Dedicated to Banquo'sGhost for her AWESOME Art on Tumblr and for her current little Story "Crossing the bar."

And to Whom Jennifer 'Jen' Tennyson belongs to properly. Vanessa is MY property and Rook is MAN Of Action's.

Going away for Weekend and didn't feel right, without giving her a little Fairy Tale Parody One-Shot for her to enjoy.

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"Do you know what I want?" Jen asked, feeling awe and fear at the sight of the Dark Spectre Queen of the Sea, An ancient, frightening and powerful Witch, who dwelt in her White Crystal Lighthouse at the base of a Volcano. The Witch was lovely, her long black hair floating around her in a halo, her eyes a shimmering amethyst, skin like a rose and dressed in a red gown.

She appeared human, except for her webbed Sea-Gull feet she had at the end of her legs, which peeked out from under her red dress as she sat on a throne carved from Black marble, surrounded by the various creatures she called Her "Pets."

"Hmm, what can a Mermaid Princess want from a Witch?" Vanessa purred, strolling over to Jen as she absently petted a Shark on it's head.

"You want to be like the Humans to have the Prince you saved to fall in love with you." She says with a sigh, giving Jen a exasperated look of affection. "It's a foolish idea. But have it your own way, beautiful princess."

She snaps her fingers, Cabinets, shell-shelf's and various nooks and cranny's open as potion vials fly out and pour their contents into a cauldron, under which a large blue fire booms to life.

Jen stares at the flame in wonder, her hand gripping her Emerald-Bracelet in some unease.

"You are fortunate, Princess." Grumbled a Piscciss Volann with a jagged scar over his eye. "If you hadn't come here in the next three days, Her highness wouldn't be able to help you for a full year."

Vanessa prepares her potion, a large Black octopus crawls out of nowhere to stir the potion as Vanessa pulls out some pearls from a jar, kisses them, then drops them into the cauldron. Resulting in a jet beam of fire shooting out briefly, before the potion glowed red, Vanessa then pulls out a knife slicing her wrist and letting her green blood fall into the mixture.

AS the drops of blood hit the surface of the drink, the potion became as clear as water, The Dark Spectre Queen of the Sea puled her hand back the wound on her wrist healing instantly.

"The potion I have prepared will, when drunk, will turn your lovely tail into those Clumsy Supports that Men call 'Legs'." Vanessa said, gazing over her shoulder at Jen, stirring the potion as the water steam and bubbled before settling. "But you still won't be a human, only if The Revonnahgander loves you with ALL his heart and marries you, will you become a permanent Human."

Vanessa swam away from the Cauldron, as the Black Octopus stirred it with a ladle, to float in front of Jen, The Witch resting her hands behind her head in a relaxed pose.

"No dancer will be more graceful then you." Vanessa's expression darkened. "But with every step you'll feel Pain, like sharp knives stabbing into your feet. But if you can bear this, I'll help you make your dream come true."

"I want it..." Jen speaks softly, clutching her bracelet tightly. "No matter the pain...I must be with him..."

"DON'T BE HASTY!" Shouted the Witch, interrupting Jen who jumps at the boom of her voice. "That's not All."

Vanessa gently runs her finger's through Jen's short, brown hair, before floating away to pick up a crystal goblet and turns to Jen with it in hand.

"Once you step foot on Land, there is NO going back, after bearing his child you will have a soul." She sways gently, seeming to rift in her mind to some distant memory. "Never again will you be a mermaid, never to plunge beneath the water's back to your parent's Castle, To your Mother, Father, Grandmother or Grandfather."

She then gave Jen a wry smile.

"If the Prince does NOT love you, My Dear. But instead he marries another Girl" Vanessa says, tilting her chin up with a single finger. "You will not live to see another Day," The words were said softly, but her tone darkened. "You will DIE!"

"DIE DO YOU HEAR!? DIE!"The Black Octopus cried out in a high and twisted voice.

"I understand.." Thou her mermaid heart was beating rapidly.

"I hope you do." Vanessa remarked. "It's hard for one SO YOUNG to understand what it means to die."

Jen nodded her head, looking down as she took a deep breath, before looking up to stare defiantly in the Sorceress's face.

"When a Mer-person dies, they become nothing more then a drop of foam..." Jen's eyes dim at mentioning this sad fact. "To forever be driven about by the waves of the Ocean."

