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Real World- Japan

"Wah! Sister, Look out!"

An high pitched yell that clearly belonged to a female rung out from the back alleys of Tokyo. If one had been paying attention, they would have heard rushed footsteps that belonged to three pairs of feet followed by a pained feminine grunt. However, nobody seemed to hear it because they were drunk out of their minds or too busy socializing with others in the backdrop of the Tokyo night life.

Sistermon Blanc stood protectively in front of her sister, who on the ground, panting while grasping a hand on her younger sister's forearm. A look of displeasure flashed through Sistermon Noir's features when she noticed her weapon, two pair silver guns named Anthony, were hazardously a few feet away from her near a garbage can.

"You idiot, don't save me! You have something much more important to protect." Sistermon Noir scowled at her younger sister, who didn't seem to hear as she summoned her tripled pronged lance into her hands. As she did so, their opponent appeared with a perverse grin that clearly meant he was going to win this battle. Sistermon Blanc tightened her grip on her lance at the facial expression.

"Sistermons. We both know that I'm going to win, so give up and hand over the spirits."

"Not a chance on your life, Doggymon." Sistermon Noir shot back with a frown.

As Doggymon took a step forward, Sistermon Blanc pressed closer to her older sister.

"Please," The younger sister started gaining the attention of Doggymon, providing enough distraction to their opponent Digimon that her older sister could slowly inch her way towards her guns. "Are you not usually a peaceful Digimon? What makes you attack us?"

Doggymon snickered once, "Yes, I used to be a peaceful Digimon who suffered in the hands of the Digital world until my master made me see the truth. I owe my master everything and I will do anything for him."

"Even stalling the saving of this world and ours?! Please, Doggymon! Your master's wishes are selfish and cruel. He will put many lives in danger." Sistermon Blanc pleaded and at this point Doggymon was right in front her. Doggymon didn't looked too pleased at her as he narrowed his eyes.

"My master is kind and forgiving. Don't ever say bad things about him!" Doggymon posed to attack making Sistermon Blanc close her eyes tightly in preparation for the incoming attack before a loud bang went off. Doggymon let out a loud pained grunt before he fell to the ground, slowly disappearing.

"Hey, punk! Don't talk to my sister like that ever!" Sistermon Noir yelled with a smirk as Doggymon squirmed on the ground before his physical form disappeared right before her eyes. Sistermon Blanc opened her eyes and looked up only when Sistermon Noir walked over and placed a comforting hand on her head.

"Sister, are you injured?" Sistermon Blanc asked as she jumped onto her feet and started looking around her sister's body for injuries. Sistermon Noir rolled her eyes at her as she put her guns back into their holster and dusted at her black dress to get rid of the dirt on them.

"I'm fine and we have other things to worry about...like how that Doggymon knew that we have the Legendary spirits with us." Sistermon Noir stated while Sistermon Blanc stopped what she was doing and to take out a pouch that was tied around her upper arm. She opened the bag and looked inside to see 7 crystals each different colors according to the legendary spirit encased in it.

"I am also confused at that, but I guess we've overestimated our enemy." Sistermon Blanc stated after making sure nothing was missing and hid pouch somewhere else in her robes.

A moment of silence passed through the two sisters, each in their own thoughts, before a sudden rumble made Sistermon Noir hunch over and hold her stomach.

"I'm so hungry~!" She yelled making a sweat drop appear on Sistermon Blanc's head. Noticing a fast food burger place nearby, Sistermon Noir perked up and grabbed at her younger sister's wrist.


"WAH! Sister, we don't have this world's money!"

There were always a few problems when it came to sports teams in Chiyo's school especially when it came to the soccer team and the high jump team.

Unlike most sports teams in the school, these two teams had one area of practice which the teams had to share when practice season came around. Despite meeting in the beginning of the year to sort out agreements, a schedule never seemed to work out and whenever the two teams happened to want to practice the same day, the same argument always seemed to occur.

"Hey! Get out of here, Monster girl."

"Who you calling Monster girl, you poor excuse for an athletic." Mizoguchi High School's Girl's High Jump Captain, Hirano Mei, yelled at the Captain of the Boy's Soccer Team, Morita Junpei. Mei currently didn't look happy with a scowl on her face that reminded Chiyo of her neighbor's grumpy pitbull. Her usually neat short black hair was flying all about from struggling against the cluster of girls that held her back from attacking a black haired male, who huffed at her.

