Best Served Cold

I hope you all enjoy the beginning of this story NinjaGin87 and I co-wrote. We each wrote two of the scenes in this chapter, so if you're familiar with either or both of our stories, and you can work out who wrote which scenes, let either of us know and we'll tell you how clever you are.

"Wake up Kakarot, it's time to destroy Yardrat."

In the Saiyan space pod a small child stirred. It was clearly weeks old, if that, and clearly agitated at being woken so rudely. The pod's front opened with a hiss of pressurized air and hydraulic systems at work. The child heard the message once more, it's time to destroy Yardrat. it played in his head along with the messages that had been played in pod during his sleep filled trip from planet Vegeta:

Kakarot, you are a saiyan warrior.

Saiyans are a proud race of elite fighters.

The Saiyans bow to no master.

Saiyans do not win by brute force alone.

Saiyans fight with honor, respecting fellow Saiyans.

Saiyans outsmart enemies they can not beat.

You are a Third Class Saiyan Warrior.

Second Class Warriors are your superiors.

First Class Warriors and Elite Saiyans are the leaders of Saiyan Soldiers.

And so on. Beyond words in his head, he knew not their meanings. He knew his heritage. He only felt a strong urge for conflict. Thus when strange beings came to inspect his pod, he thrashed and wailed. His flailing was taken as a sign of discomfort.

The Yardrats took pity on the young child. They believed him to be a survivor of some dead or dying race, for who else would send such a young child into space alone and in a ship made for one? Though they tried, many could not find a reason beyond that tragic fate. They believed his fierceness and wild struggles were traumatic in origin, for after opening it's hatch the computer remained silent. Programmed only to respond to Kakarot's DNA, it closed it's hatch and remained stationary as though it had served it's seemingly innocuous purpose.

For years the Yardrats had to place the child into a chamber that had no entrance or exit, only accessible via their own special teleportation ability. For as the child Kakarot grew his strength and viciousness grew. Though worried they began teaching the child common tongue by playing through educational audio and projecting video or holographic models into his room. Kakarot would rip apart any soft toys or weaker materials they gave him. but they noticed that whenever the audio and accompanying projections occurred in his room he would pause and set aside his destruction to watch and took this as a heartening sign.

What the poor inhabitants of Yardrat could not know was that the now toddler child with the strange fur cover appendage protruding from it's spine was sorting through the legacy left to him. With every new word understood he began to know what was being told to him by his earliest memories. He spoke little, using simple phrases in common as he grew older. His crushing of things turned to inspection, and the Yardrats began to interact with him personally.

By the age of five, Kakarot fully understood his mission and had a strong impression of his ancestry. However, though he was nearly as powerful as some adult natives he knew he could not prevail against them. So - following a voice in his head's advice - he controlled his power and violence, thus gaining more trust in from the natives the process.

As he slowly grew more civil, more of the peaceful race would speak to him, telling him that he held great power within and must continue to control it lest it consume him. Kakarot would feign a smile and nod, dressed in the same ridiculous clothing (as he considered it). He finally decided to put a plan into action he had been developing over the past months. An elderly looking Yardrat came to visit every fifth day to discuss his growing power and how he was "coping" with the strain of exponential growth. This time would be markedly different.

"Good day, young one." The old alien greeted the young Saiyan.

"Hello to you," Kakarot, now ten years old, wrapped his tail around his waist and say cross legged on the floor before his visitor. He knew what to say to please the old fool. And like clockwork the wrinkled weakling smiled.

"Ever so polite, you have come far in your time with us. I sense your power exceeds most of my people's."


"How is it you are able to read my power or those around you?" Kakarot's curiosity was genuine, if his motive's were not.

Blissfully unaware of the Saiyan's intentions, the elder explained the basis of reading a person's energy, and through that their strength. He also explained it aided in recognizing if friends were in danger (here Kakarot replaced "friends" with "allies" or "fellow Saiyans") or if an attacker was too powerful to stop. He told the younger person of how it aided in their use of their signature ability: the Instant Transmission.

"The Instant Transmission allows us to lock on an energy we feel and appear at it's location. It actually allows our bodies to reach into space itself and step through what we call the "Shadow Dimension". We move throw this dimension independently of time in our dimension. It is similar to stopping time."

