Story Statistics ~ Small continuation of Betrayal in Its Most Simplest Form

Hello! It's been awhile, Betrayal Fans :) My deepest appreciation to all of you whom have reviewed, read, and/or supported me throughout the way for this story. I have learned a lot writing my first fanfiction, and I'm glad it turned out to be such a huge success! I'm now on my way writing another long fanfiction, Whispering Fireworks.

I planned to do this for Betrayal In Its Most Simplest Form, but I wanted to give more readers settled. As I still read the oncoming reviews, I've noticed a pattern in a flaw I've been criticized on: Kuroko's weak personality. And so, because I don't want this to be an author's note (against the rules, anyway), I will show you the statistics I had in mind for this story.

And . . . sigh, because some people might have been excited I was suddenly writing again for this story, I did write a small continuous Betrayal at the end to satisfy you guys. I'm sorry to say there will be no sequel. I did realize this story is still the second-most popular story by reviews for the Kuroko no Basuke fandom ^^, and I noticed my story was asked around in Tumblr xD Thank you guys. Thank you so very much.

Scroll all the way at the end if you want to simply read the part I wrote as a continuation of Betrayal.

Kuroko Tetsuya:

Age: 16

Height: 168 cm (Around 5'5" – 5'6")

The analyzation of Kuroko is soley based on the fact that he's abused. He's abused. Character development and traits are changed drastically on just that one point. Many have said he acted too weak, too 'submissive', but I do think we should take into account he is abused.

Abuse changes many people. The most likely reaction it would do to the victim would be seclusion. Their state of mind would not allow them to speak up, fight, or simply relax. Kuroko's immediate character change from fierce to weak is not surprising. His mother hurts him.

This is why I also wanted to incorporate Akashi's instructional skills on Aikido, a Japanese martial arts. To have the courage to stand up to your daily attacker is something that's an accomplishment to the victim, and I wanted Kuroko to have some of that 'deadpan, fierce' original character to him. With the past abuse, however, Kuroko will not be the same in my story.

Kuroko was very willing to go along with Akashi—some might even say 'submissive' (though I woudn't use that word to describe him). An abused victim usually clings on to a supporter that could help them, if they had not given up already. Akashi ignitioned the struggle towards Ibuki, and therefore, Akashi will be the one Kuroko leans onto.

So, in argument, no, I do not think Kuroko was too weak in this story. He had to be weak in order to have Akashi play a role and to fit the role of an abused son. I can't make this unrealistic and have Kuroko be beaten up to encounter death every time, but act normal right after.

Of course, there are still many flaws I can fix in Kuroko's character, which I may be doing when I finish my other stories. Betrayal in its Most Simplest Form was a test run, a fanfiction I wanted to play around with, and I'm extremely glad people enjoyed it :)

Akashi Seijuro

Age: 16

Height: 173 cm (5'6"-5'7")

In the beginning, I made Akashi way too much of a caring character. I cringe as I read the beginnings of my chapters. I soon realized he was a little out of character, and tried to harden him and create him to be stronger. There were many times where I took it too far because, well, Akashi's my favorite character xD I started fangirling, and the likes, and I seriously was excited to write him. Especially now! Have you read the latest Kuroko no Basuke chapters? Sigh, so many AkaKuro moments.

Putting two OCs (Hayato and Rin) helped with Akashi's character development because they both were lawyers. Having Akashi as the prosecutor was a bit of a stretch, but this is fiction, haha. And there are cases teenagers can be a prosecutor, given the circumstances. His parents were influential lawyers as well.

It was hard at first to write Akashi since he's such a comlex character. He's caring for his teammates (Kuroko no Basuke game), yet he can be ruthless. I had to get used to having ONLY him calling the Miracles' by their full, first names (Woo, did you guys hound me for that xD), but it's now fun writing him :D

After this point, characters are in alphabetical order by last name. My OC's have more statistics and traits to them :)

Adela Catherine (Soon to be Kuroko Catherine)

Age: 33 years old

Height: 169 centimers (5'6")

Food likes: Sansai udon

Food dislikes: Sashimi

Likes: Haru, Kuroko, cooking, modeling

Dislikes: Abuse, computer work, stress

Family: Only child to mother and father

I wanted a female character that could be compatible and close to Haru. After all, Haru deserves a woman that cares, right? She was one of the supporting characters of Haru's side that helped with the statements, and I found it fun to write her with Kuroko and Haru.

