Secret Powers

This is my first fanfiction! Yay! It's about Lucy and this isn't some damsel in distress story I hope you enjoy. This story will be in Lucy's P.O.V unless I say so.

Summary: Lucy is kicked off the team by a naïve Natus. In this story Lucy isn't going to go home to cry about it or leave some lame letter (I actually like the letter thing for some stories :P) Lucy leaves but what about these new powers and what will she do now? Will Team Natsu find her?

"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" I slammed my fist on my clock. "Ugh, I guess it's time to get ready." I got up and headed to the bathroom, where I took a shower. When I got out I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Waist lenth, Long blond hair and deep brown eyes, just like my mother. Unlike my mother I had intricate designs of vines, leaves, and tropical flowers going down my legs. (The tattoo is a greenish tint color.) I could never get rid of them nor could I show them off. I put on some faded jeans along with a light blue flowy top. 'Time to head to the guild.' I thought. 'I hope today's better than the last 3 months.'

Once I was in front of the guild I could hear sounds of yelling and crashing of tables and chairs. I've been pretty much ignored since Lisanna came back. I was ignored by everyone in the guild but Levy, Gajeel, Wendy, and Cana, Well Mira talked to me but only if I needed to order something or go on a job. "Morning everyone!" I yelled. No One looked up but my few friends. They waved me over. "Hey Lu-Chan." Greeted Levy. "Hey Lev." "Hey Bunny Girl." Gajeel smirked. "Juvia wishes Lucy a good morning." "Hey Nee-San!" Wendy said excitedly. "How's it goin' everyone?" "Good, You?" replied Levy. "Just swell." I answered Sarcastically. "They sure are bastards ignoring you just for that girl Lisanna." Commented Gajeel as he patted my head with a stoic face. "I don't have a problem with Lisanna, she seems nice, It's my use to be friends I have a problem with." "It's alright you have us Lucy." Said Juvia. "Thanks, I know…. I'm going to go get breakfast, be right back." Iwalked up to the bar and sat next to Cana, in my usual spot. "Morning Lucy." "Hey Cana, isn't it a little to early to be on your second barrel already?" I asked jokingly. "It's never to ear;y! Booze is wonderful no matter what time!" "Okay, Okay." I laughed holding my hands up in font of me. "Hey, Mira!" "Hello Oh, Lucy, I didn't see you there, can I get you something?" 'Of course you didn't see me.' I thought bitterly. "That's alright and yes, I'll take some bacon and eggs, please." I answered putting on a fake smile. "Coming right up." Mira answered walking away. Suddenly I felt a weight on my shoulder. "Hey Luce, we have something to talk to you about." Said Natus. 'He's finally talking to me after 3 months! If he thinks I'm going to be polite he has another thing coming!' "What do you want?" I asked with venom clearly in my voice. "Luce, Team Natus wants Lisanna on the team so… can you quit? Natsu asked sheepishly. At just those few words, I wanted to rip Natsu's head off.