Throughout the interview, or interrogation to Kakarot, the Saiyan would ask leading questions and press for information. Though startled the Yardrat only could sense the curiosity burning in the fore of Kakarot's mind. Assured by this he allowed the curiosity to be sated, for they themselves were a race of learning and philosophy. They were the leaders in knowledge of space and time. This curiosity was familiar, a common ground.

Saiyans outsmart enemies they can not beat.

One Year Later

A strangled gasp cut through the silent plain. The darkness was broken by stars alone; no light came from the deserted city a quarter mile away. A pair of shadowy figures stood close under the sea of twinkling night, almost intimately from a distance. Then one fell as the other shorter person made a sharp motion with his left arm.

"Thank you," came a hard voice. It sounded incredibly young,"without your guidance elder I would never have been able to track down your comrades. I wouldn't have been able to destroy your race."

A vicious smirk alighted the darkened face,"You gave me the means to destroy you. I lefy you for last, so you would know as you die that your species dies with you!"

The figure on the ground shuddered out a wet gurgle as it tried to speak. The shorter figure said calmly,"Thank you, I will now extend a quick death to you in gratitude."

he held out his hand, palm out, to the injured person. A ball of yellow energy appeared there, throwing the scene into a yellow filter: an old Yardrat lay with a deep wound in his chest. Clearly a lung was punctured. The short figure was clearly a young adolescent, maybe eleven or twelve. The yellow light revealed spiky, unruly black hair. The eyes were hard, and face was spotted with the green blood from the wound he'd inflicted on his mentor. His smirk widened as the glow intensified.

"Goodbye," The ball erupted into a wide beam that eveloped the dying Yardrat. Within seconds it was over: a shallow indention the only indication Kakarot had ever been there. Already he had traversed the length of the planet. The blast had barely left him before he had warped to his pod. He knew it would open, only for him had it ever opened. He had gained a great deal of knowledge from his ship: who he was, his mission, his heritage, and that his brother was on assignment not too far from here.

He activated the computer, "Take me to the nearest Saiyan in the field, program route and estimate time of arrival."

A female voice said," Nearest Saiyan - Raditz. Estimated time to location: six days."

"Excellent. Engage engine, maximum speed."

As the pod rose into the sky, the city near this part of the planet gave off a heat haze, fires visible for miles around. After all he had been a prisoner in that city for years - it was only fair it burn. As he watched the billowing clouds of smoke he thought only one thing:

I'm coming big brother...

Chapter 1: TOKUSENTAI!

Raditz gave a chuckle as his scouter processed the powerlevel of the five males before him. It clicked through several numbers before giving a beep. He gave his long mane of hair a shake as he laughed fully now. These fools combined had a powerlevel a third of his!

"Oh my! What ever am I going to do? You have me surrounded, outnumbered, and incapicitated with laughter!" He mocked them through his mirth,"You aren't even worth playing with, so consider this a gift."

He held out both palms and a pair of pinkish blasts fired out at the group, who scattered in several directions. Within a moment Raditz had phased into sight behind the closest, smashing his head in with an elbow strike. He quickly rushed another, stopping to fire a blast point blank at the fighter's abdomen. Before the body had finished falling, a ragged hole through it, he had kicked another down into the ground, forming an imprint of the body in the solid rock.

The last two were similarly dispatched: a snapped spinal cord and the other thrown off the cliff nearby and into the chasm. As he dusted off his hands his scouter beeped and said, "Incoming Saiyan pod."

"What? Can you identify the occupant?"

"Pod is in use by Saiyan Third Class Kakarot."

Raditz laughed,"Ah, little brother! He must have finished his work on Yardrat already! Estimate landing point, I'd love to see another Saiyan after all this time."

In his mind, where Frieza's men and the others couldn't hear, Raditz was thinking, So Kakarot, we meet at last. I wonder if you look like our father or our mother like myself? I remember father telling me to look after you, always was a bit sentimental. Still, he died a warrior and I will try to honor that.

Slowly lifting off completely vertically, Raditz gained around a hundred feet of altitude before he glowed with a violet aura and took off towards the location Kakarot's ship was to land, trailing energy behind like a comet's tail.

When he touched down he found what looked like a young Bardock wearing strange clothes with dark green blotches of what appeared to be dried blood. The small figure was sitting on top of his pod with his legs crossed and his eyes closed. The brow was furrowed in a slight frown, but disappeared as he neared.