Cough, and some of you have seen the 'Kuroko-to'be". I wonder why?

Akashi Hayato

Age: 39 years old

Height: 186 cm (Around 6'1")

Food likes: Anything healthy.

Food dislikes: Sweets

Likes: Practicing law, seeing his son, intimidating people, his wife (when she's in a good mood)

Dislikes: People who underestimate him/too full of themselves, working out (yet he's athletic), being called old

Family: His son and wife

Occupation: Most influential attorney in Japan, owns biggest law industry in Japan

I loved writing about Hayato! I needed to enforce Akashi's character by building a background, and what's better than introducing his parents! I didn't want Akashi's scissor-crazy, dominating personality come from his father, since that'd be a little cliche. I still wanted Hayato to be a strong character, though, so I hope I did establish that. It seemed many people were fans of Akashi's parents, haha, so thank you!

Akashi Rin

Age: 37 years old

Height: 178 cm (5'10" ish)

Food likes: Spicy curry rice

Food dislikes: Bitter foods

Likes: Practicing law, butter knives, having people bow down to her, running, her son (there are some exceptions to this), and her husband (again, some exceptions)

Dislikes: Brats, abusive people, disobedience, lies, PDA

Family: One mother alive, husband, and son.

Rin was very exciting to write, and many people liked her. Akashi got most of his personality definitely with Rin, and she played a major role in taking that Ibuki bitc—Ibuki down. I played her as a strong attorney that got what she wanted. I loved writing her and developing her.

Atsushi Murasakibara

Age: 16

Height: 208 cm (6'10")

I had so much fun with Murasakibara 3 Seriously, the huge baby of the Kiseki no Sedai, haha. A lumpish, childish, yet sadistic teen that likes to eat sweets is very easy to write, and I'm glad for that! I love Murasakibara's childish aspect, and it does provide some relaxing relief in the story.

I also had to take Murasakibara's slightly sadistic side into play. Murasakibara, after all, is no angel. Ah, how I loved to have Murasakibara insist Ibuki be left in the alley to die. He contributed to the hatred of Ibuki greatly.

Daiki Aomine

Age: 16

Height: 192 cm (6'3")

Aomine was easy to use for comedy relief, haha. I mean, I really dislike reading all-angst stories that just suck the soul out of me and have me depressed for a couple of hours. Aomine's doom with Akashi was a better way to create laughs.

He supported Kise greatly in Kise's crisis, and I did think he was more of the 'manipulate-photos' person out of the rest of the Kiseki no Sedai, so I had the job handed to Kise and him.

Kagami Taiga

Age: 16

Height: 190 cm (6'2")

At first, he was simply a character that the Generation of Miracles looked down upon and found him nosy. I had to put him as a helper though, because he's Kuroko new light. He's an important character to Kuroko. And, knowing his American background, I decided he was the most useful to American connections.

Honestly, I think I wouldn't have found a way to expose Ibuki like the way I did with Kagami. He created a route for Akashi to find out about Ibuki's hidden past. He's extremely important, and he created the opening Akashi needed.

Kise Ryouta

Age: 16

Height: 189 cm (6'2")

I had to have another victim doomed to Ibuki to show Ibuki was a real threat to worry about. Who else would fit the role than Kise? xD Kise was so very easy to pick on, and he did provide comedy relief, along with Aomine and Kagami. I am an AoKise fan (because Aomine and Kise are not in the way for AkaKuro :)), so I wanted the two of them helping on the Ibuki case together.

People have also claimed Kise was a little too weak, and I do agree with that point in some aspects. It's my mistake on that part, but I also imagine Kise as a goofy, friendly teen that is only serious when it comes to basketball. Ibuki attacked him as well, so I wanted to foreshadow the vulnerable . . . ness. It was really exciting to write him and Aomine!

The chapter where Ibuki beat Kuroko badly in the alley (court-scene), I immediately switched to Kise's POV. It felt like the most fitting character to turn to in the numbing situation. It made a huge impact on the fans—I'm so glad :O—and I'm happy I got a few tears, haha. He really affected that chapter, and it was difficult to write that part.

