Hi guys! This is my first Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler fic, and it's for Ciel's birthday! His birthday is tomorrow, but I'm going to be super busy tomorrow :D

Disclaimer: I own nothing of black butler, all the awesomeness belongs to Yana Toboso :D

Sebastian was staring at a pretty chocolate cake sitting on a table in his house, the house he lived when no humans summoned him.

Why... Why did I make this?" the demon looked horrified and angry at the sight if the cake.

"It would be his birthday now, wouldn't it? I suppose I made it out of habit... One hundred years pass so quickly..." without warning the black clad demon smashed the treat onto the floor, shattering the blue china platter it was sitting on.

"It's been a hundred years, so why do I remember everything so clearly? That angel was why he died, I had to take his soul too soon... If nothing had happened, maybe he'd still be alive today, I could've made him into another demon so he'd live almost forever..."
A black, heeled boot cane down upon the mess it's owner had created on the floor, destroying the chocolate dessert.

"I'd never had so much fun, I've never grown so close to a master... His soul was delicious, but I almost didn't want it... I've had to eat many times since then, but everything is tasteless, the loneliness over powers the flavor..."

A tailcoat caught on a door nob as it's owner rushed past, heading to his bedroom.

"His blue eyes... Sad smile... Long dark hair... Child's voice, that at times would sound so much like an adult's voice... I miss him!"

A white gloved hand turned a pitch black door nob.

"Maybe I should simply go on sleeping without waking up, till the end of time... Has it really been one hundred years..."

Sebastian stared at his small, simple bed with distaste, and moved to lean on the corner of the bedroom.

"There are other demons to keep me company; but still, I am simply a butler, and alone...

Lame, Depressing, Too short? What'd you guys think? This was inspired by a picture drama i saw on youtube, poor sebby...