I sighed and checked on Lux.

"Lux, wake up you okay?" Lux began to open his eyes and groaned.

"Ah-Ahsoka?" I helped Lux free and cut the cuffs off him, "What happened? Where's Aurra?"

"She's dead, it looks like we had help," I helped Lux up and I sensed someone coming. I turned around igniting my lightsabers as a hooded figure appeared with a long rifle.

"Wait Ahsoka don't," I turned to Lux who I assume knows who this figure was, "Steela it's okay she's a friend,"

The figure removed the hood revealing to be a woman. Around a little older than Lux, her skin was brown, black hair, and blue eyes, "Is she the one you told me about?"

Lux nodded, "Yes, Steela this is Master Ahsoka Tano, Ahsoka this is Steela my fiancé,"

I was shocked by he said fiancé, but I shook that off, "It's um an honor to meet you Steela and thanks for the help,"

Steela nodded, "You're welcome and it's an honor as well to meet you master Jedi. Lux has told me much about you and I'm glad to meet his good friend,"

I smiled and I guessed that answered Lux's question towards me from earlier, "Glad to hear that. Well we should head back to the others and see if they're all okay,"

Base (Normal pov)

Isamu came out of the facility as he saw the kids were all okay. Isamu smiled when he saw Marrissa hugging Barriss who was sleeping in her arms, "Hey kids,"

The twins spoke at the same time, "Grandpa!" They ran up to Isamu and hugged him.

"Is everything okay?" Liana asked as she looked around, "Where's mom?"

"She'll be here don't worry," Isamu checked on the younglings and Master Huyang, "You all okay too?

The younglings nodded as Ganodi and Zatt worked on fixing Master Huyang, "What happened to the bounty hunters?" Master Huyang asked.

"They're gone don't worry and I see your looking well Master Huyang," Isamu then turned to Marrissa, "How is she?"

"Strong and healthy." Marrissa rocked Barriss in her arms, "Just perfect the way she is."

"That's good, I take it that woman is taken care of?" Isamu asked figuring what Marrissa did.

"She is dead." Marrissa sighed, "I was going to torture her instead but decided to be merciful."

"Good," The younglings soon spotted Ahsoka and ran towards her.

"Master Tano your okay!" The kids all shouted in unison.

"Yes I am and I'm glad to see you're all okay too," Liana and Jake ran up to their mom hugging her, "I'm glad to see you two are okay too,"

"We were worried about you mom. We thought the bad people hurt you," Liana said as she hugged her mom tightly.

"It's okay Liana. It's going to take more then bounty hunters to hurt your mom," Ahsoka looked over and saw Marrissa, "Marrissa, what are you doing here?"

"Saving your butt. Again." Marrissa's hair rose up and formed a cradle for Barriss which gently rocked her, "You really must be getting out of it if a bunch of second rate goons could hold you prisoner."

Ahsoka huffed, "I only let myself get caught to save my friend. Something you wouldn't understand since I bet if a friend was captured all you would do is kill,"

"Of course." Marrissa smiled, "The best method is kill people until the fools who messed with my friends beg for mercy."

Ahsoka picked Barriss up and held her in her arms, "And that is why I chose Arella as Barriss's godmother since I bet you would teach my daughter to do that,"

"I'd teach her a lot more than that." Marrissa's eyes watched Barriss, "I would teach her the ways of darkness. And the ways of controlling that darkness."

Isamu scratched his chin, "Maybe that is why the adoption agency is refusing to give you a child,"

"I was thinking it was because Marrissa scared the agent with her house," The younglings were confused by what the adults said.

"I told them not to touch anything." Marrissa grumbled, "But they had to go near the plants. It wasn't my fault the plant tried to eat them."

"Marrissa it's their job to make sure the house is a suitable for children. Having a man-eating plant is not a wise thing to have around a house filled with kids," Ahsoka explained.

Isamu smiles "Reminds me of the ones Poison Ivy gave Hanako years ago,"

"A pity she doesnt want me near her child." Marrissa smirked at Ahsoka, "Unless its saving her of course,"

Ahsoka sighed, "I wouldn't mind so long as you don't teach her anything dark," Ahsoka placed Barriss in Marrissa's arms as Barriss cuddled close to Marrissa, "And look if anything happens to me and Ichiro, Arella and Ryu, Isamu and Rachel...then you can take care of Barriss,"

"No no no if anything happens to us not caused by you then you will take care of the kids," Liana and Jake hid behind their grandpa.

"So long as you don't teach them anything evil Marrissa," Ahsoka made it sound clear what she was telling Marrissa, "Understand?"

