Before the Witch-boy could escape, a number of arrows impaled him. He collapsed in a heap on the dirt. As the Empire took over the town, Kelda ran up to the boy's unmoving body, she had to know. The boy was dead.

Taking him in her arms, she began to cry, she had liked the boy. But now he was gone. As she cried the boy's body turned to ash. She stayed, muddying his ashes with her tears for hours until her father came by. Seeing her his face contorted and snatched her from her mourning, dragging her back home where she was tossed on her bed.

"I told you to stay away from him!" he yelled.

"But I liked h..." she began, only to be interrupted her father.

"I will not have it. When you turn eighteen you will serve the governor." he said slamming his daughter's door.

Kelda cried into her pillow for the rest of that night.

15 years later.

Kelda woke with the sun as it shone blindingly through her bedroom window. A few days ago she had turned twenty and was now working for a fat empire governor. He had always tried to talk her into his bed but she had blatantly refused at every turn.

She hated his guts and wanted someone to love. She had long forgotten about the Witch-boy, but all the men she dated were beheaded or enslaved by order of her master to the point that men had become afraid to even look her way. Eventually she was shunned even by the women and all her friends had left her.

As she got dressed she sighed. When she was young she had thought the empire was a good force, but now she saw that they just executed or enslaved all who resisted. At that moment a topless woman with shackles around her wrists and wearing a loin cloth to hide her privates entered the room.

"Kelda, the master wants breakfast, hurry up." she said.

"Okay, I'm on my way." Kelda responded slipping on her skirt.

A crystal Orb embedded in the throne of a dilapidated castle slowly glowed to life, slipped out of the Overlord's throne and began surveying the devastation. Skeletons of both humans and minions, armour, and weapons littered the floor of the castle. Even Gnarl was just a dusty skeleton. A loud moan then attracted the orb's attention and turned to fly off.

It then entered the Great Hall, a large chamber currently filled with winged naked women. All of them where cut and bruised in some way or another.

"Who are you?" the Orb asked, approaching the least damaged woman.

"I'm so sorry for this. My name is Landa, we are succubi who were forced out of our home by the Empire. We needed somewhere to tend to our wounded." she said politely, hoping for as little trouble as possible.

"Stay as long as you like I suppose. It seems that the empire has destroyed the Overlord's minions so I would welcome the company."

"Thank you." Landa said before turning back to her sisters.

The Orb then left the succubi to rest, returning to the summoning chamber below the castle's dungeon. Originally, the Orb would throw them out, but ever since the Empire destroyed the Castle something inside it had changed. The evil presence that influenced the spherical steward was no longer there. Now it would seem that the next Overlord had the choice between good or bad actions.

The Orb approached a small pond at one side of the room.

"Show me a human with strength and will." it said.

The pond began to swirl and churn as the clear water muddled and coloured, eventually settling into an image of a 19 year old boy drawing in a sketchpad while sitting on a bed. He looked ordinary but the Orb knew otherwise. The Orb then dove into the pond.

Ren sighed as he drew. He was tired of his parents, after all, they could care less about him. Even college sucked for him, despite his good grades, none of it seemed worthwhile. He had very few friends and even fewer chances to hang out with them.

His family was rich and his parents worked all the time so they had no time for him. He was currently thinking about running away but he had no idea where to go.

At that moment a strong wind swirled around his bedroom; startled, he dropped his pad and moved up against the wall. A blue portal then materialized in the center of his room from which a blue ball floated out. Just as quickly as it came however, the wind stopped and the portal disappeared leaving the blue sphere hovering quietly.

Ren stared at the Orb in awe.

"What are you?" he asked.

"I'm the Orb of the Overlord, the steward of his castle and I am here to recruit you to become the next Overlord." it said.


"A ruler of pure evil... however, since The Empire's attack the evil presence has dissipated, which gives you the option of being either good or evil."

"Why me?"

"Your soul and will is strong enough to save my world."

The whole situation was strange to Ren. He wanted out of this world sure, and now he had his way out, but he hadn't thought ahead enough to know where to go from here.

"I need some time."

"Of course."

The Orb darkened and fell with a dull thud onto the floor. Ren fell back onto his bed. He wanted to go, but now that he got the chance it seemed a little drastic. As he sat there he remembered all the things he had been through. He weighed his memories against one another. Not all of it was bad, but he had very few good memories. As he thought deeper though, he came to the conclusion that there wasn't much to debate on the subject.

He got up off his bed with a determined sigh.

"Orb." He said.

The Orb glowed to life once again and hovered in front of him.

"Yes?" it responded.

"There's nothing left for me here so I'll come, but let me get a few things."

"Of course."

Ren then grabbed his duffle bags and packed them with books and other stuff he figured would be useful. Once he gathered everything he had 4 bags with him and his room was almost empty. He then stood and turned to face the Orb and nodded.

