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Hiccup Pov

I pulled out the metal part off Toothless' saddle. I pounded it into the tree, with Snotloud's help. I probably shouldn't have since he called me weakling. I used the leather to help tie it on me. When I put it on, it felf a little uncomfortable, but I can get used to it.

"So, I'm guessing we're going to have to wait until the Dragons come back, in the Dragon raid, right?" Fishlegs asked.

"When do you think the Dragons will come? I don't wanna have to wait until tomorrow! That's going to be a very long time hiding from Alvin!" Snotloud complained.

"Until then, what are we going to do now? We have a lot of hours to ourself" Ruffnut said crossing her arms.

"We can look for the treasure?" Tuffnut suggesested. We all gave a 'are you stupid' look, which silenced him.

"I'm hungry, lets go look for something to eat" Astrid said starting to lead the way.

"Where are we going or what are we going to eat?, Astrid?" Fishlegs asked catching up to us.

"We're going to eat what we usually eat. Fish. Not raw of course. So, I'm leading you guys to a lake or pond. Then we make a fire" Astrid replied.

"Since when did you become the leader. I thought I was doing a good job" I said joking around.

"Are you doubting my hunting and surving skills, Hiccup?" Astrid asked turning around with a smirk on her face.

"No?" I said more of a question. I gulped hoping it was the right answer. Snotloud gave me a look saying I was dead.

"Good. I didn't think so. Besides, the plan was mine." Astrid replied carrying her axe.

"Woah, watch where you point that thing, someone can lose an eye, or a body with that" Tuffnut said.

"That's kinda the idea. If she see's someone dangerous, she attacks. That's the whole reason we have the weapons" Ruffnut said.

We walked into a small lake, it was really small. Then their was fish on the ground.

"Look! Its fish, and we didn't even have to catch it! All we need is a fire now!" Snotloud exclaimed.

"Somethings not right. Why would fish be lying down there?" I asked outloud.

"Are you saying this might be a trap?" Astrid asked not facing me, looking at the fish.

"What if there is someone here stuck on this island along with us?" Fishlegs asked innocently.

"Well I'm starving. Lets go!" Tuffnut said going towards it. Ruffnut, Fishlegs, and Snotloud followed.

"Wait guys! Lets just head back!" I called out going towards them.

"I you Berkians would be gullible enough to fall right into my trap!" Alvin yelled. I tried to run back but Outcasts and Pirated surrounded us.

"How did I know this was going to happen?" I asked to myself sarcastically.

Toothless POV

"I think that's the plan for now. I think we should go our seperate ways for now, the King might suspect something" Stormfly said. We all nodded and left.

"Flame, please tell me you won't go all animal instinct on me" Nightstar looking up at him.

"Nightstar, as much as I would love to tell you that, I can't. I can tell you, that I'll resist as long as possible" I replied.

"Okay, but lets get out of this mood. What do you want to do on our temporary home?" Nightstar asked.

"Lets go outside, and explore for a little bit" I said going out. I looked behind me and I found her following. I landed on the soft sand outside of the mountain.

"This island is pretty small, isn't it?" Nightstar asked.

"Yeah, it only needs to fit only a couple hundred Dragons, along with a gigantic one" I said sarcastically. We walked around it, occasionally glaring at other Dragons. The we had to run into the least species of Dragons I like. Terrors. I don't know why they call them Terrible Terrors. Their nothing but bottom of the food chain Dragons. Well, along with humans. If humans as in packs, it might be possible to defeat us though.

"Hey look its those new Nightfury's!" a Terror said suddenly taking a lot of interest in us.

"What do you want?!" I said hissing at them. I'm getting more irrated them usual. I'm getting back into my preditor self. I took one look at Nightstar, and I regained my calmness.

"Hey! You came into our territory, I don't think you have the right to ask us what do we want!" the Terror snapped back.

"I can easily make this my Territory, and why would I want to purposly run into a low life, helpless, weakling, little Dragon like you?!" I asked growling. I'm having that feeling again.

"Flame? Lets go over there!" Nightstar said taking me away. Before she did, she blew a fireball at the Terror. I smirked at that.

"What was that about?!" Nightstar demanded while sitting up straight on her haunches.

"We each have to defend ourselves, its called surviving!" I said with the same tone as she said.

