First of all I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters from the series. That honor belongs to JK Rowlings. I am borrowing some of the characters to live in a special universe I am creating. This is AU people (Author Universe), it even has a name thanks to a suggestion from a friend. Harry will not be going off to Hogwarts and saving the world every year. He will get to have a childhood with his cousins, one by blood and one by heart.

Warning you ahead of time there will be spankings in this story, there will be talk of gay marriage and male pregnancy. It will have six main characters in it Sirius Black, Regulus Black, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter-Black, Draco Black and Neville Longbottom-Lupin.

The Arithmancy Professor is supposed to be a woman named Septima Vector, but I changed the character to a male named Septimus Vector.

Welcome to my Universe: Trouble Comes in Small Packages

Ch. 1 The Shocks Keep Coming

The year was 1986, the place Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry somewhere in Scotland. The Arithmancy Professor Septimus Vector was standing outside the door to the Headmaster's office when he heard the old man talking to either himself or the portraits. Instead of knocking as he intended he continued to listen, because he had heard the name Sirius Black, and he wanted to know what Dumbledore was saying about him.

"I know I probably shouldn't have done it, but it is for the Greater Good. Sirius Black had to go to prison even if he is innocent, because if he wasn't in Azkaban he would take custody of his son, Harry James Sirius Potter-Black, and I can't let that happen. The boy cannot be allowed to get too strong or confident. Living with magic hating muggles will make sure he is pliable enough for me to mold the way I want when he comes back to our world. He will see me as his saviour and do anything I ask of him in return. If anybody realized that Sirius Black and James Potter-Black were bonded soulmates they would know without a doubt Sirius could never have betrayed him without it costing him his own life. Bloody hell the man was the dominant and protector in their marriage after all. That's why I had to make sure he never received a trial, because if any of this came out he would be freed and he would take his son far away to protect him, and I can't ever let that happen."

The man listening outside the door was reeling from the shock of what he just heard. He very quietly made his way back down the spiraling stairs, past the gargoyle that guarded the Headmaster's office and straight to his own office. The man had never liked Dumbledore, but he had always thought he was a good man, but after what he just heard he knew all of that was nothing but figments of people minds. Nobody who was good could ever have condemned an innocent man to Azkaban, as it was Hell on Earth and to put a baby in an abusive home on purpose was just cruel and inhuman.

Sitting there in his shock he knew he was going to have to do something to rescue both of them, he knew he would never be able to live with himself if he didn't. He also knew he had to plan everything out and make sure he was not going to leave anything to chance as this would be like walking through a muggle mine field. It was dangerous and one wrong move would get not only him, but the two he wanted to rescue killed as well, and even if he was willing to die to save them, he wouldn't let them die, as he owed them both better than that. Maybe just maybe saving them would make up for the mistakes he had made in the past, and hopefully Sirius would forgive him if he could save him and his son from the horrors they were living.

Getting up he walked over to a bare wall opposite from the way into his private quarters. Putting up silencing charms and locking the door from the office with a spell he knew not even the Headmaster could get through without at least a five minute warning for him, he finally said, " R.A.B.'s sanctuary can be found on the north wall of the Arithmancy office."

When he finished a door appeared as if from thin air, opening it he walked into a very large room. On one side was a floor to ceiling set of shelves all filled with books, while on the opposite side was a half dozen cauldrons with enough potion supplies to make Severus Snape drool with longing. The room also held a bed, fireplace with a chair in front of it and a desk. As he set down at the desk and pulled some parchment to him he began to write out a plan of things he would need and to do before he could begin his rescue.

The first item on the list he wrote was:

1) Rescue the child first! (He knew Sirius would hex him into oblivion if he found out that he was rescued before his child from a terrible place like that.)

2) Get Sirius out of Azkaban! ( He knew he would have to help him escape as he had been sending letters to everybody in the Ministry since he had realized Sirius was in Azkaban, after all he had known Sirius would never have joined Voldemort.)

3) Have a place for them all to hide until they were able to get out of the country.

4) Have potions for all emergencies. (In adult and child-size portions.)

5) Have two bags with extension charms on them. One for everything needed for the rescues themselves, the other with everything they would need in their new lives.

6) Get Remus Lupin involved? ( He didn't know if he could trust him or not though. Should he take the chance he was still Sirius's friend or not? Hmm maybe I should wait and let Sirius make that decision.)