Kuroko Haru

Age: 36 years old

Height: 175 centimeters (5'7")

Food likes: Anything

Food dislikes: Nothing really

Likes: His son, family time, cooking, basketball, crafts, drawing

Dislikes: Ibuki, working, laziness, abusive people

Family: His son

There are many parents out there that are in Haru's shoes right now. Their child could be beaten in front of their eyes, and all they could do is throw themselves in the way long enough for their child to run away temporarily. They can't divorce in fear of a custody battle. I wanted Haru to be a strong, yet defenseless character. Ibuki is forcing him to stay with her because she wants Kuroko, and so he can't do anything to Ibuki without the fear of his son's wellbeing.

I liked writing Haru because he's a realistic character, and his love for Kuroko was touching to write about.

Midorima Shintarou

Age: 16

Height: 195 cm (6'4")

While Midorima was simply a side character, he did contribute quite a bit to the story. A researcher, an analyzer, and a Miracle himself, he offered support to Kuroko. I had fun with his 'tsundere' ways, haha. I also had him take part of the court section (giving his statements) because I did want to show he was there the whole way for Kuroko.

Also, the part where Akashi confronts Kuroko's mother in Seirin's gym, Midorima was there to offer medical aid. Ah, I love making him the doctor character. He does want to be a doctor, after all. And, the part—many fans claimed it was their favorite lines—where Midorima and Akashi claims Kuroko at the end of the chapter was a changing factor in Midorima's character.

He didn't have much parts, but he did contribute greatly to the story.

Seirin High School

People said Seirin almost had no part in this story, and it's true. I only included Kagami. The reason is because Seirin has too many character to take into account. Too many characters that I would have to find useless roles for them. The amount of characters I had were perfect enough to attack Ibuki. I didn't need anymore.

Seirin will probably never have a huge role in my stories, unless it's simply a basketball story. My Whispering Fireworks won't have a lot of Seirin either.

I realized my summary was misleading about Seirin, so I changed it :)

To satisfy the lingering fans hoping this was some type of chapter, I did write a piece of writing, continuing Betrayal In Its Most Simplest Form. After this, there will be no more :')

"I'm home," Kuroko called softly. He stepped inside his warm, large house and closed the door quietly behind him. His Seirin bag hung lazily on his shoulder; a basketball tucked neatly under his right arm. Minor sweat droplets clung to his forehead, produced from today's harsh basketball practice. He started to take off his dirty sneakers.

Catherine jumped up from the couch, spilling all papers and books that were on her lap to the floor. Perfect Wedding Dresses was written boldly on one of the papers. "Tetsu-kun!" Catherine exclaimed. "I didn't know you were coming home so early today. I didn't even cook dinner! Are you hungry? I can make a snack, or do you want something heavier? I knew I should have cooked earlier! I can make something microwaveable, or—"

"Catherine-san," Kuroko interrupted with a small smile. He walked across the living room and put one hand on Catherine's shoulder. "Please just focus on the wedding plans. Don't worry yourself; I'm not hungry."

The blond foreigner relaxed and sat back down on the couch. "Okay, but are you sure? You just came from practice."

Kuroko started to collect the fallen papers and books. He organized them before handing them back to Catherine. "If I'm hungry, I'll make myself a snack. Besides, Otou-san and I will get angry if you're stressed before the wedding."

"Yes, the angry duo," Catherine mockingly said with a smile. "But I'll get angry if all you do is stuff yourself with vanilla shakes."

"I'll be in my room," Kuroko said in a voice that sounded like he did not hear the last sentence.

He was walking up the stairs when his father thundered down. "Tetsu," Haru greeted with surprise. "You're home early."

"I'm home," Kuroko greeted back.

Haru smiled warmly. He walked down the few steps to reach his son and planted a kiss on the pale forehead. "Welcome home. Do you want a snack?"

"No, thank you. More importantly, though, you have paint on your face, Otou-san." Kuroko passed his father easily up the stairs, leaving Haru to look for a mirror to wash the paint off.

In the few months they were free, both Haru's and Kuroko's life changed for the better. Haru immediately quit his job and started to draw and paint more often. He easily paid the house's rent through the money he earned through his drawings and from his new job, which gave him less hours for more pay. Kuroko healed without a problem from his injuries, and he started attending Seirin's basketball practices instantly when he was allowed to. He no longer had to cringe at the scars left made by his mother because the thought of Ibuki behind bars made him light and free.

