Clove's POV:

I open my eyes, wow it is already 10am, i guess i missed my morning run! I quickly take a shower and put on my "girl power" t-shirt and sports shorts and go downstairs. Nobody's home and look there's a note. Again. I look at it and it says


I'm going to the market and grap some food for you and your uncle. Your uncle is at the office and I'll be back soon. For lunch I'll make you Mac&cheese!

Aunty Jenny

Awesome, mac and cheese for lunch. Then I go up stairs and get on facebook. It is probably my daily routine already. My desktop picture is a picture of my parents and me. They got murdered when i was 7. That story sticks in my head and i will never forget...

"Mom, dad what happens when a person goes to heaven?"I asked my parents during breakfast.

"They will live happily ever after like in fairytales. They will eat the best food, drink the best drink and it will be really fun!"My mom answered cheerfully.

2 days later, my mom and dad went to a shopping mall with me to get some new clothes for me, on the way back we walked and it was 0am in the night. i was really scared so my mom told me all kinds of funny stories. All of a sudden, a guy wearing all black appeared

He said:"hello blacks, Chloe and Dave Blacks. Long time no see! I think you still own me the 5 million bucks. When will you return it?

My dad said nervously:"Tomorrow, i promise tomorrow."

He said:"HAHA, tomorrow? I guess there will be no tomorrow for you."

My dad said:"What do you mean Ludwig?
He said:"haha, bye bye Dave Blacks my "best friend"."

Then he took out his gun and shoot my dad. He died straight away. I was so scared, I start to scream for help and I can't stop crying. My mom took me and ran away, he tried to shoot us too but he missed.

When we got home, i cried so badly and my mom was trying to comfort me

"It's ok, daddy will be fine, he is just a bit hurt, the doctors will help him." Mom said

"Will he be going to heaven mom?" I asked with tears in my eyes.

"Yes, of course, your daddy is a good guy. Now listen to me, you must live, now you are not Jenna anymore, your name is Clove, Clove Fhurman. Not Jenna Blacks. Jenna Blacks is dead, we gave you blonde hair and we'll go dye it into Black tomorrow and your eyes will remain the same. We are giving you a make over and from now on you will be adopted by your aunt and uncle. I am in danger too. Caleb Ludwig will come back for me and you it is better if you live, you must live for me and your daddy. When the police ask you something about us, just say I don't know, aunty Jenny will tell you everything. Now go to sleep get up early tomorrow."

I was so young and I didn't know anything about the adult world. I was so scared and i think my mom made the best decision. i listened to my mom. The next day, my mom sent me to the salon and bleached my hair to black. Then she packed all my stuff and we went to aunty Jenny's house. I moved in permanently and from now on I'm their daughter. Then it was the last hug with my mom.

Her last words were:"Jenna, revenge." Then she left, i heard gun shot and i ran into my room at the new house. I cry every night until when I was 14. I realize crying wasn't the way to make me feel any better. I need to get revenge on the Ludwig family, they need to die.

That was what basically happened, revenge these 7 letters are stuck in my head. i need to get revenge on the Ludwig family. Aunty Jenny didn't mind me calling her Aunty Jenny but I miss the days when me and my parents had fun. This year I moved to California Los Angeles because of Uncle Alexender.

I log into facebook and I saw a invitation by Glimmer which is my best friend I met here on the first day I moved in. It was a party on saturday night. Since I love parties and from my researches, the Ludwig family must be here and i should really go and find Ludwig and start my plan. Then I texted her if she wants to go shopping and apparently she agreed.

OH MY GOD what will happen next at the party?