"Hello brother," Kakarot said as he launched himself off the pod. His trajectory carried him to a yard away from the taller Saiyan, but he landed lightly and faced his brother. Raditz scouter beeped as it showed Kakarot at 200.

Not bad for a child, Raditz thought to himself but gave a smile and said,"Welcome back, Kakarot."

"What have we got here, Captain?" Jeice asked, noticing the approaching army on the horizon.

"A rebel faction, that's all," Captain Ginyu replied. "Apparently, with their technology alone they're able to match some of our warriors—even those with power levels measuring in the thousands."

"With just technology?" Recoome scratched his head. "Impressive. Well, it doesn't matter. Let's wipe 'em out!"

"Right you are!" Ginyu nodded. "But remember, try not to damage the planet too much—Frieza's got a buyer willing to pay big time for this one. Ginyu Force—ATTACK!"

"Sir!" A rebel lieutenant reported. "Five enemy incoming!"

"Only five?" The general asked. "They must be here to negotiate, then. Distance?"

"Ten miles, closing. Er, eight. Five. Two—sir! They're right on top of us!" There was a crash from outside the command bunker, and the occupants looked outside to see an extremely odd sight. Five figures stood facing their army, having flown in and landed in a strange, almost balletic synchronised pose.

In the centre stood a short-ish soldier with red skin and white hair, one fist pumped in the air. "Jeice!" he shouted.

To the left of him was an extremely short, round figure, with gnarly green skin and four eyes, posing with one fist held up under his chin. "Guldo!"

At the back left stood a huge soldier, almost human-looking but for the fact that he was about twice the size of one—and almost as wide, due to his bodybuilder-like muscles. A red tuft of hair perched on top of his head. He stuck one hand out to the sky, facing away from the army and looking over his shoulder at them. "Recoome!"

Next to him, balanced on one foot and with his arms stretched out to his sides, was an extremely tall blue reptilian soldier. "Burter!"

At the front right crouched a purple-skinned man with horns jutting out of the sides of his head and accentuated veins all over his bald scalp. Both of his index fingers were outstretched, pointing at the ground on either side of him. "Captain Ginyu!"

All wore matching sets of armour. "And together we are—the Ginyu Force!" They chorused. The opposing army fell silent, utterly confused. Who were these five? Travelling performers, the enemy, or random passing idiots?

One Sergeant came to a decision. "We have our orders—nobody gets through! Dance companies included! FIRE!" A hail of bright green laser beams from his squad's weapons shot straight at the Ginyu Force, and the rest of the army followed suit. There was a huge explosion, throwing up a dust cloud that obscured their surely-destroyed enemy.

A blue blur began to stream through the army. Within seconds, hundreds of soldiers were struck with quick, efficient blows, faster than they could follow, that shattered bones, severed limbs and smashed weapons. Having worked his way through the entire front line, Burter skidded to a halt, grinning. "Good work, Burter!" Ginyu told him through the communicator built into their scouters.

"They don't call me the fastest in the universe for nothing!" Burter replied.

"Hey!" The rebel army's general strode out of the command bunker, wearing an armoured robot suit. "Over here!" Activating shields—even with the force he used to take out all those troops with one hit each, there's no way he can penetrate this kind of armour! Sure enough, Burter ran straight for the war-suit, dodging all of its missiles, but painfully bounced right back off when he hit the force-field. "Oww! Recoome?"

"Gotcha!" A serious of thundering footfalls announced Recoome's charge—he barrelled into the war-suit shoulder-first, knocking it to the ground. As it stood up, Recoome punched straight through its armour, reaching inside and crushing the general's head.

"Deploy the Macro Cannon!" came the cry. Recoome swivelled around to see a gigantic artillery piece being pointed straight at him. He grinned, settling into a low, wide stance and preparing to use his signature technique. A massive emerald energy beam leapt forth from the weapon at him, and instead of trying to dodge, he just yelled, "Recoome Eraser Gun!" Another, purple, beam of energy shot out of his mouth, colliding with the Macro Cannon's beam and cutting right through it. Recoome's attack was much stronger, and it pushed right through the green beam like it wasn't there, carrying on forward and detonating on the gun itself, blasting it into oblivion, the explosion frying dozens of soldiers.

The army was in disarray—only two of the Ginyu Force had actually fought, and they were already practically in a rout. "Hey, guys!" Recoome indicated the command bunker. "Lots of 'em running in there!"