7) Get Sirius a new wand. ( His old wand was made from dogwood with dragon heartstring and I believe it was 11 and a half inches long, so I need one like that if possible.)

8) Scry using some of my blood to find out exactly where Harry is. (So I'll have to make a scrying potion.)

9) Have everything ready in two weeks when the summer holidays start. Let Dumbledore know I'm going traveling over the summer to cover my tracks.

10) Look through the old Black potions books to see if I can find something to help counter long term Dementor exposure.

Well that was a good start to the planning, but he got up to start brewing a potion to use for the scrying spell to find his nephew. He may have changed his attitude about a lot of things he learned in his youth, but one thing he knew for sure a Black did not deserve to be raised by magic hating muggles. He was going to rescue his nephew and the two of them would break Sirius out of Azkaban. Merlin, Sirius would probably kill him for taking his son to such a place, but he knew he didn't have any other options on that.

With that thought in mind he realized he would need to brew dreamless sleep potion for the child as well. He knew for a fact that Sirius would kill him if he exposed his son's mind to Dementors, and truthfully he wouldn't blame him. But he knew if he didn't have the child with him Sirius probably wouldn't trust him enough to even get out of that place, after the way he had treated him when they were younger. Plus he was supposed to be a dead man. And all that aside he didn't have anybody he would trust leaving the child with, even if he didn't need him to convince Sirius he was there to help them.

As soon as he had the two potions brewing he went to the shelves of books and took down everyone that had to do with potions. He started going through the oldest ones first, since he knew they had many potions mentioned in them that had been lost over time.

Five hours later he looked up with a bright smile on his face, he had went through one whole book and was halfway through the second when he found just what he needed, a potion to clear the mind of all Dementor effects. It would have to be taken over a period of time for long term exposure, two doses a day for a week for each year. Sirius had been locked up almost five years so he would need five weeks worth of potion, but he would make sure he had six weeks to be on the safe side.

He went to check the ingredients and was happy to see he had enough to make all of the potions he would need. He was really grateful for that since it would take a week for the potion to be done. So he started two batches brewing knowing he would have plenty to help Sirius put Azkaban behind him with no ill effects.

All of a sudden he realized how tired he was, checking a tempus spell he realized it was four A.M. so he finished all he needed to do for the potions at the moment and went out of his sanctuary and into his office. Taking down the wards he had put up he headed off to bed for a few hours of sleep. He was so exhausted he didn't even take off his clothes just threw himself down on top of the covers and went to sleep.

Hours later the man was awoken from a sound sleep by the sound of a pop in his room, sitting up and looking around for the noise he noticed a house elf wearing a tea towel toga style with the Hogwarts crest on it.

"What are you doing here?"

"Dipsy is sorry Professor Vector Sir, but Professor McGonagall wanted Dipsy to make sure youse was alright since youse didn't come to breakfast, Sir."

"I missed breakfast?" he asked, while casting tempus again and he noticed it was now eight A.M. "Wow, I guess I did. Please tell Professor McGonagall I'm fine, I just stayed up too late reading and overslept this morning."

As the elf popped away, he couldn't help thinking how glad he was that today was Saturday. He had all weekend to get working on acquiring the things he would need. He would need to make a trip to Knockturn Alley to get an unregistered wand for Sirius truthfully he should probably pick up another wand for him as well. Come to think of it he should get two for Sirius and get them both a couple of wand holsters. They were going to have to fight their way out of Azkaban after all.

He would also need to make a trip to muggle London, since he would need to get information on traveling like a muggle for when they leave the country. Wait a minute... he remembered seeing a muggle woman wearing something that she held her baby in so she could have her arms free. He needed to find something like that for carrying the boy in, it would probably need enlargement and a sticking charm, but it would make it easier to cast his Patronus and use his other hand for unlocking Sirius's cell without dropping the kid. For some reason he didn't think Sirius would appreciate him dropping his child. He couldn't help smiling in spite of the fact dropping a kid wasn't funny, but he could see Sirius in his mind yelling at him for doing such a stupid thing. For the love of Salazar, he couldn't believe how much he missed Sirius, but even the thought of him yelling at him made him happy. Hell he would take him yelling at him or even hexing him silly, if it meant he got to spend time with his big brother again. Sirius had been the only person who had truly loved him, and he couldn't believe how stupid he had been to push him away like he had. Come on Regulus, you need to concentrate right now Sirius and his son need you.

