I was inspired from the movie How to train your Dragon. Which I do not own. I wanted to have another big adventure with Toothless and I want more Hiccup in my stories. ENJOY.

Toothless Pov

I was wide awake this morning looking at the sun rise. I felt something call me, yet I didn't know why. "Hey Toothless your up early" Hiccup said. I motioned him to the sky and my back. "Do you want to go flying? I thought you aleady could with your new tail" Hiccup said. I shook my head and motioned him again. He put a smaller saddle on me since I didn't need the other tail. I took of into the bright sky. "Alright lets see what you've got since you started flying without me" he shouted. So Hiccup was challenging me, huh? I picked up the pace and went in zig zags. He was very surprised with my new trick. I was faster than ever now. I even flew to the side basically flying agsinst the wall. "Woah, I certinly under estimated you" Hiccup said as I was now flying smoothly. I groaned and then smiled. "Well at least I didn't get distracted like when I was flying with Astrid" he said. I smirked at him remembering when we crashed beacause of Hiccup was distracted by Astrid. "Don't give me that look" Hiccup said. I rolled my eyes. "Okay Mr Sarcastic dragon lets land over there" he said pointing to the Dragon Achedamy. I landedwith Hiccup taking the saddle off and he got greeted by Astrid. "Took you long enough" Astrid said. I smirked and pushed Hiccup forward to crash into Astrid.

"Oh um.. sorry Astrid" Hiccup said turning red. "Thank you, you useless reptile" Hiccup muttered. I chuckled and hit him on the head with my tail. I went over to Nightstar and my friends. "Ey Toothless" Hookfang called. "What?" I replied. "Did you hear the humans?" Stormfly asked. "What do you mean?" I asked. "They are going to some place called Pirate Island" Nightstar replied. "Pirate Island? Are they stupid?" I asked. "Its because there is treasure on the other side of the island" Barf said. ""Last time I re call the humans almost got killed on that island" I said. "Oh yeah, but according to Fishlegs treasure is more valuable" Meatlug said. "I wouldn't go, but you guys and Hiccup might do something stupid so I have no choice" I said. "Yeah that's a good exuse to come" Nightstar said. "Its not an exuse" I said. "Righttt" Meatlug said. "When are we going?" I asked. "Today, or tomorrow" Belch said. "And what exactly are we going to do when we get there?" I asked. "I don't know, maybe we can die" Nightstar said sarcatically. "Alright, but I'm not going to your funeral" I replied. "Well Mr Smartass, we are going to explore the land" Nightstar said. "Who knows maybe we'll even find more Dragons" Hookfang said .

Hiccup Pov

"Are you going then?" Snotloud asked. "You actually want to go? After the pirates neaely killed us?" I asked. "But theirs gold!" Tuffnut said. "And treasure!" Ruffnut said. "What are the chances of us surviving?" Fishlegs asked. "Do you have anything to say about this Astrid?" I asked. "Well, at first I did think they were crazy, but if we get this gold all of us can benifit" Astrid said. "You mean you actually want to go?" I asked in dis belief. "You can even give some gold to Stoick, he'll be able to trade better" Snotloud begged. "No, I can't do this" I said turning around. I saw Toothless grunting to the other Dragons while they surrounded him. Looks like I'm not the only one arguing. "Hiccup lets go over here" Astrid said motioning me away. "Look Astrid, I know you're trying to-" I got cut off as Astrid started kissing me. I was blushing. "You don't have do this, I respect your decision" she said. I sighed. "Okay, but after that we are never returning to that island" I said. "Are you sure Hiccup?" Astrid asked. "Yes I'm sure" I said. We walked back to the group. "I decided we are going" I said. "When?" Tuffnut asked. "I'm thinking tomorrow" I replied. "Woah, Hiccup you're going?" Fishlegs asked. "Sure, are you?" I asked. "Well.." he said. "C'mon Fishlegs" Ruffnut whined. "FISHLEGS, FISHLEGS, FISHLEGS!" we all chanted. "Oh alright" Fishlegs said giving up. "Are we leaving in the morning?" Tuffnut asked. "No Tuffnut we are leaving at night" I said sarcacatically. "Oh good, I didn't want to leave in the morning" Snotloud said.

"You idiot! Of course we're leaving in the morning!" Astrid said. "Okay then I'm going to pack" Fishlegs said leaving. "So how is my little cousin going to tell Stoick?" Snotloud asked. "I can reason" I said. "Your dad is going to let you go on your sworn enemies island, and he can take you for revenge or so you can train dragons so he can attack Berk?" Ruffnut asked. "I never said it was going to be easy" I replied walking away. "Toothless!" I called. He came next to me while Nightstar was taking her time. "How you been, you know with your new girlfriend?" I asked. He looked taken back. Then he motioned me then to Astrid. "What about us?" I asked. Toothless pointed at my lips with his tail. "Oh you saw that? Wait! Don't try to change the subject. We are talking about you and Star!" I said. As if on cue Star popped up. She seemed to be questioning Toothless as she tilted her head. I saw Toothless look un sure. He turned to me. "Oh looks like someone has some explaining to do" I said. He rolled his eyes as I put the saddle on him. We flew back to the house. "So I'll just leave you two to do whatever giant reptiles like to do" I said walking in the house. I saw my dad drinking a mug. Okay its now or never. "Hi dad" I greeted. "Ello son" he said. "So dad can I ask you something?" I asked.

"Go ahead, you can ask me anything" he said. "Do you think maybe tomorrow me and my friends can.." I said. "Can what?" he asked. "We go to p- patrol or go to other islands?" I asked changin the words. "What other islands!" he asked. "You know ones near Berk" I said. "Alright" he replied. "Okay thanks dad" I saig going into my room. "As long as its not Pirate Island" he said. "Yeah! Of course. Why would we go to Pirate island? C'mon dad we're not that dumb" I said nervously. "Carry on then" dad said leaving the house. "This is hopeless!" I said flopping down on my bed.

Toothless Pov

"What did he mean by that?" Nightstar asked. "Nothing! Humans don't really mean what they say" I said. Here's the thing. Nightstar and I admitted that we lime eachother, but we've never gotten on the subject of being mates. (A/N If you've read my story Life with Toothless, this is a different thing so they are not mates yet) "Are you sure?" Nightstar asked eyeing me. "Do Dragons ever lie?" I asked. "Shut up, that's your response for everytime you lie" she said. "That's because I never lie" I replied. "Whatever, do you think we're going to that island everybody keeps talking about?" Nightstar asked. "Maybe, I just can't believe you made me agree to go" I said. "Just one of my many features"

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