Heyy. Chapter three.

Nocturnal Poem has a cutie mark that she won't show. Twilight and her friends are very curious about this.

The three young mares were sitting together when Nocturnal and Midnight stepped out of the dressing room. Once Rarity's eyes set themselves on her masterpiece, she nearly fainted. "Oh it's beautiful! It's simply the most gorgeous gown I've ever made! Oh Nocturnal thank you so much! It's lovely!"

Nocturnal blushed and looked at her husband for a moment. "T-thank you, Rarity. It's a wonderfully-made dress. They'll love it up in Canterlot."

Rarity's face grew into a large grin. "Thank you! You can take it off now, if you want."

Nocturnal nodded and turned around. But this time, Midnight stayed with three.

"Be careful on the subject of her cutie mark. Okay? And tell your friends. It's…touchy." He stared down at them, nothing but seriousness in his eyes.

Pinkie shrunk down to the floor, feeling guilty about making Nocturnal feel uncomfortable. "O-okay. I'm sorry, Midnight."

His gaze softened as he looked at Pinkie's fallen face. "It's okay, Pinkie Pie." He looked at Twilight, "Where will we be going next?"

Twilight looked up into the stallion's eyes. "Well, we can go to Sweet Apple Acres. I don't think Applejack should be too busy today.

"Well. Then let us go."

Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash were all met that day. Rainbow took a particular shine to Nocturnal; she had shared stories with the young mare about how she had flown with the Wonderbolts before, Twilight said she'd never seen Rainbow pay that much attention to something before.

Walking back into the library that night, Nocturnal lay on the floor, exhausted. Meeting six new ponies in one day could be a little rough on you. Especially when you're a new Alicorn in town and everypony wants to meet you.

"Well, Twilight. Your friends are lovely. But I grow tired; it's time for me to retire to bed." Nocturnal kissed Midnight gently and nodded to Twilight and Spike, and then left to where she and Midnight would be sleeping.

"She's a fine mare, my Nocturnal." Midnight half whispered as he stared after her. "I knew the day I met her that she was the one for me." A small smile was on his face, memories glistening in his dark eyes.

"Uhm, Midnight? If you don't mind me asking, how did you and Nocturnal meet?"

"Oh she tells the story much better than I do—" He began, but stopped when he saw the pleading look in her eyes. "Oh alright… My father was of the royal guard. Nocturnal, you see, is the niece of Princesses Celestia and Luna. Her parents were staying at the castle for a short time. I was such a young colt at the time. My father was teaching me how to fly better. I was doing so well and then the wind got me. I fell too fast for my father to catch me and I landed right in front of a beautiful young unicorn mare."

"Nocturnal?" Twilight inquired.

"Yes, my love, Nocturnal. I had fallen on my wing and scratched my face pretty bad. She was just lying in the garden reading a book when I crash-landed. Quick as lightning she was up and by my side, asking if I was alright over and over again. It was adorable. She hadn't gotten her cutie mark yet, but I had mine—"

"What is your cutie mark if I can ask?"

Midnight smiled. "You have many questions, young mare. But my cutie mark is a microphone. I sing. But I haven't done much of it in a while. I've been so busy with all that's going on… But, back to my story. Nocturnal helped me sit as upright as I could and nuzzled my face gently, her horn starting to glow a deep blue; healing magic. And that's when I opened my eyes and looked at her flank. Her cutie mark was now there and it was… I shouldn't say." He concluded the conversation, no matter how big Twilight's eyes got.

"My cutie mark is blood." A female voice interjected.

Twilight looked over at Nocturnal—suit-less. Nocturnal walked over to the two. "My cutie mark is a blood splatter. I have my beloved Midnight to thank for finding out what my special talent is… I solve murders."

Murders? Twilight had never heard of any kind of murder go on in Equestria. Twilight Sparkle looked at the saddened mare before her. "You're ashamed of your cutie mark. You don't want this as yours, do you?"

Nocturnal looked up at her after she lay down next to her husband. "Yes. I used to sing. And dance. And act. And then I discover…this. And then my father went missing. After that, my mother—"

"And then my mother." Midnight added softly. Nocturnal rested her face against his, a look of pain in both their eyes. "She was missing for weeks. My father led patrol teams all across Equestria in search of the mare he loved. He made himself sick looking for her. And then, one morning when he awoke, she was there."

"Was she alive?" Twilight asked hopefully, but her face fell when Nocturnal's eyes gave her the answer she didn't want to hear.

"Her cutie mark was ripped off her flank. There was no longer any…skin there. Her eyes still held the look of terror that she must have had as her body was desecrated while she was still alive. It wasn't fair. All the blood from her body was gone. My father killed himself after seeing that. A colt should never have to bury his parents. Not a colt. And Nocturnal…her parents still haven't been found to this day."

The hollow look that lay in the couples' eyes was heartbreaking. Twilight hadn't even known those four ponies and her own heart felt hollow.

"For years I studied about what kind of creature could do such a horrid thing. Nothing has been recorded in any book that I could get my hooves on. Then it struck again." Nocturnal said darkly.

"W-who was it this time?"

"My best friend. An Earth pony named Xiphillius (Sih-ff-il-ee-us). He barely escaped with his life. And what he saw…he never soon forgot. It was an Alicorn. Or…what used to be an Alicorn. It…he…was tall. A coat as black as night. Mane and tail red as dried blood. But his horn…had been broken off. Like something had snapped it. And then two other horns grew out of the side of his head. And he bore no cutie mark. But there were stripes on him. Almost like a zebras. But they were blood red; and not many of them were there. It attacked him. Tried to steal his cutie mark. He was then put under the protection of the Princesses.

"All of my friends were. Including Midnight and I. Lavender Mist, a Pegasus, Red Strike, an Earth pony, and Storm Shaker, another Pegasus. Celestia told us something that I have never forgotten: 'You, my six little pones represent the Elements of Harmony. Storm Shaker, you represent generosity. Red Strike, you represent honesty. Lavender, you represent kindness. Xiphillius, you are loyalty. Midnight Melody, you represent laughter. And Nocturnal Poem, you represent the most important Element of Harmony that no other pony knows about. Magic.' I will never forget those words. When we decided that we were ready, we went in search of the beast. We destroyed it. Or so we thought. Years later it came back. It took out Storm Shaker's eye. We used the Elements of Harmony again.

"And then things were finally at peace. Lavender Mist and Red Strike married not too soon after everything. Then one day, Princess Celestia pulled Midnight and I aside. She asked us to become Alicorns. To become immortal in case she ever needed us again. And so we did. While he and I stayed young, our friends got older and eventually…died. Midnight and I didn't marry until many years after their passing. And now…here we are."

Twilight blinked at the tale. It was crazy, but believable. "So you were there when Luna fell to darkness? And you couldn't use the elements to defeat her. So Princess Celestia had to banish her to the moon…" So many more things were making sense to her now.

"Yes. Well, story time is over. I grow weary thinking of the past." Nocturnal said quietly as she stood up, Midnight following suit. "Goodnight, Miss Twilight." And she turned around and went back to where she and her husband would sleep.

Midnight looked at her, his eyes harsh with a glare. "You tell anypony about this, and I will not save you when and if the monster comes for you." And with that, he followed his wife to the other room.

Twilight sat there for a while, going over the story she had heard over and over again. "Spike!" She called.

"Yes, Twilight?"

"Take a letter, please. I have a few things to say to the Princess."

And now you know the sad tale of Nocturnal Poem and Midnight Melody. Will Twilight keep her promise and not tell her friends? Will the monster strike again?

Only time will tell…


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