For once, Chiyo was happy that she wasn't on the receiving end of Mei's wrath and watched the fight from behind her teammates, amused with the whole situation.

On the other side of the field behind the Junpei, Kane was watching the same scene with amused look until a someone jabbed him with their elbow. Grunting from the unexpected pain, he turned an irritated look to his teammate, who gave him a crooked grin as he pointed at fence behind them.

"Dude, check it out. We have groupies." As soon as the other male said that, Kane trailed his eyes to where he was pointing. Some girls, who were watching the argument as well behind the fortified green fence, noticed Kane's stare and let out girlish yells making Kane raise a brow. Some even held signs of his name with hearts around it.

"Of course not. They're clearly here for the High Jump team." Was his sarcastic reply making his teammate scowl at him.

Kane was going to turn his gaze back to the argument of the two hot headed Captains when another round of feminine squeals made him turn his head once more.

"Hey, look. Takeda-shishou is here!" Another teammate said making Kane frown slightly when he noticed Tatsuya coming their way.

Tatsuya adjusted his bag strap on his shoulder as he brushed past the mob of underclassmen girls who squealed a little too loudly for his tastes. Already dressed in his practice gear, he was expecting to see the team already starting their drills, but stopped fully when he saw the High Jump team Captain and Junpei arguing.

Tatsuya felt his mind freeze when Chiyo along everyone else, look over his way from the squeals of the girls behind him.

"Ah," Chiyo spoke causing everyone to look over at her, "It's the zombie boy."

As soon as she said this, the soccer team along with Kane started bursting out laughing while the High Jump team and the fangirls let out horrified gasps. Tatsuya meanwhile, was half glad that Chiyo remembered him, but was half disappointed because she didn't seem to know his real name.

Chiyo waved a casual hand at him before Mei stomped over and whacked her on the head. The other High Jump team members sweat dropped at this interaction.

"Oi, Oddball Chiyo! You can't talk to Takeda-san like that!"

"...Why not?" Chiyo asked, clearly confused as to why Mei's anger was once more on her. Before Mei could yell at her more, Junpei jumped in as he calmed down enough from his laughing to talk clearly.

"Man, that was a great laugh. This is the first time I've seen someone insult Takeda like that."

"But it wasn't an insult." Chiyo's statement went unheard.

"I'm going to be generous to you, girls. You can use the field first, we'll just do some warm ups drills while we wait."

"Fine. As long as you just stay there," Mei said as she pointed at the grass part of the field, "and don't kick balls our way. I don't want someone to get hit by a stray ball like last time."

"Fine, fine, Monster girl." With that, Junpei directed the soccer team to move over to the soccer field and off the track area.

"Don't feel bad, Shishou. That girl is a little weird in the head." One of Tatsuya's teammates said as he slapped a hand on the male's shoulders in a comfort, mistaking Tatsuya's usual quietness as sulking.

"A little? I would say a lot. I have class with that weirdo, she never pays attention in class and gets scolded by the teachers." Another teammate added his own comment.

"She can't be that bad if she has a sense of humor like that." Kane stated with a smirk that showed his amusement to the whole situation.

"Oi! Stop standing around and gossiping! Get to work!"

Meanwhile as the rest of the girls were setting up the equipment, Chiyo watched the soccer team practice from her seat on the bench. Unlike the other girls, she was banned from helping after she clumsy dropped the bar on Mei's foot. Thankfully, the girl wasn't hurt, but was extremely angry with her...Nothing too far from the norm.

Chiyo watched her teammates for a minute before trailing her eyes to Tatsuya. She watched his quick movements as he passed the ball between his feet. His movements were quick and crisp before passing it to his closest teammate, who did the same things he did, albeit a little faster, but finished with a little extra move by kicking the ball up and landing it on his foot.

"Kane, stop fooling around." Junpei yelled making the boy she was observing grumble under his breath before he passed the ball. After watching the ball being passed around for a while, Chiyo was going to turn her eyes back to her own teammates when a sudden weird smell from behind her caused her to whip around.

She half expected something to be there, but the only thing that greeted her was just a lingering scent that smelled like week old garbage and spoiled milk that were both left out in the hot summer sun. In response, Chiyo felt her stomach twist in disgust enough that it suddenly caused her to feel the need to throw up.