A strong wind then swirled around the room again as the blue portal swirled into existence. His bags flew into the portal before he walked in. As he stepped in, a rush of power enveloped him. He could feel his muscles grow as he travelled through the portal.

Stepping out of the portal, he found his muscles had grown a lot. He was a fit boy before but now he was ripped like an athlete. Examining his arms he also found strange markings, they started as a bracelet shape around his wrists before trailing up his forearms and disappearing halfway between his elbow and shoulder in a black vein-like pattern on both of his arms.

"You have changed my lord." the Orb said, following him through the portal.

"What's happened to me?"

"The collective knowledge of the past Overlord's are inside you. Your muscles have grown while your magic solidified in the portal, while the markings on your arms are for channeling magic."


Investigating his surroundings, Ren found he stood in front of a ruined castle. Skeletons and armour were strewn all over the place. He could only assume that the battle here went badly. He proceeded to pick up all 4 of his bags and followed the Orb inside. As they walked Ren had to walk over some large piles of rubble, probably from the crumbling parapets on the concentric-styled castle.

Following the Orb to the side doors of the decrepit castle and through the halls, they entered a large room with a larger-than-king-sized bed in the middle. He gave a smug smile at the ironic change of setting and placed his bags on the bed, taking out a book on European castles.

"How can we get the place back up to scratch?"

"You can summon minions to rebuild it for you. But first I would like you to meet your neighbours."

His interest piqued, he placed the book on his new bed and followed the Orb out the door and into the hall. They walked down two flights of stairs and found themselves in a large chamber. Ren's mouth dropped opened at the sight of several dozen bare winged women, he'd seen a few girls naked before, but this was definitely a first.

One of the women then approached.

"Hi I'm Landa." she said.

Ren snapped out of his trance at the sudden voice.

"I'm Ren the new Overlord."

"HO! sorry for..." she began meekly, but the young Overlord interrupted her with a smile.

"You can stay as long as you like, but in return I will require favours. Deal?"

"Deal." the succubus responded before walking back to her sisters with a relieved grin.

"Well it looks as though you'll become a beloved Overlord." the Orb said.

"I'll help these people as much as I can, but with the wings, and the... what are they?"

"They are sex demons, also known as succubi. Right now however, you will need help to take control of this world. Please follow me."

The new Overlord followed the Orb to a large, well-lit chamber with pools of water on either side. At the far end there were 4 tablets with writing on them embedded into the wall. There were empty indentations presumably for more tablets to be added but he guessed that they were taken after the battle by the attackers and would need to retrieve them.

"This is the spawning pit, the place you summon your minions from. But it seems because you are from a different world, the minions have changed. Your energies allow you to summon minions at will and they have been changed to mirror your tastes."

"Wow. How do I summon them?"

"Touch the tablets and say how many you want."

Ren then walked up to the first tablet placing his hand on it, he called out; "Four!" Turning to see what his first minions looked like, he was quite shocked. He had expected short gremlin-like men that would grumble at every order when the term 'minion' was used, but instead:

As he turned, the water swirled and four people in leather armour that covered most of their body's rose, seemingly formed from the water. Two of them were male, both identical, they were bald and had the right side of their faces tattooed standing at 7'3". From what he could see by the shape of the armour, they had large muscular bodies and both brandished a pair of long-swords.

There was also a pair of identical, tan-skinned females in similar leather armour that covered their large chests and long slender legs. These two had long, red hair that was braided to increase combat efficiency and stood 6'7" above the ground. Like the males however, they had muscles, and had a long-sword in each hand.

"Impressive, what are they called?"

"These are the warriors of your army. The male warriors are better suited for drawn out combat while the female ones can attack more quickly but don't hold against heavy pressure."

"Well that's all well and good but we have to do something about names, or at least titles since they all look the same. How about Spartans for the males and Amazons for the females."

"We accept these titles master." the four said in unison.

"I will make changes to the tablet in order for you to choose between the different genders." the Orb said.

"Good. Let's see about the next one."

He repeated the process with the next tablet. This time four cloaked female minions came out of the water standing 6' high. They each wore a long-sleeved belly length blue blouse with gold trim and a hooded cloak that continued down the back forming into a long blue dress at the waist. The dress seemed to frame the tattoos they had on their hands and bellies.

"These minions are experts in using magic and can create something from nothing." the Orb said.

"Are they only female?"


"Then I already have a name for them: Mystics."

"We accept this title master." the Mystics said in unison.

Again Ren did repeated the steps on the next tablet. This time two pairs of male and female minions materialized from the water dressed in robin-hood-like gear. The difference being they had leather straps with pouches on their chests, sporting black and green face paint, and were bare footed.

"These are your archers. While you have both genders here, their skills are the same." the Orb said.

