In a time of any child's life. They must go through many things before ever coming close to becoming an adult. From taking first steps to learning to drive. For such a big gap that is and for not just one child to know, but every child born, and even those who still look back on simpler times; in hope things could just back to those moments.

That reason of thought, is only out of fear. We all go through. Some fears are from something only few know it can be a fear. A common term used as a phobia; relating to drowning in water, falling from steep heights, choking on something too big to swallow, and so forth. One other fear that can be common, but not really explain is the unknown.

Going back to simpler times of my youth, I never knew what could really be called the unknown. For I was still afraid what was in my closet. I somehow later labeled that as the unknown.

Even recalling it to this day, seeing such a beast enter my room. Scaring who knows how many years that I'll never get back. But what could I do? I was just a toddler age of two or three. With no proof for my parents to understand what I saw was real. Not just in my head.

I wasn't sure when of how long from the last time I saw things come out my closet. But if there was one monster I could see again, it would be this huge blue furry yeti that didn't give me fear, but the feeling of what parents have when holding you, telling your mind in someway that you are safe.

I think maybe ten years at the most have passed from then on. Not sure to place it as a weird dream or a far off place, I wish to see again.

The only proof of being able to write this down and tells others are just childish pictures I drew back in my tot days.

The first one I found in a box my mother stuffed in the attic was a purple with splatters of other colors on its back chameleon with multiple arms and legs. My shoulders stiffed from the sight, knowing right away that this thing was a monster who haunted for sometime in my childhood. Out of spite, I ripped it, feeling like there was no reason to have it around anymore.

Second picture, I found was a green, one eye, gum-ball monster with tiny limbs. I giggled from the sight. Feeling that safe and fun I recalled back then. From the misshapen writing, the name for the monster was Mike.

Last picture saved from all the looking around of baby toys that laid about, was this one of that huge blue furry yeti that had purple spots on its massed body. Along holding hands, which I guess is me.

Kitty and Boo

At the bottom of the page was written.

I actually cried a little. I have no idea why, but that feeling came back just as strong than ever before. I really do wish to maybe go back then and go back to simpler times. Not to leave a life I'm far from ready for, but to a moment where the mind's wonders seem to be the strongest. Yeah, that would be nice.

For you see, my one true phobia; is to forget a child's imagination of what is really in that closet once the door is shut?

From, Mary "Boo" Gibbs.