"Oi, Tachibana! You're up first." Mei's voice made Chiyo turn back to look at the her.

"I don't feel so good." Chiyo said, but Mei ignored her and grabbed her wrists to haul her off her seat.

"Don't worry, you'll feel better after a nice jump. You're like a freaking bird."


"No buts, Tachibana. Hop to it." With a sigh, Chiyo just nodded to the headstrong girl and got into position. She pushed back the feeling of bile rising through her throat as she stretched for a few minutes before she started running.

"Does she look a little pale to you?" Kane was cut off guard when Tatsuya suddenly said something to him while he was in mid-stretch.

Despite the two of them being on the same team and being two of the star athletics in the bunch, Kane never really liked Tatsuya too much. He often labelled the upperclassman as the overachieving wannabe and usually never interacted with him. Tatsuya seemed to sense that Kane wasn't too keen of him, so he never bothered him...well,until now apparently.

Kane collected his composure and looked over at Chiyo, whose face a little a bit paler, but nothing that screamed for his worry.

"Don't know, don't really care." Was his reply, but as soon as those words came out from his mouth, a group of masculine yells sounded behind him before a stray ball went flying past the two males and somehow made it all over to the running girl, hitting her right in the head.

Even Kane was surprised at the turn of events, getting up along with Tatsuya and running over to the slowly forming group of girls around Chiyo.

"Tachibana! You okay?!" Mei for once sounded concerned as the two boys approached. Stopping in front of Chiyo, Kane and Tatsuya were going to help her up, but stopped when something heavy hit their shoes.

"EWW!" A collective group of cries screamed.

"Woops, my bad." Chiyo apologized casually after she emptied the contents of her stomach on Tatsuya's and Kane's shoes.

"What the hell!?" Kane yelled when he got over his shock while Tatsuya's eyes were so wide that they looked like they were going to fall out of their sockets, "These were my best shoes!"

"Kane, calm down." Junpei ordered before he turned his eyes to Mei, "Now look what you did! If you only let us practice first, this wouldn't have happened!"

"What!? You were the one who backed out and let us go first!"

Chiyo drowned out the arguing voices of the two Captains and stared at Tatsuya and Kane's shoes before looking at their expressions. Kane was holding his foot out in disgust, not really knowing what to else to do while Tatsuya frowned as he stared down at his foot.

Chiyo despite her usual nature of not caring for others other than herself, did feel bad for them. She would never want anyone to throw up on her shoes. She probably wouldn't even wear them again if that happened.

An idea in Chiyo's head made her sigh before she got up from the floor. Even though she didn't want to, she knew she had to make it up to them somehow.

"We're leaving." Chiyo announced before she walked over and grabbed both Kane and Tatsuya by the wrist. The two bickering Captains looked over, mid-way through their argument.

"Where do you think you're going? Practice isn't over." They both yelled in unison.

"Downtown. I'm going to buy these guys new shoes." was her simple response before she dragged the two confused males out of the field.

Haruhi took a deep breath as her eyes looked down the long, and suddenly scary looking hallway of her school. To anyone other than Haruhi, the hallway was just a regular hallway in a normal high school, but to Haruhi it wasn't. This was the third year student's hallway, who were all currently loitering around with their friends' trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the day.

This was enemy territory and if she got anything out of reading tons of adventure books in her short 15 year old lifetime, it was that the main character of a book never went into enemy territory without the trusted hand of a group of friends. If they so happened to be stupid enough to do so, then they were clearly and utterly done for...unless some valiant new member of the team decided to jump in and help her out...but that seemed unlikely to Haruhi.

"Hey...Isn't that girl the weird first year that helps out in the library?" A fail of a whisper from an older classmate from to her left made Haruhi jump out of her thoughts.

Trying not to look at the person who pointed her out and trying her best to ignore their stares of confusion, Haruhi decided to press on before they decided to come over and bother her.

It was a well known fact among the student body of Kamakura High school that the seniors were a loud and troublesome bunch. From what she had heard from eavesdropping on two second year students once during her library helping duties, the third year students were fun-loving types who got away with various things especially since the school was established only 2 years ago. The third years had a special place in the teacher's hearts and treated them with unconditional love that they were blinded by it. Even bullying of fellow students looked like a friendly tussle or an act of cute affection to them.