This was going to be nigh on impossible to break into a prison with a five or was he six years old? Then he had to break a man out of a high security area who probably hated him. Well he was just going to have to make it happen, and hopefully he would get to have some of his family back.

While still thinking about that he got up and got ready to face his day. He would check on his potions and then let McGonagall know he was going to Diagon Alley for the day. There was no way he was going to let Dumbledore know, because he didn't think he had enough willpower right now to stop himself from wringing the old man's neck if he got close to him at the moment.

An hour later Professor Vector was to be found knocking on the Deputy Headmistress's door, at the command to enter he found himself looking into the face of his colleague Minerva McGonagall.

"Good Morning Minerva. Thanks for sending house elf to wake me up. I can't believe I overslept."

"That is okay Septimus, I was just worried about you as you never missed a meal before, but you didn't have to come here to explain as Dipsy did."

"Actually that is not why I'm here for. I wanted to inform you I will be out of the castle today as I have some errands to run in Diagon Alley."

"Oh that is fine, since it is Saturday. Enjoy your time away."

"Thank you! Is there anything I can pick up for you while I'm out?"

"Oh if you wouldn't mind picking me the newest copy of Transfiguration today, I would appreciate it."

"That's no problem. But before I go I want to inform you that after reading last night I have decided to travel over the summer holidays so I wanted to give you notice I won't be in the castle this summer. I will be leaving after the students leave for the train on the last day."

"I'll make sure to put it in your file and let the Headmaster know."

"Thanks Minerva. I will see you later with your magazine."

A short time later found the man outside the Hogwarts' wards and he Apparated straight to Diagon Alley not far from Gringotts. He decided he would go and withdraw as much of his money as he could without actually closing his account. He knew that the Black accounts would have enough money to let them live in luxury for the rest of their lives without really making a dent in the vaults, but he also knew that his Grandfather Arcturus Black had never changed Sirius from being the Heir to the Black fortune and title. No matter what his Mother had told Sirius when he ran away.

He also knew how the pureblood laws worked. Since Sirius had never received a trial he was Lord Black, the Head of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. He would also be Lord Potter Consort of the Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter, as the widower of the last Lord Potter. Nothing could change that no matter what Dumbledore thought. Maybe the man was too stupid to know such things since he wasn't from a Noble and Ancient House, but all Sirius had to do was come to Gringotts and they would have to do what he said when it came to the Black and Potter accounts. He needed to make sure they did that after he rescued Sirius, because between the two oldest and richest families still in existence in the wizarding world they had enough properties that they would be able to find as safe haven for them to hide out in some other country.

With a bag full of all his money but a handful of knuts the man snuck down a side alley to put a glamour on so he wouldn't be recognized in Knockturn Alley. This wasn't as easy as it normally would be since the man was already wearing a very strong glamour that could only be removed with a potion. It was a something else he had found in one of the old Black family books. The books he had snuck into Grimmauld Place and took as soon as he was healed enough from his adventures to be able to get in and out without detection. Not wanting to remember how close he had come to dying he pushed the thoughts of his adventures from his mind and headed off to take care of more important things.

Stepping into Knockturn Alley brought back memories of the way things used to be, memories that made him glad that he had finally wised up and put that life behind him. Walking past the shops that were so obviously full of dark magical items and unsavory characters, he was thankful that nobody could tell who he was, not his real identity or his alias. Finally stepping into the side alley on the other side of Borgin and Burke's he saw the shop he was looking for. It was a nondescript kind of shop that most people overlooked, but he knew it was really the only place to really furnish everything he would need down here. The sign over the door read Magical Needs, there was no display window or any advertisements since this shop's customers only knew about it's worth by word of mouth. Anything needed to perform magic was to be found in the shop even though it looked tiny, as long as you knew the truth you could walk away with anything, whether it be light or dark and it would never reach the ears of either side.

Stepping into the shop he noticed the owner behind the counter, there were no other customers in the place which he was glad to see, but truthfully he had never been in the shop when he wasn't the only customer at the time. It made him wonder if there was some spell to guarantee that would happen. If so he was grateful, because it made getting illegal things so much easier.

"Hello Jones." He knew this really wasn't the man's name, but it was the only name any of his customers were ever told.

"Welcome Smith." This was the name he called everybody who walked through those doors, as Regulus very well knew. It was a way for the man to protect both himself and his customers, and this made the man's shop even more important to those that knew of its existence and the service they would be provided there.

