Written for the challenge posted on "December Third" for the forum Criminal Minds Weekly Prompts, Christmas/Winter Drabble Competition. The fic itself is 297 words.

Christmas Drabble Prompt: Christmas Tree Fake or Real

Winter Drabble Prompt: Warm Glow from Fireplace

I don't own anything from Criminal Minds, characters, episode, ect... except this story. Emily and Derek pre-established relationship. Derek and Emily are having a comfortable night on Christmas Eve, they give each their gifts to one another just before midnight. Little do they know this may just be their favorite Christmas ever.

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The warmth from the flames had immediately warmed them both up from the chilling outside weather and the glow of the fireplace cast just enough light for them to see. They were seated in front of their decorated tree, although a mess, the tree was beautiful because the rest of the team, including Alex, Beth, Kevin, Will, Jack and Henry helped put on the ornaments. It was Christmas Eve, 11:53 pm.

"Emily." Derek said softly. Emily turned her head from where it was looking out the window at the free falling snow to Derek's soft face.

"Yes Derek?" She smiled, showing off her beautiful facial features. He got up and Emily just looked at him questioningly. He heard her breath catch in her throat as he pulled out a black velvet bock from the right side of the tree. It had a string on it so it looked like an ornament. He knelt down on one knee.

"Emily Anastasia Prentiss, will you marry me?" He asked her as he opened the box to reveal a simple silver band with Emily & Derek3 carved on the outside.

"Yes." She whispered as he put the ring on her finger and they embraced in a warm hug.

"Ding Dong." The clock indicated that it was midnight. Emily rushed out of the room only to come back with a little box. She took a present from under the tree and handed it to her fiancé.

"Open it." Emily told Derek. He ripped the paper off and the lid of the box. He pulled out an infant sized football jersey that said number one Daddy on the front. He looked up to see Emily place a picture on the tree as an ornament. A sonogram picture.

"Merry Christmas Daddy." Emily told him.

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