Well it's the last chapter and Christmas Eve or Christmas depending where you are. Oh and yes I know I said I was to do canon, but I just couldn't find any inspiration of Lance/Kitty. And since I adore Piotr and Kitty that's what you got.

Piotr's hand moved vigorously across the large canvas. His hand held a brush atoned in red; which in turn made the canvas appear to bleed. He was in a silent state of pure joy. For once everything was peaceful in the usually psychotic base and he had nothing to disturb him from his art. He was so undisturbed he was able to finish the painting in record time. And with a heart filled with hope he set out to woo the delightful young woman who held his heart.

*Line Break*

Kitty hummed with joy as she marched down the stairs. It was Christmas Eve and even though she took part in Hanukah instead the professor had seen to it she had just as many gifts as the others. The doorbell rang breaking her from her dream like state and though she was closest it was Ororo who answered the door.

"Hello Piotr, do come in." Ororo invites with much enthusiasm and a glance at Kitty. Kitty herself was full of surprised as her gentle giant came lumbering through the door.

"Like hi Pete." She squealed and flung herself into his arms for a hug.

"Hi." He was able to choke out and when he was certain they were alone he began to stutter out, "On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me twelve drummers drumming."

Kitty smiled up at him with her eyes twinkling, "Aww Pete."

Her smiled widened however when he uncovered the large package that he held. Her breath caught in her throat as she gawked at the large detailed painting of twelve men banging drums.

"It's beautiful. Did you paint it?"

Overcome by nervousness he nodded, which only delighted Kitty more because sensitive guys were hard to come by.

"Would you hang it above my bed? I don't think I could carry it."

Piotr nodded once again and followed her up to her room even though he already knew seeing how Remy stalked her roommate and constantly talked about it. But he didn't say a word and followed obediently as he listened to her mindless chatter about snow, clothes and her housemates.

"Well here we are. My bed is that one."

Kitty didn't even have a need to point out which side of the room was hers. With one side sparkly and pink and the other dark and depressing it was a no brainer.

"It really is beautiful Pete." She whispered as she hugged him from behind. This of course caused for some awkwardness considering he was slightly bent and still hanging up the painting.

"Thank you Kitty." And then for the whole world to see the usually bashful Piotr did the unthinkable once he had turned around he gently cupped her face with his hand and kissed her.

So it's done. Hope you liked it and huge thanks to Wolf Skater who has reviewer nearly every single chapter. Well bye.