"How can I help you today?"

"I need a few things but first of all I need three unregistered wands. Two of them I need to be as close to this description as possible, since the owner is not available at the moment to try them out, they need to be made from dogwood with a dragon heartstring core and close to 11 and a half inches long. I can test other wands for the third wand as it is to be a back up wand for me. I will also need four wand holsters with all the charms on them needed to keep them and the wands from being tampered with."

"Alright, anything else," Jones asked as he walked down an aisle where he stopped and opened a box that looked like the shape to hold one wand. But Regulus showed no surprise when the man put his whole arm into the box and pulled out about twenty wands.

"Yes I also need a seven compartment trunk with all the works."

"We'll get to your trunk in a minute but here are two wands made from dogwood and dragon heartstring, the first one 11 and a half inches and the other is 12 and a half inches long. I have a couple of others larger than this, but I think these will be your best bet to work for the same person as the core from both wands came from the same dragon and the wood came from the same tree. And I think you should try this one for yourself. I think it would suit you perfectly."

Taking the wand in his hand he felt the sensation that he had a perfect match to his magic. Truthfully he could feel a closer connection to this wand than he could to the one he had gotten when he was eleven years old from Ollivander's.

"What is it made of?"

"Dogwood with a thestral hair, 12 inches." He answered putting the other wands back and closing the box. He then moved to a box a couple of spaces down and opened it to pull out four dragonhide wand holsters. They were in four different colors, silver, green, red and a gold one.

Regulus was so use to this kind of service from the man he didn't even bother asking why he chose those colors. It was like he knew two were for a Gryffindor and two for a Slytherin. He sometimes wondered if the man was a seer as he always had available what you needed, no matter what it was you wanted.

"The trunk then," the shop owner asked.

"Yeah, I need the first compartment set up like a regular trunk but with an extension charm for clothes big enough to hold a dozen full wardrobes, second compartment will be a storage area for food and such things with cold storage and stasis charmed cupboards large enough to hold supplies for a dozen people for a year, third compartment will be a potion lab big enough for a dozen people to use if necessary, fourth will be a library large enough to hold at least ten thousand books, fifth is to be a training and dueling room again large enough for a dozen people to use comfortably, sixth will be an apartment with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, sitting area again large enough for a dozen people to be comfortable and a study with two large desks, half dozen armchairs and a fireplace with floo connections available if needed, and last compartment will be a large outside area. There should be a small wooded area with a little lake, a Quidditch pitch and a playground area, maybe even a treehouse for four kids comfortably. I think that will be all, but it should be able to be blood warded. If it needs anything else I will add it myself later."

The shop owner didn't even blink twice at the description, but just asked, "Do you want that so only somebody of the same blood can get in then?'

"No I want it that anybody added to the wards will have to have their blood added. They don't have to be related as long I as I add them personally," he answered, while thinking about Remus Lupin, if Sirius wanted to bring his friend along he wanted to make sure the man was safe too. He was going to do anything to make his big brother happy, the man had suffered enough thanks to two evil men, and even if he personally didn't like Lupin he knew Sirius did and that was what mattered.

When he finally brought his mind back to the shop he saw that Jones had moved over to the next shelf and was opening a box the size of a hat box, again the man put his whole arm in and when he pulled it out he was holding a ring box size trunk that was black with red and gold trim on it. Sitting it on the floor he tapped it with his wand and it grew to be the size of a normal sized school trunk.

"I think this will have everything you asked for," he stated opening it to show the first compartment. Touching a button on the right hand side he said, "this button when tapped will change from one wardrobe to the next, and you can just give a quick tap the number of the wardrobe you want to come up. Like if you have six people and you want the fifth one's wardrobe you tap five times quickly and it will go right to that wardrobe without having to go to each one."

"I like that idea," Regulus said impressed.

"While you check out the trunk is there anything else you need?

"Here is a list of potion ingredients I need to restock. I also need a man's wardrobe, my size a half dozen of everything from underpants to robes, a pair of dragonhide men's boots size eleven I think, but make everything resizable to a couple sizes each way to be on the safe side."

With that he stepped into second compartment of the trunk, every compartment was available through a staircase from the inside even the wardrobe one. He could not believe how much it fit what he had asked for even the color scheme was again a combination Gryffindor and Slytherin colors. It truly was as if the shop owner had known he was coming and what he wanted before he got here. The thing that really shocked him though was until he walked into the shop he had no plans to buy a trunk, as he was just going to make a second bag for everything they would need to get their new life started, but after he got here he thought it would make more sense to have a trunk they could actually live in if they were on the run. How could he have possibly had the perfect trunk all ready for him then?