"I've got it!" Jeice announced, a red energy ball springing fully-formed out of his hand. "Crusher Ball!" he shouted, hurling it at the bunker. When it hit, the explosion was massive, instantly vapourising all the soldiers inside. Jeice smiled. "Looks like we've got—hey, one of 'em survived!" He jumped over to an injured enemy Colonel, who was picking herself up. "You gonna surrender, then?"

"Heh." She held up a small object. "Actually, we were prepared for this. Really, this was the solution in case Frieza himself decided to attack, but it'll do here!"

"And this 'solution' is?" Jeice raised an eyebrow.

She brandished the object—a small box with a large red button and an antenna, almost like something out of a cartoon (which could be said about the Ginyu Force themselves). "We've got a very powerful bomb at the core of the planet. If you don't leave us in peace—right now—I'll blow it up! Mutually assured destruction!" She smiled. "It doesn't matter how fast you are—you can't stop me pressing this button. As the designated bearer, I've got a personal force-field. It'll take you a few hits to get through it, and by then it'll all be over." They couldn't know, of course, that if they had used this on Frieza, the tyrant would have been completely unaffected by the planet's explosion—the Ginyu Force were another matter, though.

"You wouldn't do that!" Jeice protested. "You can't be that crazy!"

Her finger hovered over the button. "Try me." The entire world seemed to flicker, and the box was no longer in her hand. "Wha—?"

"Looking for this?" Guldo, standing behind her, held up the box for all to see, then dropped it to the ground and smashed it beneath his heel. "Who needs speed, when you can stop time and move instantly?"

"You…you're monsters!" she gasped, backing away and drawing her pistol. She went to pull the trigger, but found she couldn't move. Guldo was holding up one hand, palm outwards, holding her in place. "I may not be a great fighter like these other four…but my psychic powers are unrivalled in all the universe! Now, just a second…" He raised his other hand, using telekinesis to lift a boulder out of the ground. It smashed into the colonel, knocking her to the ground, where she lay limply. "And that's that," Guldo said.

"Nice one!" Jeice told him, giving his comrade a thumbs-up. "Have to admit, I was a little worried for a moment there…"

The fleeing army stopped in its tracks. The four seemingly-invincible warriors were behind them, prompting the retreat, but now in front stood the fifth—Captain Ginyu, standing with his arms crossed, smiling cruelly. "Now, don't go anywhere just yet!" His smile widened. "This party's only just getting started…"

A round ship was in orbit around a planet where flashes had been seen mere moments before. Within that ship a shadowy form stood on a bridge where dozens of men in armor worked furiously at monitors around him.

What insignificant mongrels. Do they even realize how fortunate they are? I, the mighty King Cold, the ruler of the largest galactic empire and most powerful being alive have need for their planet. If they chose to die instead of pledging allegiance to me, well, then they deserve death.

A massive tail flicked up and settled lightly on the shadowy figure's opposite side. He stepped into the light as a series of beeps came from one of the terminals. "What is it?"

The violet alien working the console sweated slighted, like most of the tyrant's soldiers did when addressed directly by the deep voiced Frost Demon. "Sir, we are receiving a transmission from the soldiers planetside. It appears the Ginyu Force has exterminated the opposing army."

A swish of the tail, a sign of agitation,"I expected this much, now tell me what they want!" The tail thudded louder on the floor, causing several of the technicians to wince.

"Well your Highness, the Ginyu's are asking for coordinates to their next mission Sire."

The fear was thick in the voice of the comm director as he spoke. It was fear Cold bathed in and loved. He knew only one who did not fear or even respect his rule and power.

Maybe it was time for that to change...

"Tell them to report to me directly. I have a special assignment for them."

The terrified tech immediately complied, and none saw the smirk form on Cold's face as he stepped into the light directly. It was taboo to gaze upon him without being first addressed unless summoned.

My little rebel, he thought as his gaze became sinister, you shall reap all of your renegade's reward. Did you honestly think I wouldn't know? Did you believe I would allow your indiscretions to pass as you carry my blood? No, I shall make you a message, and you will be a shadow of doubt in all minds when they seek to claim a title that I already wear.

"All right men!" Captain Ginyu barked out, his fists on his hips as he stared at his men," King Cold has asked us to be in his presence for a special briefing. You are aware of what that means?"

The red skinned Jeice immediately thrust his fist in the air,"We gotta pull out our best stuff! Class and style Cap'n!"