"Are you giving me permission to kill you all?" Marrissa smiled brightly, "Really?"

"No no no if anything happens to us not caused by you then you will take care of the kids," Liana and Jake hid behind their grandpa.

"So long as you don't teach them anything evil Marrissa," Ahsoka made it sound clear what she was telling Marrissa, "Understand?"

"Suuuuuure." Marrissa crossed her fingers behind her back, "I promise I won't teach Barriss anything unsuitable if she happens to be under my care."

Ahsoka sigh, "I'm assuming you have your fingers crossed...look I'll be back I um need to talk to someone," Ahsoka walks towards where Lux was resting.

Liana eyed this strange man her mom was talking to, "Who is that guy?"

Isamu shrugged his shoulder, "I don't know,"

"It's her ex boyfriend." Marrissa giggled, "He's part of the reason she fell in love. Meeting him caused her to start rebelling against the rule about no attachments." she toyed with her hair, "Ahsoka and Lux sitting in a tree, f,u,c,k,i,n,g."

Liana and Jake looked at their grandpa, "Grandpa what does fucking mean?"

Isamu turns to Marrissa, "You had to say that didn't you?"

"Of course I did." she grinned, "You didn't read Ahsoka and Lux's memories? When they met they were hormone crazed kids. I'd be surprised if they didn't have sex related daydreams about each other."

The younglings were confused too, "What's sex?"

Isamu groans, "Marrissa enough,"

(Ahsoka's pov)

I walked over to check on Lux who looked tired, "You all right Lux?"

"Yeah, Aurra hit me with the end of her rifle. My head is hurting a little that's all," Steela cocked her rifle.

"I wish I had done more than shoot that woman in the head," I was impressed by this side of Steela.

"So um Steela mind if I have a word with Lux?" Steela looked to Lux who nodded.

"All right," Steela walked over where the armory of Death Watch was.

"Lux listen, do you and Steela want to come over with me for our Christmas party?" Lux shook his head.

"Thanks Ahsoka, but we have to get back to Onderon. We're trying to get the Republic to help restore Mandalore the way it was, after the death of Dutchess Satine," Lux explained as he declined going with Ahsoka.

"I see, well that's fine…um Lux about what you said before back when we were trapped. What was it you were going to say?" Lux remembered and got a little nervous.

"Right um as I was saying if you were here and so was Steela. And I would have to choose between one of you two," Lux paused for a moment and gave his response, "I would pick Steela,"

I was a little surprised by the answer, but at the same time relief that he didn't pick me, "I see…well I'm happy for that,"

"Yo-you're okay with that?" Lux looked surprised.

I nodded, "Lux you're happy being with Steela right?" Lux nodded, "And I'm happy with Ichiro, my kids, and my family. One day you'll have kids together and you'll experience the same kind of love Ichiro and I have,"

Lux looked over at the kids who were laughing as their grandpa argued with Marrissa. Lux smiled and does hope one day to have what Ahsoka have, "Let me ask you this. If you had stayed here,"

I knew what Lux was asking, "Maybe, but right now I want to go home and see my husband," I moved towards Lux and hugged him, "Be safe Lux and stay out of trouble,"

Lux nodded, "I will and you too Ahsoka,"

I walked away as I headed back with the others. I looked back and saw Steela kissing Lux on the lips. I smiled as I was glad Lux was with someone. I wish them all the happiness in the world and hope they have the same good life Ichiro and I have.

(Normal pov)

As Ahsoka walked back to the others, her son Jake walked up to his mom, "What is it Jake?"

"Mom, is it okay if we bring our friends back home with us?" Jake asked.

Ahsoka nodded, "Sure, but let's head back to Coruscant,"

Liana tugged on her mom's arm, "Mom, what's fucking and what's sex?"

Ahsoka glared at Marrissa, "Just for that now you have to wait till Talsein is dead to have Barriss,"

Marrissa gave a creepy smile, "Oh Talsein will be dead before any of you are. I know a lot of people who want him brutally murdered for his crimes."

"Didn't you send people to try to kill him only to fail?" Isamu remembered Talsein telling him how Mark's daughter tried to have people kill him.

Marrissa chewed her lip, "Well, yeah I did. But that was before I found out what daddy built." her eyes glowed red, "Can you imagine if daddy made me an Omega suit?"

"No!" Isamu and Ahsoka shouted at the same time.

"If your dad makes one more of those and gives it to you I will..." Ahsoka breathes in and out, "Never mind, let's just go,"

Marrissa looked at them in surprise, "What? What's so bad if I got that suit?"

