Chapter 1


The Queen didn't know what happened. One moment She was alone on her throne in the Main Hive on Char, the next, it was like a Terrans concussive flash-bang had gone off. Since She was in the Hive and there wasn't really any dust to settle, She only had to wait a few moments to see what had happened. The zerg around her, sensing her startlement, had rushed in to defend their Queen. Seeing the supposed menace, however, She held them at bay.

What lay in the middle of the floor was a young terran boy, roughly into his twenties. Small, at least in comparison to any other terrans his age She'd met or killed, he had short, fine brown hair stylized rather like Jim's, and had a somewhat pale complexion. He wore short green shorts that looked more for swimming than anything, and a slightly overlarge off-white t-shirt.

And he was sleeping. Or at least he was; it seemed his sudden change in surroundings was starting to wake him up.

'Good.' If the boy was awake just then, he'd be absolutely terrified by the evil sadistic grin She had just then. 'I want to know what the hell he's doing here. Mabey I'll give him to Abathur to play with later. If he survives.'

The boy was sitting up now, yawning and rubbing his face with his hands. She found this mildly irritating, that a mere human would act so casually in front of Her of all beings. Her irritation was passed to the swarm and they started hissing, shrieking and growling all around the room.

'Now let's see him yawn.' She thought with smug satisfaction. She felt a presence to either side of her, though She knew exactly who they were. Apparently piqued by their Queen's vexation, Abathur and Izsha had come to see the source of it.

The boys head jerked up, eyes now wide open. "What the fuck?" he looked around in confusion. Abruptly his voice went slightly higher and, fake-scottish? "How the blood soaked protestant Hell did I get here?" His voice changed again, deep and resonant this time, as he apparently answered his own question before She could respond. "Fuck you that's how!" He closed his eyes and chuckled at his own quip, rather darkly too, She thought, though with complete enjoyment.

This boy was starting to be at once infuriating and extremely puzzling. Anyone with a brain would be terrified to suddenly find themselves in the very center of zerg power. Yet this barely-a-man, boy was joking about it!

"Wait a minute!" he looked around again, more intently this time, at the Zerg surrounding him this time. His eyes widened again. Oh, it seemed he hadn't quite gotten just where he was before. 'He must've been in shock', She supposed. "What... the... hell?" His voice had gone slow, soft, and quiet now, as if more in contemplation than fear.

The Queen had had enough. She got up and strode toward the boy, slowly. her supposedly silent movement was somehow quite readily picked up upon by the boy, as he immediately swiveled his head to face her. His eyes went even wider.

'Goood. He finally see's the position he's in' She thought smugly.

"Kerrigan?!" His voice was higher again, She noted. He still sat there, stunned. he looked around again, wildly this time, at all the angry zerg around him. "I'm in StarCraft? On Char? What the hell am i doing on Char? Scratch that! What hell am i doing in a fantasy world?!" A pause, a breath, a smirk and a snort, and an almost exact repeat of his earlier answer to himself, "Fuck you that's what!" Then he froze. Stone stiff with eyes glazed over. In a hushed voice now, "wait a minute. I'm on Char!"

Was that amazement in his voice?! No. She had to be mistaken. But looking at the boy now, She wasn't so sure. He was staring around now again, slowly, in wonder at the zerg.

'This boy is insane' She was quite thoroughly convinced of that fact now. The boy had stumbled to his feet while looking around, so as to get better angles view at her zerg seemingly. He laid eyes on a hunter killer by the throne behind her and his face lit up with amazed glee. Before She even realized what had happened he had disappeared and from in front of her and sprinted up to the over grown Hydralisk! The only thing that saved him from being slaughtered on the spot was her stunned astonishment, passed on to the others through the Hive mind.

"HOLY HELL! HYDRALISK!" His voice had risen in pitch again. "Wait. Noo. Your too big for a Hydra. Hunter Killer then." He was practically bouncing and shouting by now. He had by then grabbed it's scythe covered arm and was feeling it's carapace! Had this boy no brain at all! Then, to everyone's astonishment, and the Hunter Killer's further, he put his left hand to the foremost blade, and, with very little hesitation, though there was some, stabbed it through his palm!

'What in the name of the Xel'Naga is wrong with this boy!'

His response to his injury was hearteningly sane. Somewhat. He recoiled in pain, clutching his wrist and shrieking in agony, very zergishly too, She thought on some level.

After he seemed to have screamed himself out, he took a few steadying breaths, and literally roared "yyYYEEESSSSSSS!" Laughing hysterically! The Queen actually took a step back from pure astonishment as the boy looked straight at her, eyes shining, and hissed hoarsely and fiercely, "It's not a dream! hI-hIt's not a drea-heam! It's Real!"

"HWhat?!" This was wrong. This wasn't right. People weren't supposed to run up to her Elite Guard and impale themselves by choice and be glad of the ensuing pain! They were supposed to look at her with fear and trembling, or stand up in a brave yet futile attempt to face her down, or even more futilely to kill her! She didn't know how to respond to this! She was The Queen of Blades Dammit!

Her reeling mind was brought back to focus as the boy knelt in front of her, as one would to a queen. "My Queen," He said reverently, beseeching, "Let me join you. Will you make me a zerg?"