"Hmmph." Vanessa chuckled in amusement. "She seems to understand, Boys. Should I give her what she wants?"

"Give her legs! Break her heart!" The Various creatures cried out in sadistic glee.

Vanessa just rolled her eyes at their excitement, Goblet still in hand she scoops up the clear potion into it and turns to hand it to Jen, but as Jen reaches out to take the goblet, The Sorceress pulls it back.

"OH! One more thing, we haven't discussed the matter of payment." Vanessa coyly remarked, trailing her finger across the rim of the crystal goblet.

"What do you want?" Jen looked frantic. "I'll give you Everything I have for the drink!"

Holds out arm to show the golden band with the Hourglass shaped emerald on it.

"This Bracelet?" Jen asked.

"Ha!" Vanessa peered at the Gem, only to laugh, before handing the goblet to her Pices servant as she swims over to a cabinet.

"I appreciate the offer, Angel-fish. The ONE thing of Value, a Emerald that can calm storms, and I've already have one like it." Vanessa spoke over her shoulder, while reaching in and pulling out a necklace, before swimming back over to Jen and holding out for her to see. "I don't even use it, since I already can calm storms on my own."

Jen peered at it in shock, it was her Cousin Gwen's necklace! She couldn't believe her eyes, her Cousin vanished SIX years ago and no one had seen her since. Her parents refused to speak about her or what had happened to her...but Jen ALWAYS wondered about it. Now, she may have finally found out the truth. Her eyes fixated on the swaying emerald, she slowly reached out to touch it in disbelief.

"This Emerald..."

Jen gasped as Vanessa pulled the necklace away, before throwing it over to the Black octopus, who caught it and threw it back into the Cabinet.

"The WORST trade I EVER Made." Vanessa says in a regretful tone. "I WON'T make the same mistake again."

"Then, what do you want?" Jen asks, thou her mind wanders back to the necklace in the cabinet.

A slow smile formed over Vanessa's features, before reaches out to trail a finger up and down the front of Jen's neck.

"THAT which is Most precious to you, Your Voice."

Jen's face paled, as she quickly clutched her throat in alarm.

"But...Oh." A sigh of disappointment bubbled out of her mouth. "How will I Tell Prince Rook how I feel or make him love me?"

Vanessa takes the Goblet from her Servant and parades around Jen holding the goblet high, the entire object begins shining and glistening like a star in the sky.

"You'll have Two legs to dance upon, when you move it'll be like your swimming on land." Coyly holding the goblet in front of her face, blocking it from view as she holds it out to Jen.

"And your Beauty, Your Eyes. Eyes that can Enchant a heart even if it's a hundred times harder then stone." She places the goblet in Jen's hand, and jerks her head at her to prompt her forward.

"Sing! I've taught you my song." The Goblet casts a stunning spectrum of lights onto Jen's face, giving her a angelic appearance. "You can sing more beautifully then ANYONE in the Sea, but it's what I want for my drink. So sing this one last song. Once you finish it, you'll become mute."

She let's go of the Goblet and slowly steps away from The mermaid, letting the shadows of the cave engulf her from sight.

"But everyone who see's you, will think your the most Beautiful woman in the World."

Jen was soon alone in the room, everyone seemed to Vanish, but she knew what she had to do...and as she stared into the Goblet, the image of Rook smiling at her filled her mind. And that made up her mind for herself and for the rest of her life.

~Everything is so dark~

And I know there's something wrong

But I can't turn the light on

In that split second change

When you knew we couldn't hold on

I realized I lived to love you

Save yourself

Don't look back

Tearing us apart until it's all gone

The only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves

But I remember

I won't give up on you

I can feel you in my heart, just show me the way

I don't belong here


I can still see your face

Where it's burned into my mind

I die every time

I close my eyes, you're always there

Save yourself

Don't look back

Tearing us apart until it's all gone

The only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves

But I'm the one who's drowning

Without your love

~I am lost and I can never go back home~

And with that final Note, Jen lifted the goblet and downed the entire potion, the pain shot through her body like fire.

She doubled over in agony, clutching her stomach in pain, trying to cry out, but no longer possessing her own voice. The Little Mermaid soon succumbed to the darkness that consumed her as she was lifted out of the Dark Spectre Queen's abode and onto the above world.