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Chapter 1: A Beginning Worth Mentioning

The three of us. We were inseparable. Until that fated night. Our last mission.

It was a cold night on the 15th day of December. We were on a mission, a very dangerous mission that could very well be the death of us.

We were ordered to scope out an evil organization base. We didn't know who or what we were going to find, all we knew was that completing the mission was vital.

Together on our missions, we were excellent; we completed every mission from F rank to S rank. Nothing could stop us.

I, Locke Hiranza K. Pirandello, Most people call me Locke and others just from sheer admiration called me the Blazing God HK. I was the leader of our trio, Fallen, not only was I the brains (strategically) of the group I was also the brawn. Just at the age of 17, I was considered the strongest out of the organization I worked for.

StormFront, it was the biggest organization in the Sinnoh region, working to fight off against evil crime lords such as the RavenTails. With over a thousand members, with a Pokémon I was the strongest, without one however I was only ranked 750th.

StormFront trained recruits from the time we are able and even to our deaths where we will still be serving our organization with honor.

Rose Diana Marco, she is my best friend and is the only person in StormFront and maybe in the whole Sinnoh region to be able to create the PokeEars, incredible technology that allows humans to hear what the Pokémon are saying.

She is a genius when it comes to technology, but a little air-headed when it comes to other topics. The people in the organization respect her and call her the Mistress of Technology. She gets as much respect as I do and people often show even more sometimes.

Roosevelt De Santo Roberts, He's the third in our famous trio. He isn't as smart as Rosa and isn't as strong as I am. He is the second strongest to me and is not far from Rosa in smartness.

Roosevelt is a guy you definitely want around. He is funny and just too cool for anyone. Sometimes people often recognize him as the official leader of the trio and he would have the position if he didn't refuse. He's called Midnight's Grace for a reason; he won a hottest competition without even entering. That and the way he commands the dark type Pokémon he uses is jaw dropping good.

The three of us are orphans; our parents were killed by RavenTails. We entered StormFront based solely on that reason. Revenge and being together was the only reason why we stuck out the hellish training of StormFront.

Running down an empty hall, many doors down the path we are taking but in too much of a hurry to check them. I ordered Rose to check the corridor on the left and Roosevelt the one to the right.

They knew their mission. Eliminate and keep it moving. That was always the objective on the missions we went on.

I ran as fast as I could down the hall and luckily they were no guards in sight. This whole mission has been weird I thought myself.

I entered a bright room, I shielded my eyes from the bright light and slowly let them adjust to the light and to my surprise I found my teammates there as well. We all walked up to the lone table in the middle of the empty room.

We were surprised by what we saw. On the table was a couple of documents and in those documents was the files of our parents.

Our parents worked for RavenTails… And they were killed by the very organization we worked for and trusted... We were working for our enemies the whole time. StormFront was our enemies…

Rose was filled with grief and even the calm faced Roosevelt had a look of upset on him. As the leader I needed to do something to get their composure back, but even I was infuriated by the fact that the justice we sought was towards the wrong group.

Our minds flickered for a moment and soon we were back to the merciless trio that had a mission to finish. We gathered the documents and headed to the door but an explosion from the other side stopped us dead in our tracks.

We turned around and noticed several men and women surrounded by fierce dragon and fire type Pokémon, and in the center was a man and behind that man was none other than the legendary Pokémon Entei.

Entei roared and the whole foundation of the building shook. The man in the center grinned haphazardly and whispered a word.

"Kill"… It looked like he was mouthing words to us but really he was just giving off orders to those around him and with a nod the Pokémon around him all shot Flamethrowers and Hyper beams.

We took off in a hurry, dropping all the documents we had previously secured. We left the room quickly enough so that we didn't end up incinerated by those deadly beams. We split up down several halls to separate the mass of Pokémon so we could have a little chance of survival.

It was a basic survival technique. We set up traps all around the hall to slow down our pursuers.

