New Chapter. Hope you all read and enjoy. This story was written before "Bros in Space" ep of Ben 10 Omniverse.

Thirty days have passed since the Mysterious young Human had arrived at the Palace, during that whole time, the Inhabitants of the Kingdom worked to repair the damage from the Hurricane that had ravaged their homes, and caused so much destruction in just Two Hours.Rook stayed by the side of the Young Human Girl, attached to a IV Drip to provide her with hydration and sustenance, the only people Rook saw was the Quarian Maid, Aira, Dr. Solus and his Mother, who brought his meals.Rook Worried she would wake at all...but one day...

Jen scrunched her face as she started to wake up, stirring at feeling something cool and damp dabbing against her face. She slowly opened her eyes, seeing the marble of the ceiling startled Jen, for a moment she could not remember where she was or how she got there, but...

"Hello." A Voice greeted.

Jen gasped, sitting up startled, and pulling the blanket up to her chin in surprise.

"Don't be afraid." Rook calmly stated, reaching out to steady her with his hands so she wouldn't jar the I.V. in her arm.

"No one will harm you here." Rook reassured. He then turned to the Young Maid in a strange helmet outfit.

"Tali, could you fetch the Doctor?"

"Yes, Sire." Tali, for that was the Aliens name, bowed her head and scurried out of the room.

Rook turned to Jen, who sunk back onto the mattress, once she got over the shock of being here on land with Prince Rook.

"I found you out on the Beach, right before a terrible Hurricane struck our Kingdom." Rook smiled gently at Jen, causing her to smile bashfully at him. "Someone once saved my life in the same way. What's your name?"

"..." Jen opened her mouth, but thou Jen had tried to speak her name. Nothing came out.

Jen clutched her neck in surprise; unsure at first why she wasn't speaking, but the event's from before came back ALL too vividly.

"Then, what do you want?" Jen asked.A slow smile formed over Vanessa's features as she swam over to float in front of Jen before reaching out to trail a finger slowly up and down the front of Jen's neck."THAT which is most precious to you, Your Voice."

Jen shut her eyes in a moment of grief, turning away from Rook in despair, for now she could NEVER tell Rook who she was, what she was, or how much she felt for him.

Rook stared at Jen in confusion; a heartbroken expression came over her face, biting her bottom lip in misery it seemed. Her head turned to him and her eyes shut tightly to stave off tears that were forming.

"Are you, alright?" Rook reached out, placing his hand gently over her bracelet wearing hand in compassion. Jen jumped slightly, but looked down in wonder at his hand, slowly turning her gaze up to face him.

"What's wrong?" Rook questioned again, before realization dawned upon him and blinked several times in surprise. "Oh! You can't speak?"

Jen shook her head, patting her throat, before nodding that he was correct.

"Oh Dear..." Rook's eyes hooded in saddened, sympathy. "That is unfortunate, I was hoping you could tell me what happened or where you came from..."

A silence fell over the two, Jen sad but happy to be with Rook, but unable to speak her feelings of Happiness. Rook giving the Mystery Human some silence for her suffering such a ordeal that took her voice.

The Door creaking open caught their attention, as The Salarian Doctor Mordin Solus entering, followed by a Asari, Tali and Rook's Sister, Princess Aira.

"Well, now, how is the patient today?" Mordin spoke in a chipper tone. Coming over as Liara, the Asari, held his doctor's bag, Mordin held up his arm which glowed a Orange Neon color, waving it over Jen.

Startled, Jen ducked under the covers to the surprise of everyone in the room, Rook standing to pull the covers down off of Jen.

"Hmmm...Shy and Anxious behavior, suggests severe trauma, must factor in OTHER influences." Mordin turns to Rook. "Has she talked yet about what happened, Sire?"

"No." Rook grunted, having managed to pull the blankets off Jen. "And I don't think she will be able to..."

Rook left the sentence with the hanging suggestion of what Jen had lost.

"Oh, Goddess, she can't speak?" Liara gasped, hand covering her mouth in shock.

"Poor thing." Aira commented, seating herself on the other side of the bed to reach out and stroke Jen's hair comforting, who flinched in surprise, but finally calmed down when she realized there was no harm to befall The Poor Mermaid.

"You needn't be afraid, Princess. Doctor Solus is simply checking you for injuries, as he is a Doctor." Rook soothed. Taking her hands in his and gently rubbing his thumb over the section between her thumb and pointer finger. "I promise, your safe as long as your here."

Jen beamed brightly at Rook, calming down and smiling gently upon hearing his words.

'I know you will keep me safe, My Prince.' Jen said in her mind. 'Just as I kept you safe in the storm and stayed by your side, until help came to take you back to your home.'

"I think she understands." Tali piped up, taking the discarded washcloth and placing it back into the basin of water on nearby table.

"Of course, no evidence to suggest brain trauma, despite being unable to speak at present time." Mordin carried on, taking a syringe he quickly stuck Jen in the arm, at the same time pulling out the I.V.

Jen yelped silently, slapping Mordin's hand sharply in a anger, causing startled laughter to erupt from the females and a scolding glance from Rook to be aimed at Mordin.