"Not when you're doing it on purpose. Its not like I like Terrors, but what we're you trying to prove to them?" she asked.

"I was trying to prove that I'm almost the top preditor!" I yelled back in the same tone she had.

"You promised me Flame! Stop acting like this, or else you will never be top preditor, just the next Dragon in line, obeying the King!" Nightstar yelled.

I froze. My head was aching now. If she's not with you, she's against you! I know who that voice was. It was the King's trying to act as my inner instinct. I shook my head. Even the Dragon you've loved most has betrayed you. She's not with you. You have nothing to fight for now. Why not just give in already? If you have no purpose, why fight?

Nightstar POV

I saw Flame shake his head many times. He kept denying things. I came closer to him but he kept backing up. He opened his now slit eyes.

"I'm asuming you've now gone against me?" he asked glaring at me. I was startled now. I got on all fours.

"Depends, what are you going for?" I asked keeping a close eye on him.

"You are just like the others now, aren't you? You're just going to betray me, and leave. I should have just never trusted anyone!" Flame said.

"No, I would never leave you! Flame you promised! What about Hiccup? What about our friends? What about us?" I asked in a weak voice.

"Promises always break. Its better this way. Every Dragon for themselves. Hiccup's just another mere unimportant human. All he did was ruin my tail. Our friends, will only care abou themselves. Now you, you're the question. I'm sure you're just dying to leave this island, and leave me. I can't trust you anymore!" he said.

"You can trust me! We've trusted eachother for a really long time! You can't just deny everything!" I said.

"LIAR!" Flame yelled. He attacked me growling. I dodged it. I was crushed. But I couldn't let my gaurd down now. I can't go soft now. I hissed at him back. He jumped at me full force knocking and pushing me rougly. I got up and swifly attacked from the sides. I managed to catch him off gaurd and I pushed him hard to the ground. Right before I was about to leave I felt four sharp claws swipe me face. It stung badly. I looked up at Flame. For a moment his eyes widened, and I saw deep regret and sorrow in his eyes. They no longer we're slits. I knew this Flame wasn't going to last forever, so I flew as fast as I could away. The last thing I heard him mutter was "Nightstar".

Hiccup POV

"Alright Dragon trainer, weather you like it or not, you're going to help us train these Dragons!" Alvin demanded. Alvin had the guards take us into something close to a dungeon. I rolled my eyes.

"Why in Thor's sake would want to help you?" I asked in a sarcastic voice.

"I you ever want to go home alive, or if you ever want to get home with your friends alive, I recomend you help me!" Alvin yelled.

"So I help you, then their's a 50 percent chance of getting out of here, so then you can use the knowlege I gave you to use the Dragons to attack and kill the people of Berk?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"Don't give me that tone of voice! You should be frightened that I might kill you!" Alvin continued to yell.

"Who are you, my dad? Either way if you kill me, you'll never get the secrets up the Dragons" I asked looking away from him. He grumbled and backed up from me.

"Ugh! As stubborn as your old man. You're going to have to give in sometime, and I'll finally have the secrets of the Dragons. You two, watch them, they are slick, and they can escape easily" Alvin said.

"Yes Alvin" the Pirate and Outcast said standing with weapons on both sides of the dungeon.

"That went down pretty quickly" Fishlegs said sitting on the cold hard floor.

"What are we going to do now? Its not helping that they took Astrid's weapon away!" Snotloud stated.

"I have another plan!" I whispered so the gaurds wouldn't hear.

"What is it, Hiccup?" Astrid asked. I motioned them to come closer to me. The gaurds looked at us suspiciously.

"In the morning, the gaurds will be to busy with the raid, if someone can get the keys, we might be able to get out of here!" I said.

"Ey! What are you prisoners talking about?!" they demanded banging on the bars.

"Oh we're just talking about how miserable we are here!" I said in a fake whining voice.

"Good, you better be miserable! Now quiet down!" the Outcast said.