Boom… Boom… Boom… Three explosions from the right, Roosevelt's traps had already been triggered; hopefully it slowed them down enough for him to escape without harm.

My mind was briefly obscured by another three explosions. It was Rose's traps this time. Now I was worried about her safety. Being a leader was hard especially during missions like this one. I have to make sure my team is safe while also protecting myself.

No wonder Roosevelt refused.

I ran and made it to the next floor down but the interesting thing is that I didn't hear any of my traps go off and it made me wonder if they were even following me.

I was being too naïve…. "Grrraaaahooouuuu"… The roar of Entei was above me and many footsteps after it.

Boom… Boom… Boom….. My traps had been triggered but was it enough to hold off the mighty Entei, I thought of all the positive things that could happen but then I heard its magnificent roar again.

This time I started to panic, I knew I couldn't possibly take on Entei or twenty other Pokémon… not by myself anyway…

I took off down another three floors, snapping the necks of guards that we had snuck past. I heard many footsteps behind me… They were closing in and fast…

"Aaaaahhhh" it was a female scream and it was from a voice I could recognize immediately. Rose had been trapped and she was defending herself… That's the only scenario I wanted to come up with in my mind…

I heard the scream coming from the left of where I was… I needed to rescue her only thing being was that she was down a couple of floors and there was no way I could reach her in time.

But I had to… I loved her…

I got to the stairs and planted a bomb, which detonated closing off that entry way to the room I was in. If I was going to save her I needed all the time I could get. I pulled the only pokeball I had cautiously taken from the organization out and released the Pokémon inside of it.

"Gyaarrooouu" the roar this time didn't come from Entei. It came from below me and I instantly recognized it as Roosevelt's Hydreigon. He must have heard Rose's scream also and went in to protect her.

I felt a sense of ease ride over me but as soon as it came it left, and I knew the reason exactly. I had forgotten that Roosevelt also loved Rose and we were always competing for her. She never gave a hint to which one of us she liked and sort of laughed it off and kept on with mission assigned that day.

Now I knew I had to save her myself…

"Salamence… I need to get to the lower floor fast… Outrage!" I said to my trusted dragon type Pokémon.

Salamence eyes lit up to a furious blue and covered his body in a dangerous aura. He strengthened his body for the damage it was about to receive and jumped a few feet in the air.

The room was spacious enough for a herd of Mamoswine to roam through. So when Salamence jumped he did enough to get through the floors under him, and with a mighty roar of his name he burst right through the floor and the floors below him like meteor.

I checked down the gaping hole and could see where Roosevelt and Rosa were holding off the enemy. I could see the joy on their faces when Salamence came and took care of some of the enemies.

I jumped down the hole and landed with a soft thud. As I landed I quickly ran over to my team and hugged them. Luckily we were only battling the enemies that followed Rosa so we knew we could win this battle…

Again we were being too naïve… "Gyarroooaauhhh"… Boooom… All we heard was Entei's roar and a loud explosion from the traps I set… Boom…Boom…Boom…

I suddenly got worried. That was too many explosions… And to make it worse the ceiling at the end of the floor we were on was starting to collapse.

I worked up the courage to tell Rose and Roosevelt what was happening and once I said it their expressions were blank. Rose looked down and Roosevelt mustered up the strength to speak.

"So this is how we die? No I won't allow it to happen like that!" He said in an outrage. This was the first time we had seen Roosevelt get mad.

"Hydreigon we're getting out of here, Dragon pulse." He said calmly. Hydreigon responded and angrily fired off a huge draconic shock wave. The purple coated shockwave of flames destroyed the wall behind us.

"Rose get on, Locke get Salamence and let's get out of here." Roosevelt said in his usual calm tone. He had finally sounded like a leader and that caught Rose's and my attention. He had no intention of being a leader and yet now he is acting like he was the leader from the start.

Rose listened well and hopped on Hydreigon. She then motioned for me to do as I was ordered but that pissed me off even more than Roosevelt acting like a leader.

