Kurt sighed as he scrolled through the dozens of online sights. Google had failed… miserably. It seemed as though nobody knew what a turtle dove was or looked like. When he had searched for pictures all he came up with was images of turtles, doves and hand drawn doves with turtle shells. He groaned in defeat and was just about to shut off the computer when a small link grabbed his attention.

Turtle Doves for sale. Cheap!

Kurt rushed to click on it but when the site popped up disappointment flooded in.

"How can I get to Europe and back in time for my date?" He moaned, his head hanging in his hands. Now it just so happened that Bobby had wandered by just in time to hear Kurt's declaration and Bobby being well Bobby he just had to put his two cents in.

"Take the jet." He suggested barging into Kurt's room. With wide eyes Kurt jumped about three feet off his chair.

"I'll get in trouble." Kurt replied once the initial shock wore off. Bobby tsked.(A/N: I know it's not a word) as he walked over to the blue boy.

"Isn't your girl worth a little trouble?"

Kurt bit his lip as he thought about the look on Amanda's face if he did this. Finally the romantic gesture won and he quickly teleported away.

"So is that a yes?" Bobby asked the space Kurt once occupied before leaving himself. Just as suddenly as he had disappeared Kurt reappeared inside the jet. Wordlessly he climbed into the seat, got everything together and took off. The ride to the small shop in Rome was surprisingly short and durable.

"I'd like two turtle doves please." Kurt told the only worker present. The worker nodded as he walked over to a cage filled with light gray doves with brown wings. The man pulled out two doves and carelessly stuffed them into a holey box. Kurt grimaced at the rough treatment of the beautiful creatures but the damage was already done. Hastily he grabbed the box and teleported back to the jet leaving a very confused man in the store.

*line break*

Amanda sat impatiently at her favorite German restaurant while waiting for Kurt to arrive.

"Where is he?" She huffed as she drummed her fingers against the clothed surface of the table.

"Sorry I'm late."

Amanda turned to stare at her boyfriend, "It's alright."

Kurt grinned before quietly speaking a rush of German to the waiter. The waiter nodded as he walked away and Kurt sat down.

"So did anything interesting happen today?' Amanda asked secretly trying to get the reason why he was late.

"Not really, but I will make up being late. I promise."

Amanda giggled at how wonderful Kurt was at knowing what she was thinking. Her giggles however soon ended in a gasp as two birds appeared out of nowhere.

"Read the card."

Amanda slowly picked up the card attached to one of the birds and began to read out loud.

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me, two turtle dove.

I'm sorry I was late for our date, but I really had to go

All the way to Europe through all the snow

I'm really bad a rhyming but I do know who

Always rhymes with I love you


"Aw." Amanda cried; as did every other female in the place, before leaping up and squashing Kurt with a hug.

"I love you too." She declared right before she claimed his lips for her own.