FaithInBones and I were exchanging emails about the actor that plays Gibbs' father on NCIS and Booth's grandfather on Bones. Rather than them being the same person, one of us (I don't remember which of us now, and I'm unwilling to go check ;-D) posited that perhaps they are identical twins "Jackson" and "Hank" . . . . but why would they have different last names? Adopted? Switched at birth? Strangers who look alike? Daddy was the milkman?

Well, all of those were intriguing ideas. Those of you who follow FaithInBones in the Bones fandom, may have figured out that all one needs to do is suggest an inkling of a story and she is off and running! She's amazing! As a result of our email exchange, a collaboration was born, and thus this fic.

If there is interest in the story, we will be posting on Fridays. We are both aware that fics seem to get lost in the crossover area, so FaithInBones will be posting the story in the Bones fandom, and I will be posting here in the NCIS fandom. Because of how we are handling the writing and editing, the chapters in the two fandoms will be nearly identical. However, we are both tweakers of stories, so there may be some things that she tweaks before posting, that I don't . . . there may be some things that I tweak, that she let's slide. None of the differences will be germane to the story line - and, like identical twins - the differences may be hard to find, so you won't have to read the same chapter in each fandom (unless you would like to).

We both love reviews, and would love to hear what you think about our exploration of the familial relationship between Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Seeley Joseph Booth. We hope it's a fun ride for you . . . . we're having lots of fun with it!

BTW, in case anyone may have believed otherwise, neither one of us is an owner of either Bones or NCIS.

Booth was sitting in his office talking to Charlie when 'Hot Blooded' sounded from under a pile of reports on his desk. Balancing a pile of folders, Booth found the phone and answered the call, "Booth".

"Hey, Booth." Brennan said in an apologetic tone, "I'm going to have to stay later tonight. A body is being sent over from NCIS. Their Medical Examiner, Cam knows him his name's Donald Mallard, called and wants help identifying a body that was found at Naval Station Norfolk a couple of days ago. He's making arrangements to have the body sent to the Jeffersonian this afternoon and he and a Special Agent Gibbs will be escorting the body. I expect them to arrive in about thirty minutes."

Feeling the hair rise on the back of his neck, Booth scowled. "Gibbs? Not Jethro Gibbs?"

Surprised, Brennan replied, "Yes. Yes, it is Jethro Gibbs. Do you know him?"

Sighing, Booth thumped his left fist against the top of his desk, "I've never met him; but, I know who he is. I'll be over in a little while."

"That's not necessary, Booth." Brennan replied, "If you could pick up Christine from Daycare, you can just head home. Hodgins and Cam are staying and I'll ask one of them to drive me home when I'm ready."

"No, that's okay. I'll pick up Christine; but, I'm coming by the Lab. I'll ask Angela if she could watch her for awhile." Trying to keep the strain from his voice, Booth continued, "I want to meet this Jarhead Gibbs."

"Booth is this a military thing?" Brennan questioned.

Laughing, Booth replied, "No it's a family thing, Bones. Gibbs is a relative. I promise I'll explain tonight. I have to go. I'll see you in a couple of hours. I love you."

Ending his call, Booth immediately called his grandfather. "Hey Pops, guess who's about to walk into the Jeffersonian to work with Bones."

"I'm fine, Seeley. Thank you for asking. Good to hear from you, too." Hank Booth responded to his grandson. "Now that we have the greetings out of the way, who is working with Temperance?"

"Sorry, Pops." Booth apologized. "I guess I was a little distracted. Anyway, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is on his way over to the Jeffersonian."

"Seeley, watch that temper of yours. I mean it. Leroy doesn't have anything to do with that business between Jackson and me. Your father should have never told you about it in the first place. I want it forgotten. It's done. We're done."

"I'm not going to cause any trouble Pops. I'm just letting you know that I'm finally going to meet the famous Leroy Jethro Gibbs."


