Betrayal In Its Most Simplest Form


"You should not push yourself."

Akashi grabbed the injured teen around the waist to help him hop over to the couch and sit. Kuroko slowly settled himself on the brand-new couch and winced when a pain in his abdomen flared up. Akashi noticed the flinch. "Are you in pain? Your father has the prescribed medicine for you."

"I am fine," Kuroko said. "I only need a small break right now."

The Generation of Miracles were throwing a welcoming party for Kuroko. It wasn't exactly a party, per se, but there was vanilla cake, Seirin's basketball team came, and there were decorations. Seirin had made a big deal of seeing Kuroko after what seemed like weeks (it probably was weeks, but with Kuroko's fuzzy mind, he couldn't remember). His coach had hugged him as tightly as she could without reopening his wounds, and told him she was sorry for the car accident. Kuroko, knowing this was the lie Kagami came up with, only nodded and greeted everybody politely.

The boys of Seirin didn't take Akashi too well. Then again, anybody outside the Generation of Miracles, Rakuzan and his parents didn't take the red-head well, either. Hyuuga took one look at the short captain before raising two incredulous eyebrows. "You're the crazy and possessive one from last time!"

The Generation of Miracles stopped their chatter. Movements stilled. Slowly, one by one, each colored head turned to stare at the daring captain of Seirin. Rin and Hayato gave Hyuuga a gaze of disbelief, wondering if there was any other person in the world as stupid as Hyuuga. Haru pretended not to hear anything and left to tend to his new kitchen, not wanting to be part of the soon-to-be-disaster. Everybody but Kuroko and Akashi in the room waited with bated breath. Seirin held their breath, too, feeling the sudden tense and frightening atmosphere. Kuroko scrunched his eyebrows at Hyuuga.

You will be remembered, Senpai, the injured boy thought.

Akashi and Kuroko left a groaning and moaning Hyuuga in the living room and made their way toward the stairs. The teal-haired teen hadn't been able to explore the rest of the new house, so he was going to take the opportunity to see his room.

"Tetsuya?" Haru rushed over to his son at the foot of the stairs. "Are you all right? Do you want to rest?"

"I'm fine, Otou-san," Kuroko assured him. "I want to see my room."

"Ah," his father nodded. "It's up the stairs and first door to the left. Catherine-san helped me decorate it, since I don't know how to decorate appropriately myself." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Do you want me to help you up?"

Kuroko shook his head and leaned agaist Akashi. The taller teen welcomed him. "Akashi-kun will help me. Otou-san should get back to cooking. I smell something burning."

The father widened his eyes, realizing his American dish he was trying to cook was still frying on the pan. "Oh! You're right. Akashi-kun, can you give Tetsuya his prescribed medicine once he gets to his room? It should be on the desk. He needs it at this hour." Haru turned to rush back to the kitchen where the burning arome was emitted. He didn't see the slight nod of Akashi.

"What do you think you are doing, Tetsuya?"

Kuroko froze, his good foot on the first step, while a hand held onto the railing for support. "Going to my room?"

Akashi observed him. Then shook his head. "You are not going up the stairs on your own." The red-head bent down.

Kuroko, aware at what he was about to do, immediately tried to recoil. He couldn't do much, though, because of his broken leg. "No, Akashi-kun! Don't—" He did it anyway. Akashi swooped up his partner easily and carried Kuroko in his arms. The teal-head struggled half-heartedly, knowing he wouldn't win. "Your actions are extremely dislikeable," Kuroko stated with a frown.

His former captain smirked. "Are they?"


Entering the destined room, Akashi shook his head and laid Kuroko gently on the blue bed. The smaller teen readjusted himself so that he was sitting against the wall with multiple pillows against his injured back. This gave him a good view of his room.

It was simple. It was blue. It was basketball-styled.

It was what Kuroko wanted.

I will have to thank Catherine-san later, he noted.