Nightstar POV

I flew back in the big mountain. I searched for another small cave for me. I knew trouble was going to start if I continued to stay in the same cave with Flame. I started to hear a weak voice in my head as I got into a cave. Ahh Nightstar. I think we both knew this was going to happen. I heard the voice, it just didn't faze me much. Flame left you, he hurt you, do you call that love? I was starting to realize that, that voice was the King. "He didn't mean to hurt me, he was under your spell!" I said outloud. If he wanted to he could gave resisted, but did he? "No he didn't" I muttered. Exactly, either way he was just going to get in your way. Now you know who you can really trust, no one. You have no one to fight for now, or are you going to tell me otherwise? I felt the scratch Flame gave me. I quickly wiped away the blood. What if he's right? Do I have anyone to fight for. Wait, Flame still does love me. I can still save him! Hiccup is still out there, along with the others. All my friends, they still need to get out of here! "No, I will never give in as long as I have something to fight for" I said. Very well, I didn't think you were going to be this difficult. Eventually you will give in, eventually. I sighed and curled up. I still couldn't believe Flame did that. I put my paw over my eye, where part of the scratch was. If I was cold now, I am definatley going to be colder.

~Morning Nightstar Pov~

I woke up hearing the sound from before. I got into the group, and away from Flame. I took one glance at him. His face was serious, and he seemed very angry at everything. He saw I was staring so he glared at me. I gladly returned his glare. "YOU ALL KNOW YOUR JOBS, NOW GO!" The King yelled. I flew very fast blending into the night of the sky. I saw Stormfly and I flew next to her.

"Are you still Stormfly, or have you gone all animal instinct?" I asked.

"I'm still Stormfly, why?" she asked still flying agead taking at least one glance at me.

"Flame, he, he is not himself anymore" I said remaining straight while flying.

"I thought he was going to be the last of us to be in that kind of state" Stormfly said.

"I know, so did I. We fought yesterday, he even gave me this scratch on me" I said not looking at her. She turned to me and gasped. I flew ahead to the village. I attacked as I was supposed to. Flame was being more brutal then usual. I accidentally bumbed into him and he hissed at me.

"Watch where you're going!" he said quickly before we both flew away. I growled. Jackass much? I landed in the village. This wasn't my job, but something caught my nose. I countinued to sniff the scent. There were humans surrounding me. I merely shot a fireball and disappeared into the darkness. I found myself in a particular building. I threw fireballs at two humans killing them. I snapped my head, and found Hiccup and his friends.

"Star? Is that you! I'm so glad to see you! Where's Toothless?!" Hiccup asked in joy. I sighed. I backed up and shot at the metal things they were trapped in. Hiccup got out and petted me.

"Where's our Dragons?" Astrid asked me. I went out and showed them. They all split up and went searching.

"Star, why aren't you taking me to Toothless?" Hiccup asked. I shook my head. The Dragons were beginning to go back to the King. I put Hiccup on my back and I took off. I saw Hiccup get down while he was on my back. When we got there I put Hiccup far away and I waited for the Dragons to dump all their fish. Then they all returned to their spots.

"Star?" Hiccup asked while frowning. I took him outside into the sand.

"Why can't I find Toothless?" Hiccup asked. I put my head down for a bit.

"Is, Toothless, d-dead?" Hiccup asked gulping. My eyes widened a I shook my head many times. I heard him give a sigh of relief. Then I smelled, Flame.

"Toothless!" Hiccup called out running towards him. I used my tail to bring him back to me.

"You bought a human back" Flame said glaring hatrid at me.

"I'm surprised you don't know who he is, Flame!" I hissed at him.

"Yes I do, he's my lunch. I haven't had anything freash to eat in a while" he said licking his lips and heading towards Hiccup. I came in front of him.

"He's not your lunch. Now stay away!" I said growling at him.

"For a second I was almost scared of your threat, but as you wish, I will have to fight for my food" he said. I kept Hiccup behind me. We both stalked eachother, knowing eachothers weaknesses, studying eachothers movements. We pounced. He tryed to get the upper hand by pinning me and trying to scratch me. I used my back legs to push him off. I flew fireballs at him, and he used even more powerfull ones on me. I was not letting Hiccup down. I bit down on his back leg. He was in pain. He had left bruses on me. I knew that Flame was not tired yet though.

"Does it please you to see me like this? Remember how much we used to trust eachother, Toothless?" I asked panting. He froze again. He looked at the scratch he had given me. He started groaning, and he closed his eyes. I motioned Hiccup to come.

"I would of thought you could of fought for Hiccup, or for me" I said lastly. He groaned in pain again. Hiccup and I neared him more. I nugged him carefully. His eyes opened to more dilated eyes. Hiccup came near him and held his palm out.