Haruhi panicked as she picked up her pace to get through the hall. The petite girl didn't want to draw attention to herself even though her speed walking seemed to be doing the opposite of what she wanted. It didn't help that she had easily noticeable red hair, teal eyes and freckles scattered on her face

"Hey, you!" Haruhi not expecting the call, let out a small squeak as she tripped on her own two feet. She managed to not to fall flat on her face with the help of a nearby corner of a wall.

"Hey! You better bring us food tomorrow or else." Haruhi blinked a bit confused as to what the voice was saying, but when she turned around, it turned out that the voice wasn't addressing her at all. It belonged to a senior boy who with a group of friends were circled around a taller and bigger boy with shaggy brown hair and green eyes. The same boy she had crashed into a three days ago on the bus.

"A-alright." Mikey mumbled before his classmate reached over and pushed him once more. He stumbled into the wall behind him as his classmates laughed and walked away his group of friends.

With a small sigh, Mikey made a move to collect his bag from the floor, the first action his classmate did before he cornered him when a small shadow fell over it. Mikey braced himself, expecting another one of his classmates have come to push him around before they left, but stopped when he noticed Haruhi.

He had learned her name two days ago from Kawashima-sensei when he had stopped by the empty library to borrow a book. Haruhi wasn't there and curious about her name, he asked the librarian. He instantly regretted it when a scary sparkle filled the older woman's eyes that Mikey knew was not a good sign to him.

"U-um...Are you okay?" Haruhi asked, her voice coming out as a squeak. She honestly didn't why she approached the older male, but she just couldn't stand just watching him by himself like that.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Mikey managed to say, a bit shocked to say the least and wondering why the first year student was in the third year hallway. From what he had heard from Kawashima-sensei, Haruhi always went straight to the library after school and usually took the back route to get to the library.

"Oh, okay. Cause I was a bit worried, seeing them push you like that. I'm surprised that you just let them to...Not that I'm trying to offend you or anything, but you're much taller and bigger than them so I thought it would be easier to overpower them and stuff." Haruhi started to rant without her knowing while Mikey just blinked at her owlishly. Finally realizing his blank stare, Haruhi flushed slightly before she bent down and picked up Mikey's bag.

"Here you go." she said before pushing Mikey's bag towards him. Mikey bowed his head as he accepted his bag from her.

"Thanks, Kurogane." he mumbled before he placed the backpack on. He was going to walk away from her when Haruhi gave him a confused look with a slight tilt to her head that reminded him of a small kitten.

"Huh? How do you know my name, Senpai?" She questioned and Mikey's eyes widened when he realized his slip up.


"Ah! Haruhi dear, there you...are?" Mikey almost slapped a hand to his forehead when Kawashima-sensei made her appearance. The older woman looked between Haruhi and Mikey before a small smirk wormed it ways to the woman's lips. Haruhi looked confused at that while Mikey almost groaned, thinking a quick evacuation plan was in order.

"Oh, you're with Mikey. How convenient! I was going to ask you two to do me a favor."

"A favor?" Haruhi echoed while Mikey tried to think of an excuse as quickly as he could.

"Yes, I actually need you two to go pick up an order for the library downtown. I would go, but I'm afraid I'm getting old." To emphasize her point, Kawashima-sensei bend forward a bit, a few strands of her salt pepper colored hair falling from her ponytail before bringing up a fist and pounded softly at her side. Mikey felt himself sweatdrop when Kawashima-sensei sent him a small wink.

"Sensei, I think you've got the wrong ide-" Mikey started to say, but Kawashima-sensei suddenly send him a cute pout that was much too youthful for someone her age and Mikey closed his eyes in defeat.

"Oh, dear! Look at the time! I suggest you two make haste and go right away before the bookstore closes." Kawashima-sensei stated as she grabbed Mikey and Haruhi by the wrist and dragged them to the closest stairway. Haruhi opened her mouth to ask a question, but Kawashima-sensei beat her to the punch.

"Don't worry about bringing the books today. Just bring them with you tomorrow. It won't be too heavy with two of you around. I also suggest you guys to eat something afterwards cause Haruhi-chan is looking a bit skinny lately."