The adults thought of all the evil she would do with it, "You don't want us answering that,"

New York City (Hikari's pov)

I arrived to New York City to find it was snowing. I had finished giving out presents all over Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Mexico, Canada, South America, almost all over the world, except for the US. For some reason Katalia told me to go here last. Well actually she wanted me to go from the west then end at New York. I don't know why, but I guess there had to be a reason.

Once I finished almost all the homes of the people in New York, I went to the final address. I looked at the list and realized who it was. I smiled and grabbed the sack. I activated the holo-watch and took the form of Ronin when he was Santa.

"Well let's hope this works," I made my way towards the chimney.

Unknown Island (Normal pov)

The Christmas party has begun and many people showed up. Arella and Ryu showed up with Ryu's family, except for Talsein who was running a little late. Hikari's family showed up as Katalina wore a little helper's outfit around Victor who was with their nine children. Eight were girls and one was a boy. Retsu and her kids showed up with Hinamori as well as everyone began to have some fun at the party.

Rachel was near the food table when Katalia showed up in her dress, "Wow, looking good Katalia. You made it?"

"Actually it was a present from Marrissa." Katalia turned on the spot, "It is bullet proof, heals the wearer, and can even change colors."

Rachel was impress, "That's pretty cool. I wonder if she could make me one,"

Hanako came by wearing a white kimono dress with flowers on it, "Hey ladies having fun?"

"Hey Hanako, I like your dress," Rachel was impress by how the dress looked.

"Thanks, made it myself. Took me ten days to make it,"

Rachel looked around and noticed Ahsoka and Isamu haven't return, "Isamu, Ahsoka, and the kids. Don't worry they'll be here. Hey Hanako how come it took so long to make the dress?"

Hanako sighed, "Try raising a teenage daughter and keeping an eye out on an entire society,"

"I suppose that would be tough." Katalia agreed, "But try running a world wide industry while trying to stop your daughter from destroying the entire planet."

Rachel nods, "That is tougher well at least try...um try," Rachel had nothing as her life isn't as hard as these women.

"Got nothing Rachel? Lucky," Hanako said a little jealous that Rachel's life so far isn't hard.

"Hey she's had it tough." Katalia grinned, "She once had me as an enemy."

"That's true," Hanako gave that to Rachel. Mark showed up wearing a suit, "Well well lookie here,"

Rachel saw Mark, "Wow nice suit Mark,"

"Thank you my dear," he bowed slightly, "And might I say you ladies look enchanting."

"Thanks," Rachel and Hanako said in unison.

Then the others turned around as they saw Misa and Kisara walking towards them wearing white and black strapless dress. Kisara bowed her head as she greeted everyone, "Hello, it's been some time hasn't it?"

"Nice outfit Kisara," Hanako said a little surprised by the outfits.

Katalia noticed Mark's eye twitch, indicating he was restraining himself. After a long moment of silence she coughed, "Honey."

"Welcome, Talsein." Mark finally spoke, "Welcome to the party."

Talsein nodded, "It's good to be here. I'm a little surprise you said yes since I thought Rowan was joking,"

"No I wasn't!" Rowan appeared from behind Katalia then disappeared.

"It wasn't exactly an honest question answer session." Mark muttered, "She didn't ask me directly, rather manipulated that out of me."

"Just forgive each other and act nice!" Everyone shouted at Talsein and Mark.

Talsein turns to his wife who shouted, "Really?"

"Honey I love you, but I am tired of this thing between you two. Please just end it so we can enjoy a nice Christmas party?" Talsein sighed.

Talsein apologized, "Fine, I'm sorry for betraying you and blowing up your satellite,"

"Apology accepted." Mark inclined his head.

Katalia elbowed him in the gut.

"And I am sorry for all the pain and suffering I put you through... and I am sorry for setting my General on you."

"It's fine, though next time you send someone to kill me. Make sure it's someone who isn't annoying please," Misa nodded in agreement to that statement.

"He's annoying, but is kind of cute," The others looked at Misa, "What?"

"He wants you dead." Katalia put a claw on her shoulder, "Tetsip was the first. He will not stop until Talsein and the rest of his followers are dead. And that includes you. General Maraxus is relentless. Just look at how many times he's almost died."

"Someone say my name?"

Everyone turned to see General Maraxus and his twin daughters walk in.

"Speak of the devil," Talsein stood by as Maraxus saw him.

Everyone could see Maraxus scowl furiously, "Talsein."

It became silent as no one said a word. Isamu, Ahsoka, Marrissa, and the kids appeared in the room, "Hey guys," Isamu noticed everyone was quiet, "What happened? Did Hikari crash the sled already?"