"It's perfect, I"ll take it."

"I thought you might," the man smirked. "Just prick your finger on the Grim on the lid and it will set to you and then all you do to add others is prick your finger again before you have them prick theirs, that way the trunk will know you are adding them, if yours isn't done first it will shock anyone who tries to set theirs to the trunk now."

"Thanks that will work perfectly."

"Here are your other items."

He could not believe when he saw the clothes, it was like the man knew exactly who they were for. Everything was something he knew Sirius would have picked out for himself, from the black robes with gold stitching to the briefs, not boxers mind you but briefs, with the gold snitches on them.

Looking at Jones he exclaimed with emotion in his voice, "Thanks he will love them."

"No problem. Is that all?"

"Actually I need two of the newest brooms you have."

Again the man walked down another aisle and opened a box that was about the size of a cane, and he then brought out two of the sweetest looking brooms Regulus had ever seen. They were a rich cherry wood color with silver letters saying Nimbus 1900 on the handle.

He couldn't help himself when he almost squealed out, "WOW!" At least he hoped it didn't actually sound like a squeal, but from the look on Jones's face he was pretty sure he did actually squeal.

"Newest broom, won't be out on the open market until July, from that reaction can I take it to mean you want them?"

"Oh yes please," he almost begged. He had no idea how much money it was going to cost him but he was getting those brooms.

"Anything else?'

"No just the bill," he knew if he didn't watch it he wouldn't get out of this store with any money to spend in the muggle world. He still had to get that baby contraption to hold his nephew, and muggle clothes for him and Sirius. He couldn't get any clothes for his nephew until he knew what size to get him, since he wasn't use to kids that little. After paying the man what seemed like half his money he decided to get Minerva's magazine from Flourish and Blotts before heading into muggle London. He just hoped he had exchanged enough galleons for muggle money.

Leaving Knockturn Alley he again walked down a side alley and removed the extra glamour, and after a quick trip to the bookshop he was on his way into London. He didn't know much about the place as he had only spent his time recuperating there, but when he found a store that seemed to sell everything he felt like it was a good sign.

He saw signs that stated different departments, so heading to the one that said men's clothes he bought about a dozen outfits. He figured half for Sirius and half for him. But the shirt that said I'm too sexy for my body was definitely for his big brother. It seemed like it was made with his attitude in mind. Just as he was ready to leave the men's department and head to where it said infants and toddlers, he saw something he just had to have. Not only for Sirius, but he wanted one too, they were leather jackets just like the one Sirius use to wear in his seventh year. Grabbing two of them before he changed his mind he went to look for that baby contraption. It would definitely make it easier if he knew what they were called, since there were sells people all over asking if they could help you.

After walking up and down every aisle he finally found them. Oh great now he knew it was called a child carrier. He picked out the biggest one for using in the front, even though he noticed they had some to carry on you back for bigger kids, he was afraid the child would be hurt if somebody hexed him from behind without him being able to see, so he stuck with the smaller version, knowing he would just enlarge it.

As he was finally done shopping for the day he noticed a table full of stuffed toys, he had no idea what caught his eye as he no intention of buying toys right now, but he felt himself drawn to that table and he was shocked when he saw a foot long Grim looking dog. He hadn't known they could find that in a muggle shop, but as he started to walk away something made him turn around and pick it up again. Hell with it, he was going to buy it for his nephew, even though Sirius would probably hex him for buying his son such a scary animal.

Leaving the store and heading back to the Leaky Cauldron so he could Apparate back to Hogsmeade and get back to the castle before dinner time since he hadn't eaten all day. He was thankful that he had plenty of money to pay for his purchases. He couldn't help being glad he noticed a travel agency before he got to the Leaky Cauldron, he was shocked he had almost forgotten to get information on muggle traveling.

Finally after getting information on traveling on ship cruises and something called an aeroplane , he was finally ready to get back. He now remembered why he hated shopping so much. He had never spent so long shopping in his life.

Later on that night after a great dinner and making sure that his potions were tended too, he set up the trunk in his hidden sanctuary and started moving his books and potion ingredients in to the right compartments, before heading off to bed only slightly earlier than the night before.

