Alfred felt tears slide down his cheeks as he cradled the lifeless body in his arms; violet eyes, once full of life, glazed over as they peered up unblinking at the sky overhead. This wasn't supposed to happen; only hours ago he and Mattie were sitting at the table in the northern nation's cabin, each with a plate full of pancakes, courtesy of the quieter sibling. Had they not joked about the so called Doomsday that loomed in the near future, wondering if the world would end? ... If only they knew how close it truly was...

He was supposed to be the hero; he was supposed to save everyone... But he couldn't even save his brother.

Red liquid poured from Mattie's lifeless body, fresh blood pooling on the ground, staining everything it touched a sickening crimson. All the while, Al's body shook with sobs, his screams filling the air. Around him, bombs dropped from the bloody sky, flames consuming everything they touched with an insatiable hunger; all the while, Matthew's dead stare was turned upwards, red liquid dribbling down his chin.

Hello everyone; it's been a while. Recently, I have fallen in love with Hetalia and this is the first story I've written for it, although I am planning many more right now and have a basic outline for about five stories written down. If anyone here is wondering, I shall be rewriting my Pokemon stories because I extremely dissatisfied with the way they're going and I can't stand reading them. Anyway, I hope you like this little drabble I wrote and you can look forward to more in the future. And remember, constructive criticism is always welcomed.
-Moonlight's Shadow Warrior :D