Completely overwhelmed by the situation, the two students soon found themselves by the shoe lockers with a grinning Kawashima-sensei.

"Anyway, I must get back to my duties. Good luck you two." With that, the woman left the scene rather quickly leaving Haruhi and Mikey standing there.

"Umm...What just happened?" Haruhi asked her sudden companion.

"...I have no idea."

"Pft, this is ridiculous." Rei huffed as she lounged back. Her lips were pulled into an unladylike scowl as she uncrossed and crossed her legs once more.

Rei just wanted to go home, do homework and then go for a nice swim in the family pool before eating dinner and then going to sleep. This was her routine after school and she loved it to no end. Unfortunately, today the routine was broken as she was currently stuck in traffic in downtown and with one glance out the window, Rei knew that it wasn't going to let up anytime soon.

"Rei-sama," Daisuke's called from the front passenger seat. Rei didn't bother to hide her expression of displeasure as she snapped a 'what' at the older man, who didn't seem too bothered by her temper. "I'm sorry for the delay back to the house, but I hope you can hold out a little longer."

"Yeah yeah. Whatever. By the way, why are we even downtown? We never take this route." Rei stated, her comment directed towards the driver of the car, Eiji. He had a look of frustration on his face as he pulled down the window and stuck his head out to try and get a clear view of what exactly was causing the jam. Rei flinched when Eiji's shiny bald head reflected light into her eyes.

"We are fulfilling a request made by your Mother. She wanted us to pick up some items for tonight's banquet." Daisuke answered before he picked up the newspaper that was on the dashboard.

Rei's mood worsened at the mention of the banquet. It was one that her parents threw every month and Rei hated it. She had to be polite to all these different people that she could careless for and sit through long amounts of useless chatter. Some even had the nerve to suggest marrying Rei off to one of their sons which her parents laughed about before saying it was a good idea. Luckily the plan never went through, but Rei couldn't help worry that one day, against her will, she was going to be forced to marry a man she disliked.

After kicking the back of Daisuke's chair to try and soothe herself, Rei turned her eyes to window and watched a group of students pass through the window. Each had a smile on their face as they chatted with their friends as they talked about various things that happened through the day. Immediately as they passed a small girl and her mother walked by. The small girl tripped before she could fully disappear from Rei's view as her mother bent down and soothed the child gently as she started to cry. Rei rolled her eyes at the scene before turning her eyes back to the front of the car.

"What a weakling." she hissed out to herself, not even caring that the other two occupants of had heard her and shared a quick glance at each other.

At that moment, Ashton was slowly and gingerly making his way to the grocery store. He squeezed through the crowd that had gathered downtown before making a small turn on the corner. He ignored the blaring of the car horns of impatient drivers as he crossed the street.

It was times like these that reminded Ashton of America, but not at the same time. It was a thought that made him flinch back as he tried to think of what he should cook for dinner. He didn't have much of an appetite, but he knew at least he should get something in his stomach before his father decided to sock him another one.

"...How depressing." Ashton sighed to himself, brushing a strand of jet black hair that was bothering his slate blue-gray eyes. He was going to turn another corner when suddenly a body crashed into him, Ashton felt a flash of pain erupt from his side caused by a small bruise that he had gained a few days, but hadn't fully healed yet.

Even though he was going to yell out a from the pain, he stopped himself and let out a small grunt instead. The last thing he needed was someone concerned about why he let out a yell.

"Hey! Watch where you're going, you trash!" Rei snapped at the tall and obvious foreign boy she bumped into. Even though she wanted to argue a bit more with him, Rei heard her name being called by Daisuke, who wanted her back into the car.

She whipped her head around, "I'm sick and tired of staying in there. I can walk home from here." Daisuke looked like he was going to protest, but Rei wasn't going to have any of that.

Ashton, whose eyebrows shot up in surprise, watched Rei twirl around and walk away, completely ignoring the man who was calling for her from an extremely expensive looking car. This was first time someone had snapped at him like that (other than his father) since he had come to Japan. Most people, Ashton found out early two months ago, were the polite types especially to him, a foreign looking boy. Even the people who didn't look Japanese have adapted into the polite concept and haven't been once rude to him in his face.

Snapping out of his surprised stupor, Ashton just shrugged it off and once more made his trek onward to the market when a scream of bloody murder made turned around.