"Doctor, I'd appreciate a warning next time. She IS a Guest in the Palace."

"Of Course, just wanted to inject Medi-gel to heal up hole from I.V. and restore stamina." Mordin says, rubbing his hand to soothe the pain from the slap. "But, at least we know reflexes are working."

Jen pouted, rubbing the spot where she was stuck, but lightened up when Rook held up her hand to examine her bracelet.

"I don't suppose this could be a clue to ascertain who she is, Doctor?" Rook asked.

"Hmmm." Aira and The Doctor leaned in to gaze at the Golden Bracelet, taking in the detail of the craftsmanship and the Emerald.

"I don't recognize it." Aira spoke up, shaking her head as Mordin nodded in agreement. "And I have been in the Library a lot with Liara studying ancient Civilization's."

"Hmmmm." Rook studied the Bracelet in interest for it seemed...familiar.

As Rook was studying her bracelet, she realized something that had completely slipped her mind, that she had legs!

Jen pulled back the blankets to dangle her legs over the side of the bed, staring down at them in wonder, long, slender, and the same pale color as the rest of her body.

'She really did it! The Dark Spectre Queen gave me legs for my voice!'

Jen cheered in her mind, putting her feet down to the floor, do eager to take her first step as a human!

But in her excitement, she had forgotten a very important fact, Vanessa had warned of Pain with every step on land.

Jen opened her mouth in a silent scream of agony, it felt like a sharp jagged knife had been DRIVEN through the sole of her new feet, her knee's buckles and stiffened as she fell to the floor.

"Look out!" Rook had walked around the bed, keeping an eye on Jen as she started to get out of bed and leaping forward to catch her in his arms.


"Child, are you alright!?" Aira and Uuba had yelped in alarm, grateful Rook was there to catch her so quickly.

Jen leaned heavily against Rook, tears streaming down her face, clutching at her stiff leg from the sudden pain as Rook lifted her up in his arms and helped her back into bed.

"You must not move so quickly." Scolded Rook, settling Jen back into bed and tucking her in. "Your still weak from your ordeal."

Jen stared at Rook, slightly dazed, but grateful none the less that he was by her side.

"But don't you worry, Child." Uuba comforted, stepping over to pat her on the head with a comforting stroke of her hair. "We will see to it that your nursed back to Health."

Uuba nodded to Mordin who nodded in silent agreement, he would see to the Humans care, while Liara, Tali and Aira soon took their leave, soon to return, of course.

"I will go through Aira's wardrobe with her and see if we can't find a suitable dress for her." Uuba said to Rook, before smiling at Jen who returned a small one of her own.

"Now, Child, you just rest and my Son will look after you, with the devotion of a brother. Right, Rook?"

"Of Course, Mother." Rook replied.

As they all left the room, Rook gazed at Jen again, before gently taking her hand in his and patted it comfortingly.

"If it pleases you, I would like to figure out your name."

Jen looked up, confused by Rook's question, but nodded her head giving him leave to try it.

"Is it...Beatrice?" Rook chuckled as Jen's face broke into a mortified, and disgusted expression.

"Okay, No...Susanna?" Jen shook her head. "Helena?" Again a shake of the head. "Eva?" Another shake. "Diana?"

Jen looked at Rook, face scrunched into a thoughtful expression, Jen reached to touch her left wrist and an idea struck her, face lighting up in realization.


Jen reached over to pat Rook's leg, who's eyes were shut and in the thinker pose, but shot open when he felt her touch.

"Yes?" Rook's eyes flickered down to where she had her fingers, tapping against the Emerald on her bracelet.


"Yes, I see it." Rook acknowledged, but saw that she insisted he keep his eyes on her person. "Yes, it's a lovely Gem."

The Human then touched herself on the chest, to indicate herself, then pointing at the gem.

"Yes. And a Very Lovely, Human Girl." Rook said with a chuckle.

Jen rolled her eyes, flattered, but pointed at the Emerald Twice, then back to herself for a while.

"Gem? Gem?" Rook looked from the 'Gem' to 'Jen.' "Oh! I-is that your name then, Gem?"

Jen reached up her fingers to make 'Little' pinching gesture with her fingers, but taking Rook's hand in her's and pointing at her 'Gem' and tracing a symbol on the palm of his hand.

"N-Gem...Gen...Jen?" Rooks eyes lite up a it dawned upon him.


Jen eagerly nodded in head in answer.

"Jen! Well now..." Rook's eyes softened as he gazed at Jen, his hand still held by her own. "It is a extraordinary Human."

Jen smiled bashfully, looking down with Rook to see they were still holding hands, blushing the two pulled their hands apart.

"I..." 'Ahem!' Rook cleared his throat as he stood up from the bed. "I should, probably go fetch you some food." Rook turned to go, but turned back around.

"Oh! If your wondering where your necklace is..." Rook gestures to the drawer next to the bed. "I had it put in there, that way it wouldn't get tangled or choke you..Well, then..."

Rook stared at..."Jen" who stared back, both unsure what to do, before rook clasped his hands behind his back and bowed his body forward, before turning and leaving the room.

Jen sat in the bed, unsure of what to make of her new current position, but she knew she was gonna make the most of it, and Rook's love