"Salamence cave in the ceiling, trap us from the enemies." I said calmly to my Pokémon. Salamence nodded and fired a huge flamethrower from his mouth, bringing the ceiling down trapping the enemies on the other side from getting to us.

"Locke what did you do that for?" Roosevelt asked curiously.

"Buying us more time…" I said coldly. I had some things to say to Roosevelt and he was going to hear what I had to say.

"Locke hurry we don't have mu-"Roosevelt started to say but I cut him off.

"Who said you were the boss of me huh? Oh we get into a little bit of danger and all of a sudden you are leader now!? I don't remember giving you the title!" I said, anger building up inside me.

"Really at a time like this, you want to start this now?" He said losing his calm composure.

"It's the perfect time!" I yelled back at him.

"Well it was my title in the first place! I refused to let you actually feel like you could accomplish something!" He yelled back.

Rose shuddered just by hearing those words. I got even more riled up from him saying that.

"Oh yeah, how about the dozens of times I saved you!? Back when we were kids I protected you! Even now I have to protect you because you are too weak!" I furiously said to him but I wasn't done, "Midnight's Grace HA more like Disgrace! You are so weak you bring your Pokémon down with you!" I finished pointing at Hydreigon.

This time Rose got off Hydreigon and stepped of onto the side, trying not to get caught in the feud. As she done this Hydreigon looked back angrily, knowing I had insulted him and his master and he furiously walked to his master's side.

"Locke you went too far! Who knew what you would have done if I hadn't made a decision back there! We probably would have died waiting on you to make a choice!" He yelled but he wasn't finished, "I am tired of being called second to you! I'll show you just how strong I have gotten over these years!" He finished.

"You can't beat me Roosevelt! Think this through!" I yelled quite calmer than I was before.

"I'm done with all of this! It's time I showed you that I'm the strongest! And to point out something else, you aren't fit to be with Rose let alone a leader of a team." He finished in his normal calm mood.

"Wait I don't want to-" Rose started but Roosevelt cut her off.

"Rose he needs to know! That I am the one you chose!" Roosevelt said angrily.

"Rose, is what he says true? Did you really choose already?" I questioned her calmly, trying real hard as to not let the anger come out.

"Yes… It is Locke but-" Rose started but once again she was cut off. This time I did it.

"That's enough Rose, Strongest eh? It seems like you are getting ahead of yourself, you're a hundred years to early to be trying to stop me." I said maliciously with a confident smirk. Salamence walked up beside me with the same smug look.

"Killing a puny god won't be so bad for my reputation. Bring it you hopeless ape!" Roosevelt yelled ripping off the pendant that once claimed him as a member of Fallen.

"Don't mind if I do! You worthless weasel! I'll be fine with killing you as well!"I yelled also ripping off the same emblem.

We both ran into each other hands locked in a stalemate neither of us letting the other get the advantage. The Pokémon did the same. Hydreigon grabbed Salamence's wings while Salamence stepped on Hydreigon's toes.

The stalemate didn't last long, I quickly overpowered Roosevelt and pushed him backwards and before he could regain his posture and quickly put him under a flurry of punches. He was able to block three but was eventually knocked off by the amount that had buried him.

Hydreigon was losing as well Salamence managed to knock him of balance and start crushing him with many Dragon claws. Unlike his master however, Hydreigon was able to lessen the damage received to him.

Roosevelt got up and wiped the blood from his mouth. He then proceeded to strike at me a barrage of deadly kicks. Roosevelt trained mostly in Tae Kwon Do as I mostly trained in Muy Thai. To his dismay I dodged all of the kicks easily.

Hydreigon got up and started to use Dragon tail. He raged in and swung low for deadly strike. Salamence couldn't defend all the way and was hit in the right upper knee. It was going to be a hard fight for him now.

I saw the hit that Hydreigon got on Salamence and felt guilty cause I used most of his strength earlier, and in that brief instance I had made a mistake.

