The Final chapter for this one...

Clove's POV:

It is Sunday. I head off the the cliff. I pack up a lot of knifes in my waist bag, I bring the picture, my cell phone and stuff. I wear my black training suit. It is for today. I get out of the house quietly and head to the cliff. i know that place so well.

Caleb Ludwig's POV:

I hide in the trees, then I spot a car. I bet it is Clove's.

I get off the car and see Caleb Ludwig.

"Caleb ludwig?"

"That is me!"

"What do you want?"

"I want you dead."

He push me on to the floor and take out a gun.

"Now, the blacks family will be gone forever."

He is about the shoot, the I throw a knife towards his arms. He drop the gun and let out a painful scream. He runs towards me and I throw knifes at his legs. Then he tackles me onto the floor. I take out my knife and poke it towards his stomach. Then I chase him towards the cliff.

"See you soon Blacks."

He waves at me and jump off the cliff. I am sure he will be dead.

I walk into my car and drive home. I didn't get hurt at all. Wait this is not right, he wants to kill me but why did he jump off the cliff?

Then I see a car driving towards me, I turn left but the car is driving to fast it drive into a tree. I get off the car and run towards the other car, I see a man where all black almost dead in that car. He speaks.

"Caleb Ludwig made me do this. He is..."

Then he dies. He is what?

I get on my car again then I drive home, just in time for dinner.

~~~~~line break~~~~~

Cato's POV:

I wake up and get out of my bed, then I see my mom on the sofa crying.

"What is wrong mom?"

"Your dad is missing..."


"Yes he is."

"Wait, where did he go yesterday?"

"I don't know, maybe the cliff?"

"Oh shoot, wait for me."

I run towards Clove's house, than i knock on the door. Clove gets it.

"Where did you go yesterday?"

"The cliff."

"For what?"

"I was going to look at the view."

"Tell me the truth."

"Ok, but can we talk privately?"


I walk outside and sit on the bench with Clove.

"Now tell me."

"He was trying to kill me. I fight back, then..."

"Then what?"

"He jumps off the cliff and said see you soon Clove"

"Is he dead?"

"i dont know."

"I got to go now. Bye Clove love you."

"love you too."

I kiss her on the cheek and head back home.

Caleb Ludwig's POV:

THAT WAS MY PLAN! Jumping off the cliff, haha, i have my own ways to survive. This isn't over Clove, you are their daughter and you will be dead too.


SAD huh? It is the end! But the next book will be out! This is a really rush book, if you don't like it, i am sorry. But the second book will include Russian Clato Love's character and everything will be more exciting. Thank you for all the support, cya guys at the next book!

-xxoo Jackie