"Pops, don't worry about it. It's cool. I'm cool. I have to go. I'll talk to you later. Bones and I will bring Christine up to see you this weekend. We'll call on Saturday to set up a time. Okay?" Booth asked.

"Don't try to change the subject on me young man. You behave yourself with Jethro. I mean it." Hank replied.

"Love you, Pops. Talk to you Saturday." Booth responded and quickly disconnected the call.


Arriving at the Lab, Booth carried Christine over to Angela's office. Glancing up at the platform as he walked by, Booth saw that Brennan's company had already arrived. He assumed that the tall silver haired man standing near the top of the steps was Gibbs, Booth stopped and studied the man. Although he wore civies, and the haircut was a bit shaggy for a Marine, Booth recognized the military bearing.

Gibbs, feeling someone staring at him, turned to see a tall, dark haired man holding a baby in his arms. The cold look the man gave him caused him to wonder who he was.

Booth scowled, raised his eyebrows and turned to walk down the hallway to Angela's office. Entering her office, Booth smiled, "Hey Angela, did Bones ask if you'd be able to watch Christine for a little while?"

Nodding her head, Angela stood up and walked across the room holding her hands out toward the baby. Pulling Christine into her arms, Angela walked over to the playpen she had set up in the corner of her office. "Yes, of course, it's fine." As she placed Christine in the playpen she looked back at Booth, "Bren seemed a little confused when she asked, but you go ahead, Christine and Michael can bond. I'll be right here. I have a few things I need to take care of before I can go home for the day, anyway."

Smiling, Booth exclaimed, "Thanks, Angela! You're the best."

Nodding, Angela laughed, "Yeah, I know."


Arriving at the steps to the platform, Booth slid his card through the reader and walked slowly up the steps. The silver-haired man had moved around to the other side of the platform and watched the newcomer as he came up onto the platform. Cam, Bones, and an elderly man with glasses stood looking down at what Booth assumed was the victim.

Ignoring Gibbs, Booth walked over to the exam table and asked, "That's the body?"

Looking up from the table, Cam replied, "That's what we've been told."

Brennan watching Cam pick up pieces and study them, remarked, "Dr. Mallard says the body was found in several bags behind the NEX."

Pursing his lips, Booth replied, "How can you tell it's a body? It looks like dog food to me."

Holding up a human eye, Brennan responded, "There are two of these."

Nodding his head, Booth replied, "Ok, yeah I see."

Hearing Gibbs laugh quietly, Booth ignored him and walked over to the railing on the opposite side of the platform and leaned against the railing. Staring at the other man with an expressionless face, Booth pulled his poker chip out of his pocket and started rubbing it between his thumb and index finger.

Curious, Gibbs walked over to where Booth was standing and asked, "And who are you?"

Ignoring him, Booth turned and stared at Brennan and Cam.

Daisy, standing next to Brennan decided that she'd answer the question. "That's Special Agent Seeley Booth. He's liaison between the FBI and the Jeffersonian."

Feeling Booth turn his frown toward her, Daisy hunched her shoulders and turned back to look at the body bits on the table.

Gibbs, stared at Booth, reached out his hand and introduced himself, "I'm NCIS. Special Agent Leroy Gibbs."

Ignoring the out-stretched hand and shrugging his shoulders, Booth pushed away from the railing and walked past Gibbs toward the stairs. Standing in front of the stairs, Booth stared at Brennan for a few minutes. "I'm going to Angela's office, Bones. If you need me for anything, I'll be there."

Puzzled, Gibbs watched Booth walk down the stairs and down the hallway. Ducky, having witnessed Booth's rudeness, walked over to Gibbs and asked, "Do you know him?'

Staring at the retreating Booth, Gibbs replied, "Maybe. I'm not sure."

With a slight smile on his face, Ducky folded his arms across his chest, "Well apparently he knows you."

Brennan, glancing towards Gibbs, remarked, "I think Booth is related to you."

Surprised, Ducky looked back at Gibbs, "Oh. That's interesting."

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