"Toothless, its me. Don't you remember?" Hiccup asked. Then Toothless put his snout on Hiccup's palm. Flame was now back to normal. He carefully neared me. Our noses touched as I recalled our first meeting. When he pounced on me, we were both competing, when we both wanted to get one another to admit our love, and lastly when we battled that mysterious creature. He gave me a lick. He stared into eachothers eyes for a bit. Then we heard a sound. I looked and saw the rest of our friends.

"So, does anyone have a plan to destroy this monster?" Astrid asked puttimg her hands on her hips.

"I'm guessing we defeat this Dragon, like we defeated the other one" Hiccup suggested.

"First we need to get all the other Dragons out of the cave" Snotloud said.

"Then we make noise, lots of it" Hiccup replied. Then we saw a Thunderdrum come near by, along with some boats.

"Is that my dad?" Hiccup asked. The Thunderdrum landed. Stoick was busy trying to get it steady.

"Dad! How did you find us?" Hiccup asked going up to his father.

"Thornado kept trying to come here, so I figured I'd finally come along, along with some other vikings" Stoick said.

"Okay. Now we need you to make noise the run out the other Dragons inside" Hiccup said.

"What will you all do after that devil comes out?" Stoick asked. Hiccup signaled everybody to come closer to him. They all spoke in whispers. I tried to hear what they were trying to say. My sensitive ears could only pick up a couple things like fly, shoot, and crash.

"Alright, lets go!" Stoick yelled throwing his weapon in the air. He went to the entrance of the cave and him and the other vikings yelled.

Toothless POV

The Dragons inside knew the King would get mad, so they scurried out of there. Then I heard the un mistaken roar of the King. He was furious. With one big stomp on the ground it seemed the it shook. He shook some parts of the mountain off of himself. He saw the humans and stomped towards them. They threw many things at it, while I went to Hiccup.

"You ready, bud? This is not going to be easy. Tell Star to come along, we're going to need everyone's help" Hiccup said hopping on my back. I flew up and signaled Nightstar to follow. I saw Stormfly, Meatlug, Barf, Belch, and Hookfang distracting the King, trying to tire him. I shot a fireball at him. I saw he tripped back.

"Alright, it relies on smelling, so we damage it's nose!" Hiccup yelled. Nightsat shot a fireball at its nose. He started to topple off a little. The King frantically searched with its small eyes. Nightstar and I started shooting from the sides, damging his scales. All of us circled him, and he tried to swipe and eat us, but failed numerous times. I flew one last powerfull fireball at its eyes, while Nightstar continued damaging his nose. That's when we both flew up towards the sky. Hiccup was telling me what to do, but this plan seemed different from the previous one. The King used his huge wings to fly up. The flap had great strength. I saw how his fat body sagged as he flew towards us.

"All you have to do now is guide him in different directions, and confuse him, with Star" Hiccup said. I nodded and flew at a great amount of speed. Nightstar flew next to me now.

"What's the plan?" Nightstar asked calmly as the King was on our tails flying upwards.

"We confuse him by going in every direction" I replied. She nodded and we split up. He seemed confused as we parted. Without his scence of smell, he couldn't track down our exact destination. That's when I randomly zoomed across his eyes. The King was about to chase me down, but Nightstar zoomed on the other side of him. We continued this pattern. You think you can defeat me?! You're both going to die! I ignored the voice. As Nightstar flew in all directions, I attacked from the sides. His fireproof scales were getting injured. I waited for Hiccup's intructions. Yet, he didn't tell me to burn his wings down.

"Now fly down, and fly in all directions with Star" Hiccup said. I started to fly down, and Nightstar copied me. Nightstar and I flew all over him. Then he did something unexpected, he only followed Nightstar. She saw this, but didn't call for help.

"NIGHTSTAR!" I yelled trying to follow her. She went the opposite way. I saw she was really close to the sharp mountain yet, she didn't bring her wings up. Then CRASH! The King didn't realize how close he was to the ground, so he crashed into the sharp mountains, most likely killing him. The mountain all piled on top of him, probably crushing his skull, ribs, and spine. I landed and Hiccup got off me.

"I think we did it, but where's Star?" Hiccup asked. Then the island started to shake.