Catherine and Haru started off slow. Haru, buried in divorce papers, was supported by Catherine throughout the way. She started to visit often and helped with the bills when Haru was still on the job hunt. She reconnected with Kuroko, and Haru found himself happy when the blond model was there. It took Kuroko's blunt order to get together for them to finally date. The proposal came later. While it seemed too early, Haru knew it was right.

Kuroko entered his room and dropped his bag into an empty corner. Then he flopped onto his bed, breathing out a large breath. He should probably take a bath, but that could wait.

Akashi spent more time than ever with Kuroko. With a two-hour train ride between each other, the redhead was determined to see Kuroko as much as possible. Akashi hinted more than once that attending Rakuzan would make the trips easier, but Kuroko was not compliant. Nevertheless, Kuroko was happy to see him, and Haru was more than willing to have the captain in his house.

"Tetsu? What do you want for dinner?" Haru called from the kitchen.

"Anything, Otou-san," Kuroko half-heartedly said back.

"So I can cook one of Akashi-kun's recipes he offered me?" his father had a teasing tone to his voice.

Kuroko furrowed his eyebrows. "Anything but those recipes."

While he was healing, Akashi was adamant in healthy meals. He showed Haru many American dishes to have Kuroko grow more, and nutritious plates that had no taste in the foods. Kuroko went without a vanilla shake for awhile.

A loud knock from his window had him sitting up from the bed. Speaking of Akashi. He padded his way over to the window and opened it widely, revealing a certain redhead comfortable on a tree branch. Akashi now made it a habit to climb his tree almost everyday, since his tree was much easier to climb.

"We have a door, Akashi-kun," Kuroko said, stepping back as Akashi swung his way inside. "Otou-san would be most appreciative if you'd use it."

Akashi wrapped one hand around Kuroko's hand and pulled him in. Their lips connected softly. Kuroko relaxed against his body, the hand around his head tightening its grip on his teal locks. The captain had to pull back first with a chuckle. "Seijuro," Akashi reminded. "I am starting to think you don't call me by my given name on purpose."

"Akashi-kun's given name is still too awkward to say." Kuroko touched his lips before settling down onto his bed again. "How is Kise-kun?"

"Ryouta's parents are now out of your mother's grasp," Akashi said. He made himself comfortable on the chair and rested his chin on his palm, scrutinizing Kuroko carefully. "Father has been working on their case. To compensate for their job's mistakes, they were promoted to a more favorable position." He suddenly narrowed his heterochromatic eyes. Kuroko shifted. "How much do you weigh, Tetsuya?"

Kuroko blinked. "Fifty-seven kilograms."

"So you have not been eating well," Akashi accused silkily.

"I've eaten enough."

"I can always have Daiki pick you up from Seirin's basketball practices," Akashi subtly threatened. "Have him take you to a restaurant everyday and have you eat nothing but nutritious meals. I could have him avoid this 'Maji-Burger' and refuse you of your favorite—"

"I'll eat more," Kuroko gave in. "There's no need to be drastic, Akashi-kun."



Light footsteps from the stairs interrupted Akashi's counter. "Tetsuya? Who are you talking—" Kuroko's bedroom door opened abruptly and revealed a curious Haru. He took one look at Akashi, then the window, and sighed. "We have a door, Akashi-kun," he said, exasperated.

"So I've been told," the redhead spoke. "Good evening, Haru-san."

Haru ran a hand through his hair. "Good evening. Do you want tea?"

"No, thank you. I would like to stay for dinner, however."

"Of course. I'll be making extra, then." He started to leave, but then paused to say, "Tetsuya, don't do anything inappropriate." Then he left, leaving the door wide open.

Kuroko blinked, confused. Akashi smirked. He stood from the chair then and sat at the edge of the bed. Kuroko took that as a signal, twisting to lay his head on Akashi's lap. The captain's scent filled his nose. "I came originally to give you this," Akashi said, almost reluctant. "Mother just received it today." He pulled out a packet of papers from his pocket and handed it to Kuroko. "It's your choice."

The tealhead held up the papers to his face to read. There were many law terms he did not understand, but it was enough to him to comprehend the message. His fists clenched, papers wrinkling in consequence. This can't be . . . why was it so early? Akashi gently uncurled his fists. "It seems Ibuki has been on more than exceptional behavior for the past few months. I suppose even in jail, her status exceeds my expectations. However she managed it, she is now allowed family visits." He ran a firm hand through Kuroko's hair in an act of comfort. "It is your choice, Tetsuya. Though I am not allowing you to go alone, should you decide to visit."

