Raven and Robin were sitting in the common room talking when the alarm started to blare. Raven and Robin ran to the computer as the others were running in.

"Who is it this time?" Beastboy said mad that this is the fifth time he has been out on a mission today.

Robins only response was "Slade."

At the scene:

" SLADE! What do you want?" Robin yelled as they circled in around him. Raven ran next to him and kind of hid behind him. Even though she said she wasn't afraid of him anymore secretly she was.

"Well hello titans, Raven. If i'm correct isn't today your 16th birthday?" Slade said smirking behind his mask.

"Titans Go!" Robin yelled. The titans sprang into action cyborg shooting his cannon, and starfire her starbolts. "Raven? Are you ok?"

Raven just stood there visibly shaking. " Raven. Stay close to me ok?" Robin told her feeling the fear through the bond that they have shared for a year and a half now. The only thing Raven could do is nod and her and robin joined the fight.

Slade immediately took everyone down and went for Raven and Robin. " Raven I have a birthday gift for you."

" keep it i'm not interested." She said backing up behind Robin.

"What if I don't want to keep it?" He said walking closer to them.

Robin got out his bo staff got in front of Raven. " Leave her alone Slade!"

Slade kicked at Robin and he jumped back. Slade threw punches so fast robin missed one and it knocked him down.

"ROBIN!" Raven yelled and ran beside him. "Are you ok?" Robin nodded.

"Well, Well, Well, someone cares don't they…? Never thought someone would like a dark bird." Slade said in a clod voice. Robin growled through his teeth then looked to see Raven turn her head and stand up.

"At least I have people that care instead of some worthless villain who is to chicken to ask for something and he has to take it . oh did I hit a button?" Raven said smirking and brought her hood down.

"You better watch your mouth you little demon."Slade said back to her. Rave shot him with her magic obviously pissed.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT! IM NOT A DEMON IM HALF YOU WORTHLESS SERVANT!" Raven screamed. Slade kicked her in the face and she fell next to robin.

"Now time for your present. Come to think of it where's mine?" he asked being stupid. Suddenly he heard a voice he has never heard before.

"Right here." The voice said when Raven and Robin looked Ravens face lit up and robin looked confused. All he saw was a girl in a uniform close to Ravens except her cloak was purple and her eyes were an icy blue. Suddenly she shot magic just like Ravens except white and knocked slade into a building. "Now get away from my sister."

"I will be back titans." Slade said as he ran off.

The girl floated down to the ground and looked at raven. "Aren't you supposed to be the one saving me?" she asked giggling a bit suddenly a lamp blew up. "oops." Was all she said.

Raven jumped up and hugged her. "Shut up jay. What are you doing here how did you get he-"

"Raven who is this?" Robin asked as the rest of the titans came behind him.

"This is Blue jay but she goes by jay... we have been best friends since we were little."Raven explained.


"Umm, purple, sing, azarath, and yes." Jay answered... Starfire scream and jumped on Jay. "AHHH please let go now please let go."

"Hey Jay I'm Robin, this is Starfire, Cyborg, and-"Robin stopped as Jay interrupted.

"Hey Garfield or should I say brother." Jay smiled as she hugged him. He hugged her back and said they will talk later.