Summary: Harry gets cursed and sent back in time. Now he has to find a way to save himself while getting used to the constant presence of his enemy, how does he always gets himself in these things anyway?

Spoilers: if you don't know the books from HP, go read them!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I also do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Plot & Beta: darksnakelordess

Pairing/s in this chapter: GW/HP, RW/HG

Warnings in this chapter: time travel, morbid Harry

Nr words in this chapter: 637





Pet's Curse


"There!" a man shouted in red robes.

Another man looked at where the first was pointing and immediately pointed a dark stick, a wand, to where the first had pointed and at once a red light erupted from the wand. The spell hit a few boxes and caused an animal to jump from there and run the other way. At once the second man hit it with a spell turning him into a human.

"You're under arrest!"

The animagus tried to run but the second man just made ropes appear that locked his arms and legs. The second sighed tiredly as the first grabbed the fugitive thief.

"That was great, Potter." The freshman Auror commented.

The second Auror passed a hand through his raven hair, messing it further than it already was. His bright green eyes had lost half its brightness, but his round glasses were able to hide it unless you looked for it. The 21 year old Auror turned and walked away. Hunting thieves was a freshmen job, but sadly there was nothing else to do. The black haired Auror was sick and tired. He had joined the Aurors to hunt people like… like the man he had killed, like Voldemort.

Harry walked outside the warehouse where he had entered to hunt the thief down. He was tired of this world. He wanted something new…

He wanted… well he didn't know, just a restart.

Harry looked to the night sky. He was sick of all this. He was Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One. You choose a name he was it.

However, he still was sick of his life. He missed the games, the mind games with Lord Voldemort and he missed the fights. He missed…

"Harry!" Harry turned to see his friend Ron running to him. "Have you caught him?"

Harry nodded as he pointed to the door where the newbie was leaving with the thief. Ron smiled and then his eyes landed on Harry.

"You're at that again, aren't you?" Harry looked to his friend. "It's over, move on."

"When are you going to propose to Hermione?"

"Already did that, mate. When are you going to propose to Ginny?"

Harry looked to the moon in silence and then again to his friend, smiling.

"Soon, I'm just waiting for the right moment and the right ring."

Ron smiled.

"Okay mate." Ron passed an arm around Harry's shoulder. "Let's go. Hermione promised a late dinner if I'll bring you along."

Harry nodded, might as well go along after all. It was time to stop wishing for someone to fight with, someone who would be able to hold on against him, someone worth it. It was time to finally settle down and marry Ginny. The red haired witch deserved it after all the time she was waiting for him, after all she had to pass for because of him…


Harry turned to see a dark wizard looking at him. At once Harry grabbed his wand and pointed it to the wizard. The man threw something at Harry and Ron. Immediately, Harry sent his friend to the floor and was hit.

Harry fell to the floor on his knees in pain. Ron grabbed his wand and hit the man with a spell.

"What did you do?"

"I? Nothing. Only the one who cursed that can take it from him."

Ron looked at Harry who was hugging his belly in pain.

"Who cursed that?"

The man laughed evilly and Harry dropped passing out.


"My Lord!"

Harry frowned, it was way too loud. Why couldn't people let him sleep for once?

"What is it?" a cold voice snarled. Where did he know that voice from?

"An Auror appeared on your chair, My Lord."


Harry shivered and opened his eyes and his eyes found red.