The other three in line shoulder to shoulder with Jeice gave a cheer of agreement as Ginyu closed his eyes with a smile. "That's right, our very best. The ruler of the universe is going to be the ultimate audience! Recoome, Burter!" The two straightened and stepped forward."Give me your newest forms!"

Recoome stepped forward first, and displaying an agility that belied his size, quickly raised his left knee before throwing both arms straight up over his head. He then lashed out with his raised foot, sinultaneously bringing his arms to waist height. He tucked his right arm in and clenched the fist while the left went out at the shoulder in a slight incline, off set by the sliding crouch look he had assumed. He had his right knee bent and the left stretched out far past his shoulder. Hw finished by shouting "Recoome!"

"Excellent, Excellent work Recoome! Burter, show me that speed!" Ginyu was nodding enthusiastically before pointing at Burter, a light glinting off the green scouter screen over his eye.

Burter ran in place, his legs blurring as he pumped his arms as though running. He suddenly pivoted, and vanished only to appear next to Recoome with his back to Ginyu, his full height on display as he stretched both arms at a slight angle, offset to his teammates and their fingertips less than inch from each other. "Burter!"

"That'll do Burter. Guldo? Jeice?" He gave a nod to them.

Guldo swung his arms up as he knelt, and from one knee he curved his wrists so his hands looked like pincers. Jeice leapt into the air, rotating his body as he flipped. He landed en pointe on his left foot with his right leg making a right triangle against his left. His left arm crossed his chest while he raised arm straight up over his head.



"All of us together are..."

Captain Ginyu jumped into the center, miming the same position as Jeice but inverted.

"The Ginyu Force!"

King Cold stared at the elite soldiers before him, long having accepted his men's eccentricities, with a faint smile.

"Very inspirational as usual, Ginyu." It helped that he knew both his sons despised the poses. He had considered creating a mandate they must create a dance for every successful mission. With that wicked thought in mind he continued in more serious tones,"Now, let us get straight to the heart of your assignment."

"It has come to my attention that Frieza has been making moves to expand his own influence." He paused, his tail curling in front of him." I would applaud this but for one detail; it's my territory he's exploiting!" The tail swung back, denting the metal of the wall with the force of his anger. "Such insolence and treason shall be dealt with, but it is the patient hand that strikes when the time is ripe. That is your mission. You are already assigned to Frieza as his personal favoured a position as Cooler's Armored Squadron. You are to use any means at your disposal to assassinate Frieza. After gaining his trust like you have, this should not present too much of a problem." An idea struck him. "Try recruiting the Saiyans. They are fair fighters, and are known to resent Frieza's rule. Perhaps a good distraction for you to accomplish your goals..."

Vegeta stormed out of the chamber, three other saiyans trailing behind him. "You fools!" he growled. "Are you trying to get us all killed?"

The four—last survivors of their warrior race—made a strange group: the prince Vegeta, hair standing straight up almost a foot from his head and partially making up for his height, sporting a regal blue jumpsuit beneath his armour and a chip in his shoulder so deep some people suspected he was in danger of falling in half; Nappa, the largest, a true giant of a man, bald and with a thin moustache; Raditz, a tall warrior with hair extending down to his waist and wearing red bands on his left arm and leg; and his younger brother Kakarot, a half-smile continuously edging onto his face and an untidy mop atop his head.

"Are you just going to keep letting Frieza walk all over you like that?!" Raditz demanded.

"Yeah, you should've let us at them!" Nappa agreed.

Kakarot pouted. "Didn't even get a shot at Dodoria…"

"Silence!" Vegeta snapped. "Do you even realise what you're saying? Do you think I enjoy living in slavery and singing that worm's praises? I hate Frieza as much as you do—more! But as we are, we're no match for him! Do you understand?" The trio looked downcast as Vegeta's rant continued. "Make no mistakes, I will destroy him one day. But not now. We aren't ready. We'll get stronger—as always. One day, we'll return and it'll be Frieza kneeling before me." His eyes narrowed. "Jeopardise my shot at revenge for even a moment, and I'll kill you myself." A low beep issued from his scouter, and he pressed the button on the side to receive the incoming message. "Who is this?"

"This is an encrypted channel," came an all-too-familiar voice.

"G-Ginyu? What the hell do you want?!" An encrypted channel? The prince wondered. He doesn't want Frieza to hear…why not?