"W-what is that!" Looking at what the terrified woman was pointing at, Ashton looked up into the sky and felt his mouth drop down slightly.

In a scene that looked like it belonged in one of those supernatural action movies, the sky which was a baby blue a few seconds ago turned into a stormy gray with hints of blurry white in them that swirled into a slowly forming black hole.

"Oh...This does not look good." Ashton mumbled to himself.

Rei was stomping her way through crowds when she noticed everyone looking up at the sky. Curious to see what everyone was gawking idiotically at, she looked up and instantly regretted it when she noticed a giant hole in the sky. She soon found herself gawking as well when she noticed many silhouettes descending from what it seemed like from the middle of the hole.

"What in the world!?" Was the only she could say before the silhouettes started become clearer.

"These are so freaking tasty!" Sistermon Noir yelled out as she took another bite out of her fast food hamburger. Sistermon Blanc sighed at her while she held onto the paper bag that held onto more wrapped burgers. She, unlike her sister apparently, was extremely grateful for the money that they managed to get after doing a small street performance at a nearby public park.

It was her older sister's idea and Sistermon Blanc blushed when she remembered that she had sung for a huge crowd of people. She knew she was a decent singer, but not much to gather such a crowd like they had a few moments ago. Sistermon Noir noticing her flush, took a huge bite of her burger before slapping a hand onto her younger sister's back.

Sistermon Blanc let out a small pained sounded at the action.

"Hey, you were great a singer that's why so many people came over, okay?"

"But!" Sistermon Blanc began, but didn't get to finish when Sistermon Noir shoved her half eaten burger into her younger sister's mouth.

"No buts! Just eat and enjoy." Sistermon Noir said before she started walking ahead. Sistermon Blanc took a small bite of the burger before she trailed after her sister. Seeing that it was indeed tasty, Sistermon Blanc was going to take another bite when she bumped into her older sister's back, who had suddenly stopped in front of her.

"Sister?" Sistermon Blanc asked as she peered from behind her sister's shoulder.

"Bakemon!" Sistermon Noir pointed as the ghost like Digimon descended in a hoard.

"Demidevimon!" Sistermon Blanc stated in surprise to see a dozen of them following after, but she let out a noise of surprise when another much taller figure emerged, "And a Devimon! Sister, there are so many!"

Sistermon Noir frowned at this before she grabbed her guns from her holster. She heard cries of terror from the direction the hoard of Digimon were descending towards.

"Come on!"

"But what of the hamburgers!?" Sistermon Blanc called after sister in alarm as she started to run.

"Just drop them! We can come back for them later!"

One moment, Kane was staring up at the sky with Chiyo and Tatsuya and the next, he was all alone being pushing around with screams of terror beating into his ear drums.

Kane never thought the apocalypse would turn out like this, but he had no time to complain especially when the weird ghosts started to grab people who were yelling in fright.

As quick as he could, Kane ran with the crowd who at this point was growing desperate to get away when one of the ghosts started floating over their way. He grunted when a small body of a girl crashed into his side.

Haruhi was scared. She had no idea what was going on when she looked up at the sky and saw these monsters descending. She had started to rant about aliens when she saw them while one of them was coming over at her to grab her. Fortunately, Mikey had been quick to react and pulled her away at the right moment before running with her. Unfortunately afterwards, the two had separated with the various amounts of people pushing at them.

"Hey! Don't zone off, keep sharp." Kane told the girl who bumped into him with a small frown. Haruhi nodded her head at this and started running with him until luck would have it, she suddenly fell forward onto the ground, the crowd easily leaving her behind.

Kane would have just ran away and left her on the ground, but when he saw a ghost monster floating over to the obvious scared looking girl, he knew he couldn't just do nothing.

"Why am I meeting such troublesome girls today!?" He questioned before he squeezed his way over to Haruhi. Haruhi let out a small yelped when one of the ghosts grabbed her ankles and started tugging at her.

Using her other foot, she tried to kick him away, but the ghost monster seemed smarter than she thought because it dodged her incoming hits. What she didn't expect and what the monster didn't expect was when a red backpack suddenly flew at them, hitting the monster hard.

Haruhi scrambled away as the Kane grabbed her by the shoulder and hauled her up onto her feet.

