Rosalind strolled leisurely through the beautiful rose gardens by the east wing of the cryptic castle, keeping one eye fixed on the window where her father had been sitting moments before to see he had departed from his perch. Without hesitation she dashed down the rows of roses, her full peach dress flying behind her as she ran straight into the castle's hedge maze. She tore down the aisles of greenery until she reached the very center of the maze where a small clearing held a magnificent fount of angels and a man sitting on the rim.

"Peter!" she cried as he looked up, his long golden locks hanging just past his broad shoulders and his pearly teeth emerging from behind full lips into the smile Rosalind loved. She didn't care that she was breathless; she ran straight into his embrace and eagerly kissed him.

"Rosalind, we have to be more careful." Peter whispered to her in his husky voice after pulling away from her sweet lips.

"I'm not exactly a in a station worthy of the fairest maiden in the land." Rosalind huffed and gently pulled out of Peter's embrace, but placed her delicate hand in his firm one.

"Oh to hell with my father and all these suitors! It doesn't matter that you're a knight of the king, you're more of a man than any of the swine who come to try and bribe for my hand. You're stronger and wiser and everything good that they aren't. I don't care if father choses to marry me off half way around the world, I won't marry anyone unless I choose him." Rosalind said firmly and sat down at the edge of the fountain. Peter kissed her forehead gently as he kneeled down in front of his lady.

"Then, if I may be so bold, do you love me?" Rosalind gave him a smile and nodded her head. Peter reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box.

"Then will you, Lady Rosalind, do me the extraordinary honor of letting me marry you? You have my heart entirely and I will always be yours, even if you say no…" Peter didn't get to finish because Rosalind had kissed him yet again.

"Of course I'll marry you! I love you, but how will we manage such a thing?" Peter captured both of Rosalind's hands and helped her rise from the fountain's rim, casually strolling towards the exit, the small package still in hand.

"I've spoken with Friar Lawrence and he has agreed to wed us tonight once your father is asleep come to this place. Here is where we shall be wed tonight, and forever bound to one another." Peter kissed her hands and placed the box into their grasp.

"A small token for my lady. Now go, before anyone suspects. I shall see you tonight." Rosalind nodded and kissed Peter one last time before she strolled out of the maze. Once a safe distance from the area she sat on a stone bench in the rose gardens and opened the box to find a small note and a handkerchief with small strawberries embroidered in each corner.

My fair Rosalind,

May this forever symbolize our love and bring us good fortune.

Your Love forever,


Rosalind inhaled the sweet scent of the gardens and smiled about the wonderful events occurring that night, she would finally be bond to Peter forever.

"Rosalind!" She heard her father calling several feet away. Rosalind laid the box on the ground and stuffed the handkerchief into her bosom before rising to her feet to go to her father. She would do as he asked today because tomorrow she would finally be wed to the man she loved and would lay down her life for. If being with him forever ment losing her father then so be it, but she would never give up Peter.