"Take it and drink, Tetsuya," Akashi ordered. He held out three pills, powdered medicine, and a glass of water. "The directions states to take one at a time. It also says to take all of the powdered medicine." He raised an expectant eyebrow at Kuroko. The red-head knew Kuroko disliked powdered medicine the most.

Kuroko held in a small grimace and took the pills first, one by one. He then opened the packet carefully.

"All of it."

His right blue eye twitched in annoyance. He poured the whole thing in his mouth before quickly downing the water to avoid the taste. However, after he swallowed, some of the taste lingered on his tongue. "That should not exist," Kuroko stated blandly as he handed the packet back to Akashi to throw away.

"Hm." The red-head threw the trash in a nearby trash-can before joining Kuroko on his soft, new bed. He too readjusted himself until it was his chest Kuroko was leaning against. Their position was typical; Kuroko was inbetween Akashi's legs with his back against the red-head's chest. Akashi had his arms wrapped gently around Kuroko's waist. "Are you in pain?"

"Akashi-kun, I'm fine."


"I won't call you Seijuro."

"Oh?" Akashi leaned forward so that Kuroko could see his face. "Tetsuya, are you disobeying me?"

He stared stubbornly at the smirking face. Akashi took it to his advantage and stole the chapped lips softly. Kuroko, taken by surprise, could only kiss back at the last second. "You can't always do that, Akashi-kun," he said once they pulled back.

"Do what, Tetsuya?"

"Don't act innocent."

"I am acting innocent?" Honestly, nobody could put the words 'innocent' and 'Akashi' in the same sentence.

Kuroko didn't answer and only leaned his back carefully, more against Akashi's body. The red-head responded with a light kiss to his teal locks. They sat in a comfortable silence until Kuroko broke it with a quiet voice, "Akashi-kun . . . I am thinking of visiting Okaa-san. In the prison."

Akashi's grip on Kuroko tightened subtly. "They will not permit her visitors unless she is on good behavior and is stable. I doubt that will happen soon."

"I know, but," Kuroko pressed his lips together. "I . . . just want to see, even after a few years, if she would remember me. . . . If she regrets that . . ." his voice trailed off.

"Tetsuya, I will say this now, and I will say it again, no matter how cruel." Akashi tilted Kuroko's head with two fingers under his chin. "Kuroko Ibuki, a person who does not deserve the title 'Okaa-san' as you call her, does not care, and shall not care for you. She will care for herself, and she will live that way behind the bars we have put her in. Any kind act she puts for you, or to anyone, will only be an ambition for herself. Do not even think of forgiving her for the scars she has put onto you." Akashi lightly traced the stitched gash on his collar bone. His red-and-yellow eyes hardened. "Understand?"

Kuroko casted his eyes. "Hai," he quietly replied.

Akashi captured his lips. Kuroko didn't respond at first, but he soon gave in to the heated lips of Akashi's. He tilted his head hesitantly, and grabbed onto Akashi's shoulder to steady himself. The red-head responded by pulling him closer. "Do not worry yourself over trivial matters," Akashi murmured against his lips. "Sevaine Ibakmi is someone who is condemned by Mother and Father. Your father has bought a new house, the three corporations will be split between three people, Ryouta's parents have now regained their lives back, and I believe a person named Adela Catherine is taking interest in your father."

Kuroko widened his eyes ever so slightly. "Catherine-san. . .?"

"It's over, Tetsuya," Akashi leaned his head against Kuroko's. "Rid yourself of that woman. Your life will start here. You will be with me. No one will dare to hurt you, again."

Kuroko felt an extremely heavy burden lifting from his shoulders. He felt light, and he felt relieved—more so than at the hospital. Something had been holding him back, and it was his denial of his mother's situation. He collapsed against Akashi and grasped the back of his red shirt.

Kuroko closed his eyes. He inhaled the distinctive scent of his lover's.

Then exhaled.

"Hai, Akashi-kun."


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