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This is going to be VERY grimdark. There are a lot of OC's used. :3

Well, enjoy!

This is the sad tale of two Alicorns who learn the truth about their princess. About a prince who had lost his way. And about six young mares who learn that things are not always as they seem.

Now, this story truly started in Canterlot. But that was many, many years ago. For now, we will fast forward to Ponyville; a quaint little town where a young unicorn named Twilight Sparkle lives. This is where our story begins…

"Spiiiike! This is no time to be sleeping! The Princess said that she was coming to visit! She said that I'm ready for the next step in my training! This place is a mess! Please help me!" The young purple mare cried to her dragon-friend; who was sleeping on the floor.

"Just…five more minutes Twilight…" Spike snored in response. He had decided to spend the entire night partying with Owlicious.

Twilight groaned and used her magic to levitate Spike and shake him awake. "Princess Celestia and Princess Luna will be here any minute! Help me!"

"Okay, okay! Just put me down…" The tiny lavender dragon cried. As Twilight set him down, the two of them got to work cleaning up the library.

Not too soon after, there was a knock at her door. As Twilight opened it, she was greeted by the two Princesses: Celestia and Luna. Twilight bowed her head, "Princesses! It is an honor to see the two of you in my home! What brings you here?"

Celestia smiled at her young student and walked in with Luna. But behind the two of them, there were two more Alicorns. Two ponies she had never seen before. "Hello, Twilight. I hope our visit hasn't disturbed you."

"Oh not at all, Princess! I was just…doing a little cleaning!"

"Good. Now, you must be wondering who these two Alicorns with me are. They are dear friends of mine and Luna's. The mares name is Nocturnal Poem." The blue mare with a dark purple mane with lighter purple streaks bowed her head slightly. Her eyes were covered by dark sunglasses. "And the stallion is Midnight Melody." He nodded slightly. He was a dark maroon-ish color with a black and orange mane. He kept looking around, and had a very angry look on his face, like something was bothering him greatly. But something was very odd about both ponies. They were wearing strange suits. Nocturnal's was mostly a dark purple with a little black around her hind legs. Midnight's suit was a dark navy blue with a few small black stripes here and there. "They are helping me with something very important. They will be staying with you for a short amount of time. This doesn't bother, does it, Twilight?"

"Not at all, Princess! I'll be happy to help you in any way that I can!"

Princess Luna and Nocturnal Poem exchanged glances and Nocturnal nodded. "They will be safe here, I'm sure." Luna muttered softly. Celestia gave her a quick glance. "Twilight Sparkle. This is a very important task for you to take. We cannot tell you the details of what is going on. Not right now at least. Just help these two feel at home." And with that, the princesses left without another word.

Twilight looked at the two Alicorns in her library. "So, uhm, hi. I'm Twilight Sparkle." She said awkwardly. The only Alicorns she had ever been around were the princesses and her sister-in-law.

Nocturnal stepped forward. "Yes, Midnight and I know much about you, young mare. We have heard about your exceptional magic skills. Those will come in very handy to us. I am Nocturnal Poem. Midnight Melody is my husband. I trust that you will be a good hostess. If all goes as planned, he and I will not be here long." She had such a beautiful and soft voice, but it was also very demanding as well. "We travel very light, and I trust that no one will look into our bags. They contain very important and secret materials. Is that clear, Twilight Sparkle?"

"Yes, ma'am!" She quickly replied.

Nocturnal laughed lightly. "Please, don't call me ma'am. That was my mother. You may call me Nocturnal, or Noc if you do so wish. Now, if you would allow Midnight and I to quickly get comfortable, would you take us on a tour of your quaint little town? It has been quite a while since he and I have been here to Ponyville."

"I'd love to! Take as much time as you need to! I'll go get my friends and we can all show you around!" Twilight had a big smile on her face as she trotted out the door. But I wonder… She thought to herself as she made her way to Rarity's. What are they here for? And why have I never met them? I don't like the princess keeping secrets from me…

What is the princess hiding from her favorite student? Who are Nocturnal Poem and Midnight Melody? This sort seems to be getting…interesting.


Oh look at me! Short first chapter! This is just to give you a little taste of Nocturnal (My OC) and Midnight (My fiancé's OC).

I hope you like them!

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