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Digital World

In the quiet long hall of the stone walls of the church they were both in, two figures, opposite of color, were knelt before an elegant defaced altar that was covered from top to bottom in a river of flowers. Both had their heads bowed with their hands clasped before them.

There was a long silence before the black clad figure let out a loud sneeze that made the white one jump and whip her head to her counterpart.

With an embarrassed laugh, the black clad figure scratched at the back of her head, "Woops. My bad."

The white one let out a small sigh at this, "It's no problem, Onee-san...I guess it's about time we stop for today."

The black one immediately jumped up from her kneeling and threw her hands in the air. "YES! WE CAN FINALLY EAT!"

On cue, there was a loud stomach rumble that made the white clad sister sweatdrop. "Sometimes, Onee-san...I wonder who the older one is."

"Hey! What's that suppose to m-"

Before the black clad figure could say anything else, the long doors of the church slammed open as a panting figure of a small dragon came into view.

"S-Sistermons!" The two opposite colored figure blinked.

"Huckmon? What's wrong?" The Sistermon dressed in black asked as she rushed over to her friend. Her younger sister followed after her before they both kneeled down in front of Huckmon, who took a few moments to catch his breath.

"Gankoomon! He requests both of your presences." At this the two sister Digimon blinked in surprise.

"Gankoomon-sama? Onee-san...What did you do?" At this the black Sistermon pouted childishly.

"I didn't do anything...I think..."

The white Sistermon placed a hand to her cheek as a small frown took up her features. "Oh dear..."

Real World- Japan

Chiyo took a deep breath as she got into her running stance. Concentrating on the high jump bar a few feet away from her, she blocked out the whole world around her. When a slight wind breezed by, Chiyo took off running as fast as she could and when she came about a few inches of the bar, she twisted her body and jumped off one foot.

It almost felt like time slowed down to the point she was going in slow motion as she soared through the air. The sensation of feeling like a bird was something Chiyo always loved about high jumping. Her problems were not present when she was jumping and there was no need for that. She could just concentrate on the wind around her body and nothing more.

"Wow!" At the sudden unfamiliar voice, Chiyo jerked slightly and quickly, her body tumbled down to earth. She felt a pain hit her back as she collided with the bar as she landed into the vault pit.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for that to happen!" Chiyo heard the unfamiliar voice exclaim as hurried footsteps rushed over to her. Chiyo blinked when she saw a pale hand being thrusted into her face and looked up towards the person.

The owner of the hand was a girl around her age with greenish blue eyes and long blonde hair. She was wearing pink-purplish items along with a hat of that same color. Chiyo remained quiet and unmoving as the girl beamed down at her. Chiyo was going to just get up herself, but didn't get to when the new girl reached forward and grabbed her wrist.

Chiyo was on her feet in no time with the girl still smiling at her. "I'm sorry for breaking your concentration, but you were so cool! I've never seen someone jump so high before! It was amazing."

"...Thanks." Chiyo mumbled out, her bad habit of not trusting others making her from not talking more. The other girl didn't seem to mind though because she kept talking even as Chiyo directed her eyes to the ground.

"I'm Orimoto Zoe by the way. You're Tachibana Chiyoko, right?" Chiyo nodded her head at this.

"Cool! I got the right person. I was getting worried, I kept going to the wrong people."

"...I see." Chiyo said, not really knowing what else to say in the situation and a bit confused at what the other person was talking about. At this, Zoe let out a small giggle.

"Chiyo-chan...You don't have to be so reserved around me. You and I...we have the same destiny after all. I'm here because the world, actually both worlds, need you." Chiyo more confused than ever looked up and opened to her mouth to say something, but paused with wide eyes as she looked at Zoe.

The once pretty blonde girl in front of her was replaced with a weird looking futuristic fairy looking thing, who smiled at the Chiyo's reaction. " I wish I had a camera on me. Your facial expression is so funny!"

Chiyo wasn't that amused at this situation as clearly evident from the small frown that was forming on her lips. Sensing her displeasure, the futuristic fairy that apparently was Zoe reached over and grabbed Chiyo's hand.