I got worried about Salamence and wasn't focused on the fight in front of me. I took a mean blow in the left shoulder blade. Roosevelt had capitalized on my mistake and made me pay for it.

With my left arm incapable of moving and Salamence's knee injured things looked slim for us. Well that's what Roosevelt and Hydreigon thought…

Still smiling smugly from the damage they caused the darkness duo had a moment of hope on their faces… A moment…

I quickly forgot about the pain and hit my most deadly combo. I caught Roosevelt by surprise and quickly hit him in the stomach with my left knee and using the momentum from stomping my right foot I was able to catch him in the chin with that said knee. Quickly realizing that he needs to get out of my range he tries to side step out the way.

Perfect. I thought to myself.

It was Hydreigon turn. He was so distracted by watching his master he forgot about Salamence.

Big mistake. Salamence made him pay dearly for it too.

Salamence shot a quick but powerful Flamethrower at Hydreigon which hit him square in the chest. Hydreigon skidded back a little but as soon as he got his composure straight Salamence had already finished completing Dragon dance and was now leaping at Hydreigon for the final attack. Outrage.

At the same time I was readying my finishing below as well, and with a quick glance and nod in agreement we were gonna finish them off here…

"Divine Cannon!" That is the name of the technique that I was going to finish Roosevelt off with. I use the speed and rotation of twisting my arm to amplify the power of the punch. I was aiming for his diaphragm an instant kill if hit hard enough.

"Gyyarrrooo!" Salamence roared. An orange line developed around him and that same furious blue tint came back to his eyes. His muscles strengthened again and that dangerous aura was surrounding him again. Salamence flipped so that he had his tail coming down on every dragon's weak spot. The back of the head.

We were interrupted though and our attacks missed our intended targets. When we turned around to see what the commotion was, we were not too happy to find the source.

"Ahh look what we have here Entei, Fighting amongst each other? That's never good in such a strong team like yours." The man stated boldly.

"And who are you Mr. Fancy?" I smugly questioned the man.

"Why I am Mr. Fancy. Executive ceo and personal founder of the organization RavenTails." He said more smugged than I had.

We all inhaled and exhaled deep breaths. I was the first to speak.

"So you knew of our parents?" I asked more cautiously.

"Knew of them? Why I was the one who told StormFront where they were. Your parents were fools they tried to flee the organization and were gonna be the good guys and work for StormFront, but I got them killed before they could do so… Hahaha despicable worthless trash was what they were." He said coldly.

Rose jerked up but Roosevelt stopped her.

"Are you mad missy? Come and try to stop me! I'll give you an ugly death! One deserving like that of a mouse… One your parents were never able to get…" He said this even more coldly and with a stare of a demon that has slain many lives.

Rose was token back in complete shock and broke down crying. Roosevelt was going to charge him but the murderous aura Mr. Fancy gave off was too intimidating. I knew I had to step as leader now… It was finally my turn to look cool.

"Roosevelt, Rose get out of here now. I'll hold him back." I said calmly towards them.

"But Locke-" They both started but I cut them off.

"Heh no buts, I'm the leader and what I says go.-"I started to say but was cut off by Mr. Fancy's laugh.

"Mwahhahaha you think you can win child? Come! I'm waiting!" He said maniacally. Entei even let out a little chuckle.

Rose got on Hydreigon and Roosevelt followed suit and they looked back once more.

I turned around my back facing them. I sized up the competition and looked at Salamence who was ready for the battle… Our last battle…

"Oh yea, Roosevelt if you can't protect her, I won't let her go so easily." And with my good arm I lifted up a "thumbs up" and heard them take off. I grinned widely and ran towards our opponents.

There was a big explosion after we took off. The whole building exploded.

There was no way Locke could have survived. Rose thought to herself.

Again... The same nightmare again... Luckily I survived that explosion but it has been a whole year since then... since StormFront's Stars had Fallen...

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