"Go to planet Frieza 62 immediately. We'll be there in 24 hours." The line went dead.

"What was it?" Nappa asked.

Vegeta shrugged. "Captain Ginyu, of all people. Wants us to go to planet Frieza 62."

"Are we going?"

"Well…for whatever reason, he didn't want Frieza to know about it. That intrigues me, so…it's worth investigating."

The Ginyu Force, assembled in all their 'glory', stood at the ready as the four attack pods touched down on the isolated outpost—the only inhabitable location on planet Frieza 62, a completely unremarkable lump of rock, located slightly to the left of the middle of nowhere. It had, in fact, been chosen for that exact reason.

"All right, why are we here?" Vegeta demanded, striding out of his pod, Nappa, Kakarot and Raditz close behind. Despite their best attempt to put on an ordered appearance, the saiyans still gave out an air of wild, untamed menace—something primal that had never been fully civilised. Ginyu noticed with some amusement the contrast with his flawlessly-drilled, elite squad as he replied. "You are here, Vegeta, because I told you to come here."

A vein throbbed on the prince's forehead—Ginyu knew exactly which buttons to push. "Don't toy with me, Ginyu! Now tell me why you dragged us out here before I lose my patience—I could be standing knee-deep in the blood of my enemies right now, and you'd better have a damn good reason for keeping me away from that!"

"Temper, temper," Ginyu cautioned. "One should not speak that way to one's superiors."

"I'll show you who's superior!" Vegeta growled. "Go on, try me! We can handle you any day."

Ginyu chuckled. "Ah…You are referring to a battle? The galaxy's most elite soldiers versus the last of a great race of warriors…indeed, perhaps if you employed that artificial moon technique you're so proud of mastering, the outcome might not even be certain. But please, let us be civilised. Not everything has to be a fight. Of course…" he grinned. "If it's violence you so desperately desire, then trust me—you won't be disappointed."

"Violence?" Kakarot's face lit up. "Where? Do we get to hit somebody?" Raditz punched his shoulder. "Shut your mouth, idiot!" He knew by now how his younger brother's normally-decent intelligence would slip away at the mere suggestion of a fight.

Vegeta shook his head at the low-class warrior's antics, forcing himself to be civil. "Continue, Ginyu."

"It's not unknown that you and your kin harbour some…resentment towards Frieza."

"For the whole 'enslavement and constant threat of sudden death' thing?" Vegeta scowled. "Who'd have guessed?"

Ginyu nodded. "Yes, indeed. Well…you're not the only one."

The encrypted channel…the remote meeting-place… Vegeta's eyes widened. "You don't mean—"

"Oh, but I do." Ginyu snapped his fingers. "Jeice! The mission briefing!"

Jeice saluted, somehow stood even more to attention than before, and spoke. "The elimination, assassination, removal and otherwise preferably-violent murder of the tyrant Frieza! With an addendum, your highness," the title added with sarcasm (if the saiyans didn't utilise their ability to transform, no member of the Ginyu Force had anything to fear from them), "to eliminate, assassinate, remove and otherwise preferably-violently murder any approached potential operatives who choose to continue in their loyalty to Frieza!" His salute disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

"Hmm…" Vegeta weighed this up. Was it a trick—Frieza rooting out potential traitors? Ginyu was renowned as extremely loyal to his master, after all. But such an elaborate ruse seemed beyond Frieza's capacity—not to mention, frankly, a waste of time for a supposedly invincible being. He noticed Ginyu's outstretched hand, smiled and shook it firmly. "All right, Ginyu. Let's kill us an overgrown worm."

As they walked together towards the Ginyu Force's field HQ on the planet, Ginyu congratulated himself. His Majesty King Cold's choice of allies was, as expected, perfect. The saiyans' hatred for Frieza overrides any suspicions they might have—and they will make formidable allies. It is lucky they do not doubt me, though—I'd have doubted it myself, but of course there is only one loyalty that lies higher within my mind than my allegiance to Lord Frieza…only his father is higher. Fitting, of course—who should the universe's greatest soldier serve but its ruler? He was especially happy that the saiyans had bought the 'rebellion' angle—King Cold's mere existence was a closely-guarded secret, and even at the cost of the mission and his life he was to let no-one learn of it. As far as the common people were concerned, Frieza was their ruler, and Cold was free to operate in the shadows.

Yes, thought Ginyu, today could not have gone better. Frieza—your days are numbered…