Magic Shadows


"Shinobi are truely one with the shadows."

An old man sat in his large, circular office intently searching through research material. Around him was the whistling and clacking of mysterious magical objects. The man himself wore unique if not somewhat eccentric wizard robes, bright blue in color spotted with purple and silver stars. This man was Albus Dumbledore. His long silver hair and beard brushed lightly against an ancient scroll he was reading.

'Off all of the magical feats, the seperation of the Elemental Continent was certainly the greatest... required a large amount of both chakra and magic perfectly syncronized... leaving the Shinobi to their own means separated from the rest of the magical community and the world...'

Truly amazing. It seems that in sifting through these ancient scrolls and texts, he had come across something truly amazing. Not just shinobi, but a whole continent hidden and separated from the world that was so ancient that none remembered the time when they had been united. He was truly curious as to the nature of these shinobi and the aspects of their culture.

He continued to unravel the scroll, reading through it methodically searching for his answers.

'Shinobi are truely one with the shadows. They are mercenaries, capable of great power that only listen to the orders of their Kage. However, with great power comes many misconceptions. Once a contract as been made with shinobi, it will be completed to the fullest extent... wide range of skills from completing meanial chores to infiltrations, assassinations, interrogation, guarding, torture, espionage, and escorts...'

Guarding. Now that gave him an idea. With the reconstruction of the Order of the Phoenix and with war quickly approaching, the danger for Harry Potter, as well as all of Hogwarts was quickly growing. He would further research about these shinobi and looking to finding a way to contact one of these Kage. So with a new idea growing in his head, Albus Dumbledore set about to prepare for the future.