Kuroko stared blankly ahead. His mother was already given permission for family visits? What had she done? Bribed the officers? Threatened them? Did she have connections in jail? Kuroko could not believe his mother was on good behavior. It couldn't be; it wasn't in her nature. Anger and fear surged through him as flashes of Ibuki ran through his memory. No, she didn't even deserve this privilege yet.

Akashi raised an eyebrow as Kuroko started to rip up the paper viciously. Strews of paper fluttered to the ground and bed. He ripped every last part of the papers until his hands were tired, and his bed was decorated with it. His arms dropped to his sides abruptly. His breathing came in deep breaths

"I suppose that's your answer," Akashi said, amused. He cupped Kuroko's pale cheek and leaned over his lap. Their lips touched for a second.

"No," Kuroko muttered, grabbing Akashi's neck and pushing himself off from the bed. The redhead fell back and caught Kuroko on top of him. Chapped lips touched soft ones; slender hands gripped teal locks; blue eyes concealed by eyelids. Once again, Kuroko could feel the deepest appreciation stir in his chest for the red-headed teen in front of him. They broke apart slowly.

Something flickered in Akashi's red and yellow eyes. "I've received news Seirin made it to the finals of the Winter Cup. You will be competing against Rakuzan next."

Kuroko rolled his body so that he was no longer on top of Akashi. "We'll win, Akashi-kun."

"Have you not learned anything?" Akashi turned to look at Kuroko in the eyes. "I always win, so therefore, I am always right."

"Not this time. Seirin will beat Rakuzan for the Winter Cup."

"We'll see." He turned again so that he was facing the ceiling. "Do keep that determination during the match. I want to become your enemy on the court. After I claim the Winter Cup however—"

"Doesn't Akashi-kun mean after Seirin claims the Winter Cup?"

"I never lose."

Kuroko gave Akashi a soft jab with the elbow. He was probably the only one who could do that without dying. His head was now on top of his former captain's shoulder. "This is the type of battle I can fight . . ." he hesitated. "Seijuro-kun. I won't hold back."

Akashi gave a sly smile. "I should hope not," he murmured. "Then," he placed his head against Kuroko's, their faces inches away. "Our next battle will be on the court. We will see who is stronger. And . . ."

Kuroko tilted his head. "And?"

"And I may or may not kiss you during the match." Akashi pressed his lips against Kuroko's forehead before standing up. He didn't give time for the tealhead to react. "Your father is calling." He disappeared behind the door.

Kuroko scrambled up. "Akashi-kun! That is unfair." But, he sighed, cracked a smile, and followed Akashi down the stairs. Ibuki had claimed so many times he and his father would not fare without the support of her 'generous' help. She had insulted him, threatened and yelled to appreciate how well she brought up the family, and betrayed him as a mother. Her scars and words were engraved lightly into him, and reminded him how little they affected him now.

His father could now have a wife he could be happy with, and Kuroko could focus on his studies and basketball, focus on the Winter Cup, which he would win. They were doing well, and not a thought of Ibuki could ruin it.

Loud knocks on the unlocked door echoed throughout the house before it opened widely. Kise, Midorima, Aomine, and Murasakibara poked their heads in. "Akashicchi invited us!" Kise yelled. "And Aominecchi brought drinks!"

"Yes, why don't we all just throw a party?" Haru asked tiredly, coming out to greet them.

"Kurokocchi!" Kise threw his arms around Kuroko. "Aominecchi brought a vanilla milk shake for you!"

"Aka-chin said to bring snacks, so I did," Murasakibara held up a grocery bag.

Midorima pushed up his glasses. "Hm. I was invited last minute. Because Aquarius ranked second today, I brought your lucky item."

"Kise dragged me here," Aomine grumbled.

"Don't lie, Daiki."

Kuroko leaned against the wall quietly and observed his surroundings. He watched how Kise greeted Catherine and Haru enthusiastically, how Aomine punched Kise in the head for being too loud, how Murasakibara offered Pocky to Akashi, and how Midorima shook his head and mumbled something unintelligent. He observed his father, who was trying to get everyone under control and ask their preferred drinks and meals, and Catherine, who escaped to the kitchen to cook more for their uninvited guests.

Then at Akashi, who would glance at him every few seconds before dealing with the Generation of Miracles. A small smile carved onto Kuroko's lips.

Yes. They were doing well.