Who is this? Why, it's ME! I know I haven't updated GITM in quite some time - college really, really got in the way of that - but while I've been slowly but surely working on Chapter 12, I've also been indulging in the Code Lyoko Evolution Countdown Challenge on Tumblr! The challenge is to do something themed for each character each day, and even though I started somewhat late I'll make every effort to catch up before CLE premieres!

I decided to do a theme with these - they all take place between Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution. So I hope you like them! :)

Rating is for some mild sloppy makeouts.

Part One: Aelita


Aelita tried to remember everything she'd ever been told about kissing.

Not that she'd been told very much – a lot of things she'd had to overhear. Some girl whose name she couldn't remember had been telling Tania Grandjean something about tongues and butt touching that morning, so she tried kind of flicking her tongue in and out – she didn't quite know what to do with said tongue so that was her best guess. But Jeremie wasn't any better, and it didn't seem right for whatever mood there was to stop and tell him to open his teeth.

The butt touching was easier, that she had to admit. Easy and fun. Though she had to admit she had kind of expected to be distracted to the point where she wouldn't have to wonder about any of this.

She wasn't quite sure why Jeremie agreed to it. Maybe it was the shock of finally running out of things to do on his computer. Maybe it was the shock of realizing that he'd slaved for over a year to be able to touch her before he realized that- no, she couldn't think of it that way. She had no reason to be bitter. Maybe it was normal, to need time to work up the courage to do things like this.

She genuinely hoped he was having a good time, and almost wished she could detatch herself from his lips to say so. He was catatonic in her arms, hardly moving or reacting, but that hardly surprised her. She tried to make up for it in her own movements, touching whatever she could reach, but other than a slight tremble she kept getting no response. She wasn't sure whether she felt annoyed or worried, and she had long given up on giving in to what little pleasure there was to be found.

She pulled herself up, looking right down into his face. His eyes snapped open instantly, and his muscles twitched. Welcome back, she thought.

"Is everything okay, Aelita?" Her heart twisted at the concern in his voice – even more at the hand he was reaching up to stroke her face with. Oh, so now he can touch me? No, no, that wasn't what an understanding girlfriend would think…

"That's what I was wondering about you," she said instead. "You seem kind of…frozen."

"Wait…is that bad?" He blushed redder than ever, and when she giggled it got even worse. "You're not enjoying this at all, are you?"

"What? No, I mean, yes," she said, blushing some herself. "It's new to us, it's okay not to know what to do. I don't really, either…"

"I'm sorry." His face fell, and his gaze slid to the side, away from her. "I…I had a feeling something like this was going to happen…"

"It's really not that big a problem –"

"Please don't lie to me."

Aelita sighed, hating herself for every thought. "It just doesn't seem like you enjoy this very much at all," she said. "Not even me, just…this…in general."

Jeremie's blush didn't fade. "That…that's not it at all…"

"I was…kind of looking forward to this…even…even on Lyoko…" Aelita looked down at his chest – still clothed, like her own. "I thought while XANA was still around, things were just too busy…" She bit her lip. "You don't have to be afraid to touch me!"

Jeremie's mouth fell open, but he didn't say anything, so Aelita went on. "It's not like you can't or anything bad is going to happen, so I don't understand-I mean-we're-" She blinked. "Are we even dating?"

"I…yes?" Jeremie trembled even more than he had been before. "Oh man, Aelita, I'm…I'm sorry."

"You don't really need to apologize, Jeremie." Aelita smiled. "I'd just…like it if you weren't afraid of me anymore."

"I'm not afraid of you," Jeremie said. "Well, not all that much…"

"Here," Aelita said. "We can start slow. Just like this…" She lowered herself onto Jeremie's body, hugging him around his middle, and kissed his neck as gently as he could. Slowly but surely she could feel him responding, and – what was this? Was he actually moving his hands? It was a miracle.

"I'm sorry," he said again. "I was so stubborn…all that time I spent messing around with the supercomputer, and-"

"Ssssh," Aelita said between kisses. "We can talk more later."

She lifted her head back up again, putting her lips on level with his. She'd never taken the time to notice just how he looked there – his hair scattered every which way, his face still flushed from embarrassment and excitement, his eyes a clearer blue than she'd ever seen. "One more thing," he said. "Just one more."

"Alright, Jeremie, what's just one more thing?"

"No, wait, two more things. I thought of another one."

"Fine, but we've got class in thirty minutes."

"Well, one," he said, instinctively moving to shift his glasses only to find that they were no longer on his face, "One of the better things about being myopic is even without glasses, I can see you just as clearly as I could with them."

Aelita smiled. "And how do I look?"

"Well, that's the second thing." He smiled slowly. "I love you."

Now Aelita was the one that felt frozen – and then, after a short time, very, very warm inside. "I don't know if I've ever said it," Jeremie went blithely on, "but if I haven't, it's-"

"I love you too." She allowed herself to fall back on his lips, and felt her mind stop just like she'd first expected.

- Carth