"The island's sinking! We have got to get out of here!" Stoick yelled. I searched quickly trying to find her.

"Toothless, we have to go!" Hiccup said. I gave him a sad look. Then I looked forward.

"Alright, go, find Star, I'll go with my dad. Just hurry, and be carefull" Hiccup said. I nodded and looked everywhere. The island was rumbling even more. I heard some groaning. I walked oven and took the peices off. It was Nightstar. She was all beaten up, bearly able to open her eyes. I nudged her a little. I saw her green eyes. They looked, like a very light green though.

"We did it" she managed to say not moving at all.

"Nightstar lets go! The island is going to sink!" I said pleading her to come.

"I don't know if I can, I think I'm stuck" she said looking at her leg. I looked down at it, it was tangled up and covered in blood. I used my jaws to break it through.

"I'm not going to be able to fly, just leave, I don't want to drag you down with me" Nightstar said.

"Stop, we both came this far, I'm taking you with me" I said putting her on my back.

"I'm almost leaving, please don't waste your energy" she said almost in a whisper.

"Just stop! Hold on just a little bit more, you've done that for so long now" I said preparing to take off.

"I'm sorry Toothless" Nightstar said. I felt her go limp, and her breathing was dangerously slow. I got out of the island and it sunk down taking the King with it. I flew as fast as I could to Berk. Hiccup and Stoick were just arriving on Thornado. Nightstar slipped off me and Hiccup took a look at her.

"Dad! Help me get Star to Gobber so he can heal her" Hiccup said. He and his dad took her in Hiccup's house. I paced around the door outside waiting so I could enter. I saw my friends come towards me.

"You guys defeated him" Stormfly said softly.

"Nightstar sacrified more than I did" I said lowering my head.

"She'll be alright, right?" Hookfang asked trying to cheer me up.

"I don't know" I said. Then the door opened. Gobber came out and signaled that I can go inside. I quickly arrived by her. Nightstar was curled up in a ball and Gobber had put a bandage by her leg. I slumped down as I looked at her. She seemed unmoving. I nudged her. I had no response. I sighed.

"You are a really stupid Nightfury for doing that, you know. I think you take after me" I said giving a bitter smile.

Then the green eyes opened slowly, and I neared my face close to hers. She got up slowly.

"A little personal space?" Nightstar asked giving me a gummy smile. I started to lick her, much like when Hiccup woke up after we defeated the Queen. She got up and licked me too. I gazed at her perfect green eyes again. I motioned her to come outside. The Dragons neared us and cheered. Hiccup came towards us and gave Nightstar and I a hug.

"That was a very crazy adventure!" Hiccup said laughing.

~Later Hiccup POV~

I was in the Dragon academy with my friends. The Dragons were some other places. Probably resting.

"You know what sucks?" Snotloud asked sitting on the ground.

"You?" Tuffnut asked vefore laughing at his own joke.

"What sucks?" Astrid asked sharpening her axe.

"We never got to find that treasure" Snotloud replied.

"I did get grounded by my dad, I'm pretty sure you all did too" I said shrugging.

"Its not a total loss" Astrid said dropping her axe.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"We had another adventure and I got to spend time with you" Adtrid replied. Then she punched me.

"Wha-?" the I was silenced by her lips on mine.

"Eeww" Snotloud said.

Toothless POV

I lay in the meadow next to Nightstar. The wind blew sofly through the 'dragon nip' and us. We were enjoying the peace. The Dragons from the island either came to Berk, or migrated to some place different. That was certinly a surprise to Stoick. I was once again called a hero. This time I made sure that Nightstar would take most of the credit. The story of how we killed the King, was off course spread around. Stormfly made sure the Terrors would pass the story. Meatlug, continued to stay with Fishlegs. Barf and Belch continued to fight with eachother. Hookfang, well, continued to be Hookfang. The humans celebrated the victory. The Outcasts and Pirates were happy that no more Dragons would take their food. Alvin was mad at yet another defeat, and not being able to use Dragons for war. Then me, I was happy, and enjoying life, now that I know I had something to fight for.

"Finally feels good to be alone with my mate" Nightstar said.

"Yeah it does- wait, what did you say?" I asked very surprised. Nighstar didn't answer me, she just pinned me and licked me.


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