One week later Regulus Black was once again standing in his special sanctuary. He was now finishing up all of the potions he needed, with the exception of the glamour potions he would need for all of them. They would be done in two more days. Looking around he couldn't believe how much this room had changed everything but the potions he was finishing up was packed away in his new trunk. Only an armchair and a side table were out here so he could sit while working on his potions he had already started before he bought the trunk. The last potions were in the potion lab in the trunk brewing.

He cut his hand and added thirteen drops of his own blood into the potion in front of him. It was his scrying potion to help him find his nephew. Thankfully they shared blood or he was sure that he would be spending all summer looking for the kid. He stirred the potion seven times clockwise and three times counterclockwise before extinguishing the flames.

While it was cooling he went into the trunk to get the map of Great Britain and the pendant with the Black Family crest on it. He walked through every compartment taking in how it looked. He had noticed the potions lab was completely stocked and that the storage area was stocked now. He had sent a couple of house elves to buy the food, but told them not to tell anybody. Hopefully if Dumbledore asked them about things like that he would just think he was getting food for his trip, thinking he was going to rough it. His books were in the library, and he even owl ordered the newest books to come out as well. Thankfully the dueling and exercise room had come fully loaded as had the apartment. He hadn't even had to buy blankets. And the last compartment was always a perfect summer day with a slight breeze blowing through the trees. Heck there was even a sandbox and a couple of tire swings. It really was a home away from home.

Back in the sanctuary he spread the map out on the table, before bottling all but a little of the scrying potion. This he dropped the pendant in, since it had to be immersed in the potion for five minutes before he could scry for his nephew. He only had to wait six more days before the term was over and that very night he was going to rescue his nephew, they would stay in the trunk as close to Azkaban as they could get without being in danger from the Dementors or being found, and the next night they would rescue Sirius. He was going to have family again family that hopefully would want him to be part of their lives.

Taking the pendant out of the potion he walked over to the map pulled out his wand and while holding the potion soaked pendant above the map he said, "show me the place where the Black son's son is, show me the place where the Black son's son is, show me the place where the Black son's son is, as he finished saying this for the third time the pendant starting moving and to his shock a drop of the potion landed not once but twice on the map. Looking closer he saw one drop was on a spot called Little Whinging in Surrey, but his jaw dropped in surprise when he saw that the other drop was on a place he recognized. It was exactly where Malfoy Manor was. What the bloody hell was going on? Did he do it wrong? The only born Black there was Narcissa and he definitely remembered saying the son's son, not daughter.

Cleaning the pendant and map he placed the pendant back in another batch of the potion and waited five more minutes before repeating the process. To his shock he saw that it had the exact same results.

Sitting down with his head in his hand he tried to figure out what this could mean. There were only three people who lived in Malfoy Manor, Lucius who he knew wasn't a Black, Thank Salazar for that small mercy, Narcissa who was all female as he knew from personal experience, though he hadn't planned on getting that personal with her, and Narcissa's son, who he believed was named Draco. The boy had been born while he was recuperating from his adventures and after that he had never had the opportunity to see the child, as nobody could know he was still alive.

So that meant the only person that could mean was Draco, now he knew there were only five male Blacks alive when Narcissa got pregnant. His Grandfather, Father, Narcissa's Father, Sirius and himself. Now he knew his family was into incest, but he couldn't see any of the older three having an affair with Cissy. And Sirius was evidently already married to his soulmate at the time, and Regulus knew cheating on a soulmate meant instant death, which left one suspect? Oh Merlin, that one time, it was an accident! It wasn't supposed to happen! How can this be? Oh sweet Salazar, I'm a Father? No, no, no! I'll do the scrying again. This is a mistake.

Getting up he once again cleaned the pendant and map, before dropping the pendant in another batch of the scrying potion. But while he was waiting he started thinking about the one time he had been with Cissy.

It was right after he had found out about the Dark Lord's horcruxes. He knew that Lucius had been given a diary, while Bella was given a cup to hide when he was asked to borrow a house elf. After Kreacher's escape from that cave he realized what was going on, knowing how despicable of a thing a horcrux was he did some research and realized that, that vile man had made more than one and he set out to destroy them. He tricked Bella into taking him to her vault where he had changed a copy for the real thing. He had done his homework and found out through A Wizarding Guide to Genealogy that Voldemort was related to the Gaunts and found the shack where his relatives came from. He had found a ring there that was a horcrux and switched a fake for the real thing. He had heard the man mention once that he had hid something at Hogwarts in a special room. The idiot thought he was the only one to ever find that room, while he found it in his third year and knew how it worked. All he had to do was go ask for a room where he could find the horcrux of Lord Voldemort. That had been the easiest one to get.

