"Ah!" Tony gasped. The after sun lotion wasn't working.
"Stop squirming! It's your fault you got burnt in the first place." Steve sighed, rubbing the gel over the tan back. They spent the day at the beach with the other Avengers, and though Steve constantly told Tony to put sunscreen on, Tony, being his usual self, did whatever he wanted. And that's why Steve and him were sitting in the lounge room, rubbing the aloe vera onto Tonys raw red back.
"Whatever." Tony replied grumpily. He winced in pain as Steve continued to rub it in.
"Tony, you've faced much worse than a little sunburn."
"Yes, but that was easier. Every time I move, my body aches with pain. It hurts so much." he whined. Steve just shook his head.
"Done with your back."
"Can you do the rest of me as well?" Tony asked turning round with smirk. He tried to mask the wince as he turned, but Steve heard it.
"No. You can easily do it yourself. And we are not having sex when you just said it hurts when you move any part of your body." Steve turned him down.
"Aww, is it because I'm so sunburnt that my skin is ugly and you don't find me attractive." Tony pouted again.
"No." Steve laughed. "I just explained it. Besides, it would make it even worse."
"Ugh, fine. You're no fun." He tried standing up, but the pin was too unbearable.
"Hey, about we have a movie marathon. We'll just fall asleep here, okay?" Steve smiled.
"That sounds nice." Giving Steve a quick peck on the lips, they both laid down as Tony said "JARVIS, play our horror movies." with a glance at Steve. The taller man groaned, and Tony just said "If I'm not getting any, We should at least watch what I want to."
"Fine. As long as I can cuddle with you if I get scared."
"Aww, Captain America, scared of a few special effects. Of course you can." And with that, the first movie started rolling.