"Te amo…" She whispered softly into the blonde's ear. Brittany looked up, peering into Santana's beautiful loving pupils. Her nose scrunched up as her face formed a pout.

"What does that mean?" She asked playfully, her voice equally soft. Santana ignored her and kept kissing luscious lips. Her hands grabbed the hem of the blonde's shirt, her fingers crawled under it, dancing across the blonde's soft pale skin. She moved down, kissing Brittany's neck, and inhaling her scent. Brittany smelled like strawberry and coconuts and mint.

"…I love you." She said, lifting her head to look at her love. "It means, I love you." Her voice was so, rarely, sweet and endearing, laced with love and passion. Than she added quietly, "Because, I…I do…I love you, so, so, so,much." Santana said vulnerably her voice raw and thick with emotion. It made Brittany's eyes glaze over with tears.

"I know, I know San, I know. And, Te amo too." Brittany said softly, smiling sweetly at her girlfriend. Santana gave a small giggle. Her melodic, laughter bounced across the room.

"That's not how you say it Brit." She laughed. "It's Te quiero demasiado." The Spanish words rolled off her tongue smoothly. Brittany loved whenever Santana spoke in Spanish. Her voice was so sultry and husky and sexy, and it definitely turned the blonde on.

"Say it again." Brittany whispered.

" Te...quiero...demasiado," Santana whispered into Brittany's ear as she then proceeded to lick it. Her tongue traveled all over the smooth interface of her blonde lover's ear before she leaned forward. Her teeth nibbled on Brittany's ear lobe, her nose inhaling Brittany's sweet scent. Brittany gave a small moan.

"Te amo Santana."Brittany whispered one last time.

"I love you too Brittany. I love you too."

I know, I know, I'm sorry. I tried okay isn't that what counts. I just can't do fluff. Its quite sad. But I needed this after all the stupid crap Glee has put Brittana shippers through.