Love: That Four Lettered Word

Disclaimer: I don't own a thing. Spare my life, please. Also, I know it might suck but, who cares!

One-shot #1: Bird Chasing

Soaring above in the clouds with Spyro made her realize what love truly is. He felt bad that people were cautious to approach her, as if she would set them on fire once they got close. So naturally, he invited her for a little glide in the skies. Watching him glance at her with smiles and laughter made her heart flutter with glee.

They would race about, zip through the clouds, and try to frighten birds nearby. She was thoroughly amused as he tried to catch a bird.

Giggling, she flew over to him after another failed attempt. "Let me!" she said, flying to a nearby flock.

Cynder slowly got in close, making little movement with her wings. Finally, when she was close enough, she opened her jaws and snapped at them, successfully capturing two in her mouth. Making way to a stunned Spyro, she spat out the birds in front of him.

"How's that?" She asked. Blinking, he said, "Wow. Cynder, that...that was amazing!" he praised her.

"You really think so?" She said, hope rising in her voice. "I know so." He said coming closer, looking into her eyes, his breath tickling her scales. Sky blue met golden brown, and in that moment, everything just clicked. They were meant to be together, both made for each other.

"Why don't we, uh, take this to my den?" The golden horned dragon shyly asked.

A teasing grin appeared on her features. " I believe we will. Race you there, Purple!" She exclaimed before flying off.

"You're purple too!" He called out, racing after her, a playful grin on his face. There's no way he would let her win!