"Come on!" he yelled, but before he could fully getaway, a group of ghosts surrounded them. Haruhi pressed herself close to Kane as he held his backpack protectively in front of them.

"Damn it! There is no way, I'm going to die like this!" Kane yelled out before he charged forward. Haruhi suddenly feeling strength from his words, charged after him with her own backpack high the air to whack at the ghosts.

Just as Kane was going to hit the first ghost, a sudden light beamed straight out from his pocket. Haruhi let out a gasp when a light also emerged from her bag as the ghosts let out wails of pain as they cowered away. Kane reaching into his pocket, noticed his cellphone glowing.

"What's going on?"

Tatsuya looked to his left and right as he looked for either of his companions. He was worried about them especially Chiyo, who was easily swept up by the crowd when everyone first started to panic. The girl didn't look like she could hurt a fly, so he was naturally more worried about her than Kane.

"Hey! Get your trash filled hands off me!" Tatsuya heard above him before body crashed onto him from above.

Rei let out a groan as she landed on something and she hoped it wasn't another one of the ghosts. Opening her eyes, she looked down and paused when she realized she had landed on a boy, who let out a groan of pain because Rei was currently sitting on his stomach. Realizing this, Rei quickly got off him and looked down while she dusted her skirt off.

"Ugh, look at what that thing did to my uniform!" She cried out to herself as she stomped one foot to the ground when she noticed some dirt and a small hole.

Tatsuya shook his head of disorientation as he slowly got up onto his feet. He half expected a word of apology from the girl who suddenly crash onto him from above, but she seemed too preoccupied by damaged to her skirt uniform to notice.

He figured leaving the girl was better for the both of them, but stopped when one of ghosts crept up behind unsuspecting Rei. Rei froze when she suddenly felt a rush of cold air behind her. She slowly turned around, only to be greeted the a wide smile and the face of one of the ghosts.

"Look out!" Before Rei knew it, she felt a warm arm around her waist and she was pulled away from the ghost. Tatsuya held out his shinai in front of him which he thankfully had with him even though there was no Kendo practice today.

Rei felt her heart speed up when Tatsuya looked down at her with gentle emerald green eyes and she vaguely noted the muscles his biceps curled around her waist. Despite how nice it felt, Rei gave him a scowl before she pushed him off her.

"Get off me! I can handle myself." She yelled as Tatsuya stumble slightly from her harsh push.

"Aww, lookie here. How cute~." One of the ghosts started to say as it floated over which made Rei's eyes widened.

"You can talk!?" She yelled in disbelief as Tatsuya stepped in front of her with his shinai out. Despite being visibly ungrateful for his helping, Rei felt completely grateful towards him and before she stopped herself, pressed her hands onto Tatsuya's shoulder when she saw more ghosts floating over to them.

Tatsuya noticing this, gritted his teeth together as they started getting closer. He knew he needed to help, but he didn't know how.

Just as the ghosts all lunged to attack the two humans, a brilliant light filtered around them making them scream as they retreated. Rei and Tatsuya looked equally surprised as their cell phones started to glow from their respective pockets.

Unlike most of the running people, Ashton took a quick cover in a nearby alleyway. Pressing himself behind garbage cans and other things to not draw attention. It seemed to work as a few ghosts floated right by. Ashton, along with a girl whose uniform told him that she went to the same school as him and another boy, let out small sighs of relief when the ghosts completely passed them.

Chiyo poked her head out from behind a dumpster as the boy next her did the same. The smell was gross, but it wasn't as bad as the smell from before at school. She wasn't going to complain if it was helping her survive. She was deciding whether or not to call her uncle at this point, but she figured he was already on his way over here with his police unit.

Mikey was pretty worried about Haruhi at this point, but he knew to help her, he needed to survive for right now. From what he could see from his position, the people who were being captured were being put to sleep and from he could tell, Haruhi wasn't any of them. For now, he knew she was at least safe somewhere.

"What are those monsters?" Chiyo thought to herself out loud, drawing the attention of the two males with her. The two males shared a shrug, answering the girl's question even though she didn't want an answer from them.

"You see," An strange voice from behind them made Chiyo, Ashton and Mikey jump and whip around. "Those are Bakemon, the furballs are Demidevimon and that one is Devimon."

