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It was dark by the time Mac Taylor's Avalanche stopped in front of the store, it had been a long day and a weary Mac got out of the vehicle. To the untrained eye, he seemed tired- as if he might fall asleep on his feet, but to the people who knew Mac Taylor, he was alert as he always was. He walked into the store to pick up some groceries for his almost empty apartment. He didn't need much and since he had the following day off, he would only get the barest necessities.

He heard the bus before he turned around and saw it- parked behind his car. The tourist bus was a new thing in New York, as the mayor was trying to make sight-seeing easier and safer for the visitors of his city. Mac just sighed as he saw youngsters screaming and running off the bus. He was about to walk into the store, when he felt the cold metal on his neck. Unfortunately, the shape of it was scarily familiar.

"Turn around," an even colder voice said from behind him. Putting his hands in the air, he turned around slowly- cursing the fact that his gun was in his office and that his badge was still on his belt.

"Just as I thought," the voice laughed; he looked over his shoulder at the rest of the group standing behind him, "Hey, guys, look who we got here! Detective Mac Taylor- the head of the crime lab. Hero cop of New York."

The rest of the gang cheered and clapped. The gunman motioned for Mac to move onto the bus, which was now empty.

"You are coming with us," the gunman said as he pushed Mac towards the back of the bus. He shoved him down and used his own cuffs to restrain his hands in front of him. Mac was trying to find a way to escape, but there were about five of them, including the driver- he wouldn't make it far. He took a good look at the men and was shocked to see them dressed as employees of the tourist bus.

"What do you want?" Mac's voice was strong and calm- nothing betraying the growing panic in the pit of his stomach.

"We are on a mission," the leader said, "nothing you have to worry about." He bent down in front of Mac and removed his shoes and socks. What the man did next made the detective's blood go ice cold and his heart froze in his chest. He placed a small bomb on the floor between Mac's feet, and strapped it carefully to his ankles. When he finished, he sat down next to Mac and draped his arms over Mac's shoulders.

"Now be a good boy and do exactly what we tell you. Our mission doesn't start for a while, so we need you to stay put." He took a needle out of his pocket and showed it to Mac, "This will help you relax and make things a little easier for us, but don't worry, we won't kill you- yet, that is." Mac felt the cold liquid rush through his veins as the needle penetrated his neck. His muscles relaxed and he was overcome by the calm feeling settling into his body. He tried to move his hands and found that he could, but he was uncoordinated and sluggish. There was no way he was going to escape. Before he could try to talk, he felt hands around his neck as his head was secured to the headrest and a blindfold and gag were put into place. His mind seemed to be the biggest traitor of all – he tried to remember the turns the bus took, but his brain just shut down as he fell into a drugged sleep against his will. The tourist bus took off and people just looked on, no one noticing the lone figure at the back, no one realising the danger that was about to hit the heart of New York.

On the other side of the city, Jo was getting lunch ready for Ellie. She was going on a field trip with her class the next day and she was excited. Jo couldn't help but smile. They had been living in New York for close to three years and she had never been able to take Ellie sightseeing. As part of Ellie's history class, they were going on a trip around the city to visit all the historical sites.

Jo took out her phone and dialled Mac's number, hoping that he was available for breakfast before she had to go to work- seeing as it was his first off day in weeks. The phone kept ringing in her ear and she cut it off when she noticed the time. Maybe he was sleeping- it was after eleven at night already, after all. With that thought, she went to bed hoping that her daughter would enjoy her trip tomorrow and that her best friend would enjoy his off day. She fell into a peaceful sleep, not knowing it would be the last she would have for a long time- her worst nightmare was about to come true.

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