He knew the man was going to make six of the vile things, but while listening to him tell Snape once that he was waiting for the perfect opportunity to finish his measures to become immortal, he was in no doubt that one was still not done, so one night he snuck into Malfoy Manor when Lucius was on a job for his master to get the diary, while putting a copy in its place. Everything had been going perfect when he was caught by Cissy as he was leaving. She was covered in bruises and welts he remembered. He had never thought he would feel sorry for her as she had always been snooty, acting like she was better than everybody else.

He remembered holding her while she cried, she told him how cruel and sadistic Lucius was that he was the one to leave all of those marks on her. He offered to heal them, but she told him if they were healed when Lucius came back he would give her double the amount. He offered to help her escape but she again asked him not too, as she knew that Lucius would find her and kill her slowly if she left. While he was comforting her one thing led to another and before he could stop where it was going he had sex with his own cousin, while he tried to apologize she told him that she wasn't sorry it was the first time she had known sex could be enjoyable. She thanked him profusely before he left for letting her know that sex could be fun for a woman too.

Two days later he had Kreacher to take him to get the locket horcrux in the cave. He obliviated Kreacher from what really happened, making the elf think he watched him being dragged under the lake by Inferi before he had Apparated away with a fake horcrux to destroy. Regulus had also left a fake one in the bowl for Voldemort to find someday, but right there in that cave he destroyed all five horcruxes and an army of Inferi with Fiendfyre. The problem was it got out of his control and almost got him before he Apparated away himself, if the Fiendfyre hadn't messed with the wards Voldemort put on the place he would never have gotten out of there. It still almost killed him, but two years and some months later he woke up in a muggle hospital, having been in what they called a coma all of that time.

It was the fifth of January, 1982 and it took him six months before he was able to really get back to the magical world. By then Sirius had been locked in Azkaban for nine months. He started sending out letters telling anybody and everybody that Sirius Black was not a Death Eater and they had locked away an innocent man, but it did no good and now he knew it was Dumbledore's fault that it didn't work. He hadn't known that then so he had used the special glamour potion and headed off to teach Arithmancy at Hogwarts.

Looking at his watch he realized it was time to do the scrying again, even though he was beginning to feel like he knew the last two weren't a mistake.

Five minutes later he was still staring blankly at the map showing once again the two locations of the newest Black boys. He could not wrap his mind around the fact that he was a father, especially with the mother being Narcissa. Sirius was going to laugh his arse off over this. The only thing could have made this worse was if Bellatrix was the mother. He shuddered at the thought of having sex with her it was bad enough that he had with Cissy. Hell he hadn't been with a woman since then, because that one time had scarred him for life. Hell he might just take a leaf out of Sirius's book and become gay at least he could have sex again.

Now what was he going to do? He remembered how sadistic Cissy said Lucius was what if his own child was also in an abusive home. He knew Cissy would love the child, but he knew if Lucius found out that the child wasn't his he would kill him. He was going to have to rescue his son too.

Pinching the bridge of his nose while shaking his head, he was wondering just when he was going to be able to do that. He had everything planned out, and if he went and got his son first then he would have to be taking two children to free Sirius. It was going to be difficult enough with one child two would be impossible, and he knew he had to have Harry for Sirius to at least listen to him, so he still had to get Harry first. Hopefully Sirius would help him get his son too, since he was giving Sirius back his own child.

He was shaking his head at the thought of them having two little boys with them while on the run. They were going to have their hands full, especially since neither child knew they were their fathers, and truthfully they were both probably abused.

Awe he was going to have to go to Hogsmeade and pick up another stuffed animal. He couldn't have a toy for his nephew and not one for his own son. He wondered what he should get his son, maybe a dragon since his name was Draco. That sounded good. He cleaned up his scrying equipment and headed out to go to bed, later while lying in his bed he couldn't help wondering what his son was like, if he would be happy knowing he was his father. He hoped so, because one thing he was sure of, he was not leaving his child to be raised by Lucius Malfoy now that he knew he was his child. He went to sleep with a smile on his face knowing that even if Sirius wouldn't help him he would be rescuing his son very soon too.