"Stuff might not make sense now, but soon it will. It's your destiny as well as you future friends to make sure everyone is safe. It might sound ridiculous, but trust me, this isn't a laughing matter."

Chiyo was surprised at the tone in Zoe's voice as she said her words. It was much serious than all the other words she have said from their short meeting.

"I don't get what's going on...but I guess I can trust you." Chiyo said which made Zoe smile widely as she let go of her hand. Chiyo felt a weight in her hands making her look down.


"It's a D-tector and this is my gift to you. It used to be mine, but it'll be more useful to you now."

"How?" Chiyo asked as she looked at Zoe while playing with the purple and pink device in her hands.

"Soon, Chiyo-chan. You'll find out soon." Before Chiyo could say anything else, Zoe flew up into the sky with her wings. "By the way in this form, I'm Kazemon. Not Zoe and you'll meet me again."

Chiyo watched in silence and amazement as Kazemon flew away without looking back once. When she was a dot in the distance, Chiyo took a seat on the floor. "What was that about?"


Chiyo jumped to her feet as she looked around. The world around her started melting away slowly.


"Tachibana!" Chiyo jolted up at this with her eyes comically wide as she looked up into the angry face of her math teacher. Around her, her classmates snickered and giggled among themselves as they watched on.

"Tachibana. What did I say about sleeping in my class! I could tolerate it if you were a good student, but with your grades...Well you can't even call that a grade." There was more laughter among the students as Chiyo just looked at her math teacher with a blank face. She was used to this type of treatment especially from her math teacher. The man was a whiny PMSing woman trapped inside a broad body...Broad as the nice word for fat.

"Since you don't have practice today, you'll have detention today so I can tutor you." Satisfied with his punishment, Chiyo's math teacher walked away and returned to teaching his lesson. Some of her classmates looked over at Chiyo snickering before turning back to the lesson when their teacher slammed his book on another sleeping student's desk.

When her teacher wasn't paying attention, Chiyo quickly ducked her head back onto the table.

"D-tector...Kazemon...My dreams are sure getting creative." She mumbled to herself before she closed her eyes again as sleep overtook her body once more.

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Each of the legendary warriors will appear in the story, but I will be only using 7 of them as main character since I'm kind of lazy to do all 10...Each main legendary warrior will go through their regular spirit, beast spirit, fusion spirit and finally legendary spirit evolution!

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Name: Tachibana Chiyoko
Nickname: Chiyo or Oddball Chiyo (her classmates gave her this name)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
School year: 2nd year
Appearance: She stands at 5'5" with medium length hair light brown hair that reaches to her shoulders with side swept bangs. She usually pulls her hair up into a high ponytail, especially since she practices a lot during the day. She is on the slender side, but is very fit because of training. She has creamy peach skin with green eyes.
Regular clothes: Her regular clothing consists of a white long sleeve shirt with a purple pink hoodie vest with tan shorts, dark purple knee high socks and simple tennis shoes.
Swimming: She wears dark purple one piece with black flip flops
School uniform: She wears her uniform like all the girls, but she doesn't wear the knee high socks rather the ankle high socks since she likes them more with the uniform itself.
Trivia: -Her grades aren't that high since she sleeps mostly through class.
-She is on the school's high jump team and is currently known as the Ace of the team.
-She isn't very popular in school even with the 'Ace' title she has in her team because many people consider her odd.
-She currently lives in an apartment complex with her older sister (Yukiko) and her husband (Masaki) along with their little baby daughter (Setsuna).
-She eats a lot (because she exercises a lot) and her favorite thing to eat is Tonkatsu Donburi.
-She is left handed and likes to walk on the left side of someone
Legendary Warrior Spirit: Wind
Evolutions: Kazemon, Zephyrmon, JetSilphymon, AncientKazemon
D-Tector colors: Dark purple and light pink (The purple is darker than Zoe's D-Tector)
Love interest: Not sure at the moment