Secrets and Secret Powers

Ch. 7

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Lucy's P.O.V~ At the Guild

Sting, Rouge, and I walked in the guild we sat down at a table in the corner, when Uncle Jiemma called for me. "Lucy, come here will you?" Uncle Jiemma called from the door of his office.

"Sure, Uncle Jiemma~!" I replied cheerily, I waved good bye to Sting, Rouge, Fro, and Lector. The guild was still pretty freaked out from the sudden niceness of their Master and Minerva, you could see it on they're faces. When I walked in Uncle Jiemma's office, Minerva was in their too. "Hey Min-chan~"

"Hey, LuLu!" Minerva replied smiling and hugging me.

"Lucy, we want to know… Your father… Why did you run away?" Uncle Jiemma asked. I looked at the floor, while biting my lip.

"Well you know about my powers… he rejected me for them and when mother died, didn't even try to love me… so when I was old enough, I ran away."

"Damn that man! I'm going to kill him! When the Rune Knights (I think that's what they're called.) find his body, he'll be unidentifiable, actually you know what?! There won't even be a body to find!" Min-chan started going on a rant while a dark aura of fury started to surround her.

"Calm down, Min-chan." I sweat dropped.

"Well, Lucy you can stay here as long as you like, we love you and remember that." Uncle Jiemma hugged me. I started crying silently.

"I love you guys so much… I'm glad you were here for me until dad wouldn't let you come near me…" I cried, being enveloped in a group hug consisting of Min-chan and Uncle Jiemma, with me being crushed in the middle, although, I didn't mind. After a while we separated and Min-chan and I, walked out of the office. Min-chan and I walked over to the table with Sting and Rouge sitting in, a girl sat with them whom, I didn't recognize. "Hey guys..." I waved, with a half-hearted smile from the earlier conversation.

"Hello, Lucy." Rouge replied.

"Oh, is this your girl friend Rouge~?" I teased, he was subtly (not) starting at the girl, she had light blue hair and brown eyes. Her hair was up to her chin and she was very pretty.

"N-No…" Rouge stuttered with a very light blush on his face.

"Sure~" I laughed.

"H-Hi, I'm Yukino…" The girl smiled at me and shook my hand.

"Hey, I'm Lucy!" I answered her smiling full force. "I heard you're a celestial mage, is that true?" I asked in awe. Celestial magic might not be my main magic, but I still love it with all my heart.

"Yep! What kind of mage are you?"

"I'm a Celestial mage too!" I answer her cheerfully.

"Really?! Which keys do you have?" Yukino asked with stars in her eyes.

"I have ten gold keys, and they are Cancer, Aquarius, Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Saittarius, Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, and Capricorn. The silver keys I possess are Crux, Horologium, Lyra, Nikora, Caelum, and Pyxis." I count off on my fingers.

"That's so many!" Yukino exclaimed, almost falling out of her seat. "I have Pisces, Libra, and Ophiuchus." I fell out of my seat at the last one.

"WHAT?!" I exclaimed, the Sting, Rouge and Min-chan now pulled away from they're conversations and stared at me. I ignored them and sat back down, next to Yukino. "I thought he was a legend!" I started freaking out in awe and disbelief. "You HAVE to show me!" I begged her grabbing on to her hands fiercely.

"Uh… I guess…" She answered nervously. I hugged her like a fan girl and started thanking her.

"What are you going on about tree hugger?" Sting asked, annoyed.

"Tree hugger?" I lifted my eyebrow in question.

"If I'm "Stingy-bee, than you are tree hugger." Sting answered simply.

"Don't let the forest here you call me tree hugger, they'll take offense, Stingy-bee~ And we were talking about celestial spirits and I found out that, Yukino here, has the legendary 13th key!" I exclaimed clasping my hands in front of me and staring off dreamily.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever…" Sting answers not really caring. I didn't take notice of his rude tone of voice; I was too busy day dreaming.

Natsu's P.O.V~

Lisanna has been ignoring me since Lucy left, Gajeel, Levy and Cana, have been glaring and wanting to kill me, while Juvia has been ignoring Gray for once and joining them, Wendy has just been sad and not talking to anyone besides Gajeel, Levy, Cana, Juvia, and Romeo. Worst thing of all these problems is I can't find Lucy anywhere, but I won't give up! I'll search, until I find her! I just need to get some jobs and hope she's there!

"Hey, Natsu, I have a question." I look up and there is Erza.

"hm?" I ask unenthusiastically.

"Why did you ask us to kick Lucy out?" She asks.

"Why do you ask?"

"You said for us to make it sound convincing so Lisanna could be on our team instead of Lucy, so I want to know why." Erza answered very seriously and if I don't answer her, I have no doubt she'll kill me.

"I want her to get stronger… I noticed she took solo missions a lot lately and I think she was mad at me, so I thought she wanted off of our team, but didn't want to tell us… So I asked her if she would quit." I reply.

"YOU IDIOT! I didn't think you were this stupid Natsu! She loved our team, that's why she left, she was probably fed up with us going on missions with Lisanna, and when you asked her to leave, that was the last straw!" Erza was seriously pissed and I started cowering in fear. Lucy didn't want to leave?! Seriously?! I thought that's why she didn't talk to us all that much and took solo missions all the time! Crap! I didn't mean to ignore her! I guess I got caught up with the return of my best friend… I shot up out of my seat and took a random mission.

"Mira! I'm going on this mission! Lucy could be where this mission is!" I yelled already heading towards the door.

"Okay, good luck! Bring her home…" Mira smiled sadly. The guild members started going to the board too.

"I'll help too!"

"Dance of searching!"

"Lets find Lucy!" was what you heard a lot of, well except for the dance thing that was only one person.

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