This idea popped into my head so I thought I would post it

hope you like it


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Carl was in his car. He got a call to deliver a pizza on this country road in long island.

There were two pepperoni pizzas stacked on top of each other in the front seat.

Carl sighed. He hated his job. Always having to deal with people who don't want to pay. using his own car and Gas to make the deliveries and the job didn't pay very well either!

Deep breaths. Carl thought Almost there.

He finally made it to his destination... and there was only a sigh that said PICK YOUR OWN STRAWBERRIES.

The people who made the order said to walk up the hill that had a good size Pine tree.

Carl looked around the sun filled air.

He spotted the tree.

Carl, sighing again, got out of his car and went to the passenger side to grab the Pizzas. Once he had the pizzas stacked comfortably on the palm of his hands he started walking up the hill.

The hill was steep and had grass that should have been mowed three years ago. Carl was beginning to wonder if this was the wrong place or if it was a prank call.

He finally made it to the top of the hill. He looked out across the landscape. There was a four-story blue building. In the distance you could see the Ocean sparkling in the sun. Close to that were some strawberry fields.

The people who made the order had to be in the blue house at the bottom of the hill Carl thought.

Carl pressed on ready to go to the bottom. He walked a few feet then was flown back by an unseen force.

Carl landed on his butt, the pizza ,meracalisly, still were on his palms.

"What the." Carl said in bewilderment.

That's when he saw two figure running up the hill toward him.

When they got closer Carl could see that the two figures were both had curly brown hair and blue eyes. They looked like they could be twins.

Carl thought they were going to help him up but instead one of them took the pizzas and the other said," Thanks for the pizza."

Then they both ran down the hill laughing.

Carl sat there for a minute then he realized something, "Hey! you two stole my pizzas!" Carl ran forward but again he was flown backward by the unseen force.

Carl tried many times but he was flown back each time.

Carl decided to just quit and walked back to his car.


Travis and Connor sat in their cabin while the rest of their cabin was at archery class.

They were both eating pizza.

"That was really easy." Connor said.

Travis laughed," Next time we should tell them to come by ocean."

"That would be one lost pizza guy." Connor said grabbing another slice of pizza.

Hope you liked it

Just an idea that popped up