Sistermon Noir was the one who answered as she and Sistermon Blanc walked from out from the shadows they were hiding in. Ashton furrowed his brows at their appearance, when did they get there?

"Are you guys cosplayers?" Chiyo questioned after eying both Sistermon's robes, making Ashton and Mikey sweat drop at her.

"Cosplayers? Sister, what is a cosplayer?" Sistermon Blanc asked in response to the girl's question. Sistermon Noir shrugged her shoulders as she scratched her head with the barrel of her gun.

"No idea." Noticing the gun for the first time, Mikey inched away slightly while Chiyo and Ashton just stood in their spots.

"I think the more important question here is how do you know what those things are." Ashton said, trying to get things back on track.

"Because we are rather alike to those creatures." Sistermon Blanc stated and the three humans gave her a confused look. They were going to ask more questions when two Bakemon appeared and grabbed Mikey and Sistermon Blanc.

Jumping into action, Chiyo and Sistermon Noir each grabbed onto one of Mikey's legs as the Bakemon pulled from above. Mikey let out a noise of pain at this.

"Let go!" Sistermon Noir yelled as she tugged once.

"No, you let go!" The Bakemon yelled.

"No, you!"

"No, you!"

"NNNNNOOO, you!"


"Someone just let go!" Mikey cried out. Chiyo, who was looking around as Sistermon Noir and the Bakemon were arguing, stretched her body over without letting go of Mikey and grabbed her bag. She managed to land a successful whack on Bakemon with her bag. The Bakemon confused and dazed from the unseen hit, let go of Mikey who landed on the ground rather painfully, but was feeling much better than being pulled.

Sistermon Blanc let out a small yelp as she struggled into another Bakemon's grip. Ashton grabbed the closest thing to him, which happened to tied up bag of garbage and threw it at Bakemon, who with one whiff of the smell let Sistermon Blanc go. She landed right into Ashton's arms who flinch at the sudden stretch of weight that made his bruise throb.

"Oh my! I'm sorry!" Sistermon Blanc apologized with a low bow as soon as Ashton placed her back onto her feet. Ashton would have accepted her apology, but stopped when one Demidevimon rushed over.

"Devimon! I found them!" he yelled when he noticed the Sistermons. Sistermon Noir narrowed her eyes at him before quickly shooting the creature. Chiyo and Mikey watched with wide eyes when the Demidevimon fell out of the air and landed in front of them, half of it's body starting to disappear.

Unfortunately, Sistermon Noir was a bit slow on her attack and the Demidevimon's yell had reached Devimon who looked over at the group's direction.

"We need to get out of here!" Sistermon Noir hissed before she grabbed her younger sister's arm and started to drag her away.

"But what about the humans?" Sistermon Blanc asked as she looked back in worry at Chiyo, Mikey and Ashton who started to huddle together when more Bakemon started to descend on them.

"I think we can handle ourselves. Just get out of here." Ashton stated as he ducked as Chiyo swung her bag around. Mid-swing however, one of the Bakemon grabbed her bag and started to float higher.

"Don't look up." Chiyo quickly told the boys below her, who decided to heed her demands because they were too busy trying to get other Bakemon off them. Luckily before Chiyo could get too high up, something in her skirt pocket started to glow causing the Bakemon to let out a hiss before it lost grip of her backpack. She let out a small 'oof' when she landed on the ground.

At the same time, Mikey and Ashton paused in their endeavors when a similar light enveloped them. Seeing the source was from their pockets, they quickly took out their cellphones and let out noises of surprise when the light suddenly got brighter.

"Sister!" Sistermon Noir stopped in her running when her younger sister starting pulling on her robes. She was going to snap at her, but stopped when she noticed Sistermon Blanc pointing to the sky. Seven pillars of light were piercing the sky and in almost immediate response, the crystallized form of the legendary spirits started glowing from the hiding place in Sistermon Blanc's robes.

Swiftly taking out the pouch and opening it, the two Sistermon's didn't have time to react when the legendary spirits flew out and darted away, heading towards different light pillars.

"Execute," They heard seven different voices call out, "Spirit Evolution!"

"T-they're! T-They're!" Sistermon Noir started, but didn't know what else to say as extreme happiness started to cloud her senses. Sistermon Blanc smiled widely before speaking.

"We did it, Sister! We did it!"








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