"Well good enough for me. You will be known as Hunters."

"We accept this title master." the newly named Hunters said in unison.

Moving to the last tablet he called the final four minions. Four male minions came from the water this time. These ones were barrel-chested and stood at 6'8".They wore leather trousers that had primitive leather tool belts strapped around their waists, but had no shirt.

"These minions are your work force. They are not made for combat, but can build and repair anything." the Orb said.

"Good. Okay, you guys will be called Constructors."

"We accept this title master." the Constructors said in unison.

"Okay here's what I want you guys to do. Constructors: I want you guys to get work on rebuilding the castle. Mystics: I want you to help out with the Constructors with any materials they might need, and if you have any spare time help out with healing the succubi. Hunters: I want you to go hunting otherwise we'll all die. As for the Spartans and Amazons: I want you to go on recon. No attacking just recon ok."

The minions nodded as Ren summoned more minions omitting the Spartans and Amazons as he didn't need any more. Once he had summoned enough minions for the work he went back up to his chambers. Thankfully, the minions wasted no time in getting to work. He unpacked his bags and began sorting things out.

Just as he finished stacking the books about steam machinery the Orb came in.

"Now that you have the makings of an army, you need a General."

"Okay, how do I get this General?"

"Please Follow me."

Ren followed the Orb back to the summoning pit, this time however, to the pool opposite the minion pool.

"This pool has more than one use. It can allow you to travel to other regions of the world, and it can also create Generals for you. However you must have at least 4 minion types in order to summon a new General."

"How do I summon them?"

"Put your hand in the water and say 'waters of power; create me a General to manage my army'."

Ren put his hand in the water and parroted the incantation. The water raised up and formed into a female figure. A tanned woman stepped out of the pool and came face to face with Ren. She wore a breastplate to cover her large breasts with a short shirt underneath. The breastplate was attached to an armoured sleeve on her right arm. Her hot pants led into a stocking that ran down her right leg, where the left one was much shorter and didn't reach her thigh. She had long red hair and, Ren noticed, a tattoo that peeked out from her arm, belly, and leg that covered her left side.

As she emerged, the new Overlord just stared at her in awe as she approached him.

"Are you the one who summoned me?" she asked her blue eyes giving him a piercing stare.

"Yes, I'm the new Overlord." Ren said standing his ground under her scrutiny.

The woman eyed him carefully. She walked around him looking him up and down.

"Your oddly dressed for an Overlord."

"I come from another world. So I haven't had time to change."

"Fair enough. I'm Halsa. What would you like me to do?"

"Train me in combat."

2 Months later.

Halsa charged at her master, sword in hand. Her master stood nonchalantly in front of her a sword in one hand and an axe in the other. He was just waiting for her to strike. She hesitantly approached, closer... within sword range, just a little closer. He exhaled and shifted his axe just an inch to the side, an opening! She utilized it and made a slash towards his chest but he deflected it with his sword that seemed to appear out of nowhere. In her lunge she was off balance and so he simply planted a foot and tapped her rear with his sword, making her stumble and fall. When she turned to try to get up she was met with an axe hovering under her chin.

Her master then smiled.

"You yield?" he asked.

"Well done my lord." She said, returning his smile.

She was proud, her master had grown so quickly, in the past he just held the weapons out in an attempt to block. But now he could easily hold his own. He also had a natural talent for magic. When she was summoned she knew the Overlord was strong, but to think even as a fledgling, her master would learn so quickly... it was rather attractive.

After practice they both walked back up to the castle. The Mystics and Constructors had done an excellent job at rebuilding the castle. Currently all they were doing was training to ready themselves for the fight against the Empire. On their way in, they stopped by the forge. Ren had commissioned the Constructors to create a number of gadgets, weapons, and armour for their new Overlord.

"Ahh there you are." the lead Constructor said. "We have your new weapons and armour ready my lord."

"Can I try them on?"

"Of course! we were just about to call you for your fitting."

Ren approached the Constructors, who slowly fitted the armour to his torso and limbs. The armour was based on Dragon scales for better protection while maintaining maneuverability. He also had a cloak draped over his right shoulder that could be pulled around his body. Around his lower body was a fur coat that covered his hips and a small, round shield on his left arm.

Picking up a Japanese katana that broke down into a whip, he spun it in his hand before sheathing it on his waist. He had picked up the idea from a character called Ivy from the Soul Caliber games. He then hefted a single headed axe and gave it a swing before depositing it, handle-first, into a sheath opposite the katana. His other gadgets would need more work before they would be useful.

"Halsa, get the combat minions ready, we're going to free Nordberg."

Ever since he had heard of the town, he was apalled that the Empire just used it's people for slave labour. He needed to do something.

Halsa nodded and left to get the minions ready.