Hanako decided to move pass this awkwardness, "Hey girls you sing right? Why don't you two get up there and sing for us a little song?"

One of the Carina twins nodded, "Sure." they moved to a stage that had been prepared and lifted their electric guitars, "Okay everyone. I am Carina, and this is my sister Carina. For those of you who don't know us we are the stiff military guy's daughters."

"Hey!" Maraxus looked over, "I may be a stiff military guy but..." he frowned, "What else did you say?"

They gave wide grins before starting to play.

"I need a drink." Maraxus shook his head, "For the sake of this party I will not cause any trouble." he told the group, "Now if you'll excuse me there is a cup of Earl Grey tea with my name on it." he strolled away.

Isamu approached his wife kissing her, while Ahsoka went to find her husband, and the kids went to mingle, "Hey guys what did I miss?"

Hanako points to Mark and Talsein, "Isamu,"

"Hey Tal and hey Mark it seems you two are getting along right?" Talsein looked annoyed.


"It's a nickname,"

"Getting along is a bit strong." Mark raised an eyebrow, "More like trying to avoid starting another war."

"Like Russia and the United States when they were close to war?" Isamu asked.

"Something like that," Talsein got some water and drank it.

"Why don't you two play some chess?" Rachel asked remembering how Mark told Rachel he played chess with Talsein before.

Mark smiled, "I think that sounds like a nice non-violent way to catch up."

New York City (Normal pov)

It was nighttime and in almost all the apartments of New York City it was nighttime. Reason for most of all the apartments being dark is because the people were sleeping as they had a long day tomorrow since it was Christmas. One of these apartments the light was on. Inside the apartment where the light was on there was an 18 year old girl. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and was wearing long blue pajamas, along with a long black button shirt.

The girl's name was Sarah. She had graduated from high school months ago and was currently living in an apartment she was given as her graduation present. Sarah was a smart girl and worked hard to get far as she has come. Many never thought she would make it this far in her life after her close encounter with death ten years ago.

The doctors still couldn't believe how an 8 year old girl survived a virus that has killed many people in the past. Sarah's parents thought it was a miracle and many thought it was an act of God. But only Sarah knew the truth. She stopped working on her laptop and looked over on her bed seeing the stuffed bunny. Sarah smiled and knew who it was that saved her and she wishes he was here so she can thank him.

She then heard some noises outside her room. She grabbed her metal baseball bat and slowly made her way towards the door. She carefully opened it and peeked out through the door to see a large figure near her Christmas tree. She made her way towards the figure ready to hit him with her bat. As she swung at him the figure grabbed the bat.

"That's not wise to do little Sarah," Sarah couldn't believe at what she heard and is seeing.

The figure appeared and she recognized him, "Santa," Santa nodded and Sarah hugged him, "I knew it! I knew you were real. Everyone said you weren't and I was hallucinating, but I knew you were real,"

Santa smiled and pets the girl's head, "No you weren't hallucinating Sarah and I'm glad to see you have been a good girl after all these years,"

Sarah nodded and broke the hug, "Why didn't you stay Santa? I never got a chance to thank you,"

Santa smiles and kneels down to face Sarah, "You don't need to thank me Sarah. Just living and using your second chance the way you have is all that matters to me. Never change who you are Sarah and keep on being who you are,"

Sarah nodded, "I will Santa,"

The door nearby opened and in came a small little boy, "Sarah, who is…Santa?"

Santa smiled and approached the little blonde hair boy, "You must be Christopher. I have something for you," Santa took out a present and handed it over to Christopher.

Christopher opened it and was surprised to see it was a plane toy, "Th-thank you Santa,"

Santa pets the boy's head and smiles, "You're welcome. Now I have to go and finish my delivery,"

Sarah walked to her little brother and checked out his gift. They turned around and saw Santa was gone. They heard sleigh bells and opened their window to see Santa flying away. The boy shouted and waved at Santa.

"Thank you Santa!" Sarah waved too.

"Thank you for everything Santa!"

Santa waved back at the kids, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night everyone!" Santa turned off the holo-watch and Hikari was back to her old self, "Now then next off, home,"

Unknown Island (Ahsoka's pov)

I found Ichiro and told him everything that happened. How the kids found their lightsaber crystals, helped the others find theirs, how I got kidnapped, etc. Ichiro didn't look surprised. Then again after all we have gone through nothing surprises any of us anymore. He hugged and kissed me. He was just glad we all made it back safe and sound.

"Why is it everytime you leave somewhere trouble finds you?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know, does it matter?" Ichiro shook his head as we were about to kiss. He stopped and snickered, "What?"

Ichiro pointed to where Katooni and Jake were. Liana used the Force to lift the mistletoe over the duo and they saw it. Jake was against that and complained to his sister. Then Katooni kissed Jake on the cheek making him blushed till he was red. Katooni giggled and ran towards the girls as they giggled as well.

"It seems our son has a crush," I turned to Jake who smiled, "Should we give him the talk?"

Jake shook his head, "Not yet, we'll wait," Isamu got on stage as the others turned their attention towards him and the song stopped.

"First of all I would like to thank Mark for inviting us to his lovely home for Christmas, thank you Mark," Everyone applauded for Mark as he waved at them, "And I also want to thank everyone for being here. You know we have been through a lot these last 7 years. We lost many friends, family, and loved ones," Everyone nodded as they remembered who they lost, "They are now looking down on us and are glad we are here together not as enemies, but as friends,"

Talsein came up to the stage, "And so today should not only be a day of celebrating, but a day to celebrate for our friends, family, and loved ones we have lost, so raise your glasses," Everyone raised their cups, "A toast to those we have lost and give thanks to them all,"

Isamu spoke again, "And a toast to our future who our loved ones protected. Knowing they will protect the innocent and keep them safe like we have done. Merry Christmas everyone,"

I raised my glass and spoke, "And have a happy New Year,"

Everyone drank their cups and applauded for the speech. Isamu and Talsein motioned for the twins to play a Christmas song as Katalina came up on stage wearing her Santa's little helper uniform. Victor got a lot of attention for what his wife was wearing and many applauded her for it. Katalina began singing softly and in a melodic tone.

"O Christmas tree O Christmas tree how lovely are your branches. O Christmas tree O Christmas tree how lovely are your branches. Your shining star and twinkling light, they gently glow throughout the night. O Christmas tree O Christmas tree how lovely are your branches. Throughout the land, 'round trees of light we join our hands on Christmas light. O Christmas tree O Christmas tree how lovely are your branches. O Christmas tree O Christmas tree how lovely are your branches,"

We applauded as Katalina finished singing. But then the Carina twins began to play some instruments as the song was not over. Everyone began to gather around together as the song was just getting started. Ichiro and I walked over where the kids were and stood by them as they listened to the singing.

"We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From all of your friends who sing with good cheer. The magic of Christmas last all through the year,"

I noticed the kids getting into the song, including the younglings who never heard of such a good song. The Carina twins sang as backup along with Prototype who dressed in a red and green outfit.

"We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good tidings we share with friends everyone. Good tidings for Christmas and all through the year,"

Prototype was given a chance to sing a solo as he spoke in a different singing voice.

"Oh, bring us a figgy pudding. Oh, bring us a figgy pudding. Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and bring it some out here. We won't go until we get some. We won't go until we get some. We won't go until we get some, so bring some out here,"

Many of us enjoyed Prototype's solo singing, but soon the women got involved singing again as it was almost done.

"We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. With love in our hearts, we sing with good cheer, the joy of the season, will last through the year."

We all started moving back and forth as we held to the ones we loved or took the hand of our friends as we began singing as well.

"We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good tidings we bring to you and your kin. Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

We all applauded as the song was over. The band bowed their heads as this was the best Christmas party ever. I turn to Ichiro and kissed him on the lips as he returned the kiss. Many of the couples did the same as we looked outside we saw it was snowing. We all went outside and saw it was indeed snowing and the kids all ran out into the field to enjoy the snow.

Ichiro kissed me on the cheek and held me close, "Merry Christmas my Angel,"

I smiled warmly and placed my hands on his, "Merry Christmas to you too,"

Endor (Normal pov)

In the forest of Endor a large ship had crashed landed on the planet knocking down many large trees. Near the ship a figure was on the ground groaning. He slowly got up and picked up his hat. It was none other than the bounty hunter Cad Bane. He looked around and didn't see anyone. Bane sighed as he got up cracking his back a bit.

Bane checked the damage on his ship and knew he wasn't going anywhere, "That's the last time I take a job with those guys," Bane looks around the area, "On the bright side it seems no one is living here so I know it can't get any worst here,"

Suddenly hundreds of Ewoks appeared aiming their spears and arrows at Bane who groaned, "I hate everyone,"

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General drinks his tea - That Soul Scum had no right to show up. He didnt give a damn about my master.

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General - Okay, I will admit it is one of my favourite times of the year.

Carina B- But didnt you always get coal for Christmas?

General glared at her - Yes I did. But I also got a mountain of gifts from members of the Forever Empire.

Carina A - I asked Santa for a guitar

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