The king sat on his throne slouched over, tired of all the debate that had been going on for hours. The Turkish armies had risen once again and were heading toward Venice. The king and his advisors had been discussing what to do for hours, but it was getting them nowhere. Out of the corner of his eye the king saw the outraged Lord Lenato rose from his chair and bellowed to the council,

"Enough of this arguing! Every second we waste in here squabbling is another second the Turks spend getting closer to our lands! I propose that we send Sir Peter with our forces to Cyprus to meet the Turks. Sir Peter has had much success in battle and I have no doubt he will be successful." The room went quiet and the king gave a relieved smile, happy to be done with negotiations.

"I agree with Lord Lenato. We shall await the arrival of Sir Peter and request this task of him." Not a moment too soon Peter, Frederick and Cassio entered the throne room, kneeling before the king before Cassio blurted out.

"My king, this man has done wrong upon my child! I was awoken by my servant tonight who informed me of my daughter and Sir Peter getting married in the garden less than an hour ago! My lord! I seek justice!" The king was baffled; he had not expected such an outburst at all, let alone at this hour of the night.

"Sir Peter, what do you have to say?" The king asked Peter in a calm tone.

"My king…" Peter began

"I have indeed fallen in love with Lady Rosalind, now my lady as we were wed this very night. When she came here, you would recall that you stationed me as one of their guards for a short time and Lord Cassio grew found of me. We had lunch several times in the dining hall and that is where I met fair Rosalind. I often told Cassio of my times away at war since we share that common connection and Rosalind would listen, enjoying hearing the tales. I feel in love with her not because of her beauty or her wealth, but because she cared for me so. The pain I had endured was her pain and vice versa. I love her with all of my being my king and I hope that should you inflict any punishment, it will be upon me and spare my lady." The room was silent until the king smiled at Peter and patted his shoulder.

"Sir Peter, there is no crime in love. I did not call you here for punishment, but to give you orders." Peter took a breath of relief and Cassio's face grew beet red, but he did not get to speak before Rosalind entered the chamber.

"My king, I apologize for this intrusion, but I wished to come see my lord." She said confidently and strode over to Peter, taking his hand. Cassio ran to her and took her other arm,

"Rosalind, child of mine, if this is what you want that I will not object any more, but please tell me the truth of all this." Rosalind smiled and gazed at her father.

"My dear father, I love you with all of my heart, but I also love Peter as much. I will do as I wish and remain with him because I love him so." Cassio nodded his head and sat down quietly on the bench, tears starting to well up, his little girl was leaving him.

"I am sorry to intrude on this tender moment," I king announced,

"But I must request Sir Peter to get ready to leave for Cyprus as soon as possible. We need you to lead our army." Rosalind let go of Peter's hand abruptly and fell to her knees before the king,

"My king, if he should go to Cyprus I will go with him. I cannot stay here knowing he is at war." The king sighed, exhausted and replied,

"Yes, yes, very well. Sir Peter will go to Cyprus with his lady and our army to face the Turks. Now to bed." With that he rose from his throne and left the throne room, the other lords shuffling out after him.

Peter walked over to Rosalind, leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Go to bed, my love. I have to get everything ready, but I will see you shortly." Peter whispered in her ear. Rosalind nodded and rose, leaving the room as Peter watched her, awe struck that such a beautiful lady loved him.

"Enjoy her company while you can." Peter whirled around to see Cassio by the main doors, eyes bloodshot.

"She left me, her own father, for a new love. She may very well do the same one day." With that Cassio left the hall, leaving Peter alone to ponder, if Rosalind, his love, really would leave him.