Megumi was my favorite character, and I hated how she ended up... this fic is a bit old, I had posted it in spanish somewhere else, but I hope you still enjoy this little tribute to her anyway!

The pinkette looked around curiously. She wasn't inside the Kanemasa mansion, the one the Kirishiki had claimed theirs, but somewhere else. It looked like another mansion by its' size (they had gone through so many hallways that she already felt lost), but it didn't seem like the same style. More rural, more antique...

More like the rest of the town.

When they finally stopped, it took her a moment to rememeber how he had told her to talk earlier. Fortunately, she was able to recall it correctly, and then she proceeded to talk as if she still breathed normally.

"Where are we?" asked Megumi, as her mysterious companion turned around to face her.

"You can already talk normally" he said, taken aback a little. "I know I wasn't wrong about you. You're different from the others."

Megumi's face lit up slightly. Not because he had said it, but because of the words he had said. Different from the others. She had always felt that way, that she wasn't the same as that bunch of old, ancient, shameless villagers. The fact that someone recognized that as well made her feel like jumping of joy.

The man who accompanied Megumi wasn't much taller than her, but he was without a doubt older. His arms were musculous and his hair was a bit strange, it made it seem like he had dog ears. But the most peculiar thing was his outfit. A sleeveless shirt and dark pants, which would be considered pretty normal on the big cities, but the elder villagers of Sotoba would never approve it.

Maybe it was for that, because he was different too, that she had decided to follow him almost immediately.

"What are we doing here?"

"This is our fortress" the man named Tatsumi explained. "Or at least one of them. You can spend the day resting here, because trust me, you do not want to see sunlight again."

Megumi trusted him. She wasn't an idiot; she knew that the sun could now kill her if she stay exposed to it long enough.

But still, she couldn't quite comprehend what she was, what they were. Tatsumi and Mr. Kirishiki, she had seen both of them in broad daylight in the past, while she was still a human. Why hadn't they burst into flames back then, like in the movies?

"What am I... exactly?" wondered Megumi out loud, still pondering about that little detail.

"A vampire. A spirit. A demon. Humans gave us many names" Tatsumi shrugged. "Pick the one you like the most, the important thing is that you realize you're not human anymore. You don't live or breathe like a human would. And you don't eat like a human would."

That said, he opened the sliding door that stood before them. Something was moving in there. It was a man not much older than her, he couldn't have been more than seventeen or eighteen. She wondered where he came from; he didn't look like someone from Sotoba, or at least someone she recognized (and there weren't even many people in the town), maybe they had brought him from another town?

When she caught Tatsumi's look, she understood immediately what was expected from her.

"Bon appetit" whispered the Kirishiki servant before leaving, closing the door behind him.

Megumi stared for a minute at her potential victim. He wasn't to blame for anything of what had happened to her, but she didn't feel any pity towards him. They all had a destiny, and that person's fate was to provide her of strength to live, to keep going on and reach her dreams.

'I'm going to get out of this village no matter what' she told herself, as her recently-acquired fangs emerged on her denture.

The blood had a satisfactory taste after that last thought. It felt surprisingly... good.