Never in a thousand years have I ever seen someone so innocent as this young boy. How can he see so much evil, then get up the next day as if nothing had ever happened?

You just can't traumatized the kid.

Or maybe the things that happen do bother him, but he's just really good at hiding it?

I've heard him speak his mind, pour out his heart, sound as if he's been around longer than me. He comes off as some goofy, unintelligent, naïve child; but smacks you in the face with his mature, clever, knowledgable side (when it counts).

Sometimes I'll watch as he fights, watching his noodle thin limbs strain against enemies much larger and stronger than him, yet he wins nine out of ten times. How?

The other day I caught him without his shirt and realized he does have muscle, lots of it; but his very nature and character, not to mention his choice of attire, hides it.

He was kind of embarrassed when I snuck up on him, I don't see why, he's very handsome. And Cosmic Owl save her, that boy's hair! People would kill for that golden mop, yet he hides it behind that silly white bear hat. I didn't even know he had hair, till I caught him swimming in the lake with his brother.

It wasn't till the Lich was brought back did I finally see him broken.

I felt all his fears, saw his deep sadness, when he came to see me to get away. "You're the only one who doesn't ask questions or push for answers" he said.

I said nothing on the matter; but I knew, he was scared past pissing himself. He almost lost it all.

When he saved me from Ash, I saw memories of him being pushed down into the mud, his long yellow hair yanked on mercilessly and called awful names. Yet he would simply stand up, brush off the offending mud and walk away, seemingly unhurt. The open door next to that memory showed the same Finn, dried mud and fresh bruises cake his fair skin, alone in the forest, in a small divit like cave, crying his pretty blue eyes out. A wave of sadness, anger and a strong sense of alone seeped out the door before I closed it.

I remember trying to stand and bumping my head from the effort, then seeing another open door that showed a baby singing in the mirror. I couldn't help but snicker, it was just like him.

He came out of nowhere and shut the door I was looking through. My eyes darted to the one where he cried, he just shrugged, but I saw the tortured understanding in his eyes.

I'm probably the only person in Ooo who understands what its like to be alone in the world. Although ,I know where I came from, I know where my people are, who my parents are; he doesn't.

He knows absolutely nothing of his kind, save the movies he watches and the books he reads.

No one can truly understand him, not even I, Marceline the Vampire Queen, sole heir to Night-O-Sphere.

All I can do is watch, learn and support my friend, the only person who puts my needs (and anyone elses needs) in front of his own.

The self-proclaimed hero, who naïvely strives to rid the world of evil.

The last human in Ooo.