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And so, Without further adieu, The Next Chapter in the Queen's Subject

Chapter 7

Here's Xarozel

Let's see, where to go? where to go? hmm... Meinhoff? ~ooh~


Jim Raynor was having a really bad week right now. First, he finds out Sarah's back on the attack, then he finds out from some mystery informant that his new associate Tosh isn't all he claims (though, in his his favor, Tosh did pretty readily fess up a bit about what the informant was talking about), then he gets word from Ariel that there's some kind of outbreak on the refugee planet Meinhoff. To make matters worse, it seems Sarah decided to say hello on the way there and sent a small flock of mutas and brood lords.

There was something odd about it though. Matt recognizing the greater threat the brood lords promised and knowing them to be rather vulnerable to heavy fire, focused fired on them first. Only, it seemed only half the shots that weren't intercepted by muta interference made it through. And then, to Jim's consternation, they all retreated! They had only attacked for close to three minutes before they all left! If there was one thing Jim really knew how to do, it was fight Zerg (among many other talents, but those aren't relevant right now), and zerg did not retreat when they could still fight, unless they were performing a very specific task. And that was bad, cause he had no idea what the objective was, so he couldn't even prepare effective countermeasures.

He sighed as he entered the bridge over the planet Meinhoff, they had arrived shortly after the attack. "Matt, I want everyone on full alert. Do a full sweep of the ship. Something ain't right here and we need to know what it is."

"Yes'sir." Jim watched as his Fleet Commander, personal friend, and adviser worked his magic getting everything going. He was still amazed at how effective he was fleet commandment at only 30. Jim was still amazed at the luck he'd had to snag Matt as such a loyal friend and follower.

"All set sir." Matt gave him a nod in salute.

"Good man, Matt. Give Doc a call up here would you? We need to know what's going on down here before we can just run in and help." He said as he stared down at the readouts on the center console.

"No need Matt, I'm already here." Came a reply from the door as Dr. Hanson walked in.

"Perfect timing." Jim said with a slight smile at her, keying up the info that they'd managed to gleen from the planet below.

"So what're we lookin at Doc?"

"Our readouts indicate some kind of, bio-infestation is spreading through the refugee camps. Even the buildings are being covered by it." Her voice went soft towards the end, her distress clearly evident.

"Aw hell! As if things weren't bad enough this week already! I've seen this kinda thing before. It's a zerg virus. All we can do is burn it out." Jim said regretfully, his distaste at being unable to save anyone here just as clear as her distress.

"Every one of those infested buildings has to be destroyed."

"But, where are all the people?" Her concern was unfortunately answered when the screen showed multiple, things, coming up from the ground.

"Oh no! Those, things, are infested refugees?! This a nightmare."

"Yeah. This aint good at all." The silence that followed briefly was sobering.

"It looks like, they burrow underground by day, and emerge only at night. The virus must make them vulnerable to the high UV output of Meinhoff's star!"

"Then we'll hit the infested buildings by day, and protect out base at night." He looked at her with reassurance.

"Don't worry Doc. We'll contain this thing."


"Well, that could have gone worse. I think we did alright down there, all things considered. Well Ariel, found a world for your people yet?" Jim was rather relieved at the relatively small losses incurred during the day/night raids on Meinhoff.

"Yes! An unclaimed planet called Haven. It's near the edge of Protoss Space, but, it seems safe enough."

"Well, it'll have to do. Your people need to lay low for awhile."

"Aren't either of you worried the colonists might be infected?" Matt interjected. The ease his commander showed after the success of the mission seemed somewhat premature in his eyes.

"How could you even suggest that!? They're perfectly healthy!" Ariel was understandably irate at the thought that they were ferrying what amounted to a pandemic bomb across system.

"Ah. I fear, Dear Doctor, that you are quite mistaken on that."

WARNING! ZERG BIO-SIGNATURE DETECTED ON COMMAND DECK! The ships adjutant sounded over the loudspeaker, alerting everyone on the ship to the threat onboard.

Jim, Matt, Ariel, and everyone else on the command deck (it needs a crew to function after all) all started and swerved around, guns drawn (everyone on board was required to carry at least a basic firearm at all times in case of such emergencies), trying to find the source of the mysterious voice.

What they saw was something Jim had never, in all his years of fighting the zerg, ever seen before, a fact he found altogether horrifying.

There, next to the window by the main door, was what looked like a living cloud of bugs, so dense in places you couldn't see through to the window on the other side. However, what was even more disturbing was that the cloud was coalescing into a human figure, though only in the barest sense of shape. It was like a faceless mannequin made of bugs. Once formed, it seemed to breath in and stretch, as if testing it's limits, a trait compounded when it brought it's hand up to look at flexing its fingers as if to make sure they worked. It was then that features began to actually take form, thought he didn't much like how the thing went about it. Two eyes shown from it's face, red on the left, green on the right, and everyone other than Matt, Ariel, and himself seemed to go into a trance and go back to their seats, unconscious. At the same moment, he felt something enter his mind, not unlike those few times Sarah had spoken to him in his head before Tarsonis. And there, before their eyes, the glowy-eyed-mass-of-bugs-in-human-shape turned into an infested terran the likes of which he had only seen in one other, Sarah.

But this was most certainly not Sarah. The man before them stood proud at 6' high with a kind of carapace uniform consisting of a 'split-tailcoat' with a high 'collar' and squared off 'tassled' shoulders with small zerg-dreads making the tassles. Of course, it was entirely evident that he was no more wearing the suit then Sarah was wearing high-heels, it was simply part of his skin.

It was at this point that the individual before grinned in joviality and swept them all a courtly bow.

"Greetings! I am Xarozel of Her Majesties Swarm. Please take care of me!"


HAHAHA! And that's why he's called CLIFFHANGER! Sorry to all of you who were hoping for more of our favorite Insubordinate, but I felt it was high time to put this story back into perspective in regards to the game. As I reread everything I've done so far(cause i had completely forgotten everything i'd already done), I realised I always had from the Queens perspective. And I realized that I really like the idea of not just following Xar around, but more looking at everyone else as they watch what unfolds because of him. After all, Right now he is essentially a Prophet, not the religious kind just the see future events kind, and he can change things more to his liking through the use of